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Best Balance Bikes: Ultimate Comparison

Retail shops don’t stock a good selection of balance bikes, so as a parent, it’s often a painful experience to select the right balance bike for your child. If your local bike shop has any, it’s usually just a small sample of models that are available. Balance bikes are available in a multitude of colors, sizes, materials […]


Balance Bikes FAQ: What you need to know before you buy one

Quick Navigation What is the recommended age for a Balance Bike? Are Balance Bikes Safe?Are all Balance Bikes basically the same?Should I choose a Bike that my Child can grow into?What Features should I consider before purchasing a Balance Bike?What is a “Steering Limiter” and do I need one?Can my 18 month old really ride […]


Helping Kids Learn How to Ride With Balance Bikes

If you want to introduce your children to a bike, you need to be sure that they can stand on their own.  What better way of introducing your child to cycling than by buying them a balance bike? Just as its name suggests, this bike helps the kid to gain confidence and optimal control. Balance […]