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    The Top 10 Most Beautiful Father–Daughter Movies Of All Time

    Father-daughter relationships are just as unique as the individuals in it, and the kind of movies that are appreciated by these individuals are determined by the people themselves. In this day and age it is important to be and show our daughters proper role models, I have compiled a list of movies that show the […]


      Five Things to Keep Little Ones Busy on Rainy Days

      Oh great. It’s raining. Again. You’re running out of ideas to keep your kids busy on another dark and dreary day. You’re starting to feel guilty for letting them play with your mobile phone for hours and video games are even starting to get boring. Here’s an awesome list of things you can do to […]


        Are You Ready For Another Child?

        As a parent to one child, you are probably getting into a rhythm and have learned what to expect during any given day or time. However, when you realize that your child is getting older, you may start to feel like you miss the baby stage and begin wanting another child. This is when you […]


          5 Ways to Get Your Child to Help With Chores

          As a parent, the laundry list of things to accomplish in a day – including the laundry! – can seem overwhelming. With work and extracurricular activities and drive me here and make me a sandwich, there is little time left in the day for ourselves. But as your children get older, you should be able […]


            10 Fun and Easy Ways to Store Your Lego Building Blocks!

            If you’re like other parents, you’ve probably walked on your share of Legos lying around the house. What is it with these little building blocks that they can’t find a home and stay in it? It becomes frightening to even think about opening a new Lego playset because you just know these things are going […]


              What To Do When Taking Your Toddler on Holiday

                So you’ve gone and done it…you’ve booked a holiday with your family. And your family happens to include a toddler, or maybe two? You’ve been on holiday before, but never with your tantrum toddler. You must be crazy to plan to put a small child (or two?) on an airplane and travel for 14 […]


                Teach Your Child to Be Organized

                Have you seen those parenting cartoons by Brian Gordon? He tells some of the funniest parenting stories with his cartoon duck family. He touches on every subject and every thorn in a parent’s side, including the lack of organization that children are innately born with. It’s painful sometimes, we know. But the good news is […]


                  Toy Storage Ideas: Take Control of the Toy Pile!

                  Before you set out to organize the toys in your home, you’ll want to do a thorough purge first. It’s hard – we know – but it’s essential to maintaining your sanity and an organized life. If you are new to purging, start slow: one toy for every five you pick up should be donated. […]


                    10 Fun Bedtime Routines You’ll Love!

                    As parents, we hate to admit that we love when our kids go to bed. Of course, if your bedtime routine is less than desirable, you may sooner leave them stay up late for fear of the tantrums and whining. Every child is different and as such, every child needs something different to help them […]


                      16 Parenting Hacks That Will Save You Tons of Time in the Morning

                      Life’s busy. We know. And you’ve tried to get it together and get out the door on time but it’s just not happening. Try some of these organization tips – which can all be done the night before – to prepare for the day ahead! Pack lunches the night before. This is an obvious answer […]

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