10 Fun and Easy Ways to Store Your Lego Building Blocks!

If you’re like other parents, you’ve probably walked on your share of Legos lying around the house. What is it with these little building blocks that they can’t find a home and stay in it?

It becomes frightening to even think about opening a new Lego playset because you just know these things are going to be all over the house in no time flat! But it doesn’t have to be that way: you can get and keep your Lego building blocks organized and easy to find when you or your children want to play with them.

Here are few fun and easy ways to get organized so you can enjoy your Legos instead of walking on them!

This rainbow of storage is brought to you by your local hardware store.

These cute and inexpensive storage bins stack on top of one another to create freeform storage. You can organize your Lego by size and color or even by project. Don’t forget to include your instruction booklet for each set you store. If you display your storage bins on a large table you can easily reach your Lego and build your creations on the fly!


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This type of storage is available at any department store or craft store.

These towers are typically fairly inexpensive and easy to stack and display in rows. You can use each drawer for a different color of Lego or for 9 individual Lego sets. This is a great way to store your Lego if you are short on space and need to tuck away your building blocks in a closet or corner out of the way.


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This hanging solution is ideal for children’s bedrooms or rec rooms.

These shoe storage containers hang over the door and will cost you no more than $10 – you might even pick one up at your local dollar store for less. The clear pockets make it ideal for storing colorful blocks and children love to see their toys displayed where they are access them easily. Put the Lego that is used the less at the top and the Lego blocks that are used the most at the bottom so little hands can reach them anytime!


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Need a mobile solution for your Lego building blocks?

Try converting a tool box or a tackle box (typically used for fishing lures). These containers are usually very sturdy, have secure closures and tons of little compartments to hold your growing Lego collection! The removal layers of storage are great for organizing small projects and instruction booklets too.


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For the handy man and lady

If you are a bit handy, you can turn a few pieces of wood and a plywood sheet into a drawer that can be stored under your bed or couch. Slap a handle on it and you can easily slide the drawer back and forth under the couch. Keep the profile low and divide the inside into a few sections and away you go! Also try converting an old drawer you find at a flea market or several smaller drawers from an old dresser.


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For a quick fix

If you get the sudden urge to clean up your Lego collection and you don’t want to shell out a lot of money, run to your pantry and grab some zip closure lunch bags. Fill each bag with a Lego playset , including the instruction booklet and toss them into a basket or colorful bin: you probably have a few of those around the house. This is a really inexpensive storage solution, not just for your Lego collection, but for any kind of toy set that has lots of little pieces!


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A fun and colorful way to store your Lego building blocks is to repurpose a large container

Grab a cheese puffs container or an old Tupperware container, paint it yellow – or another fun color of your choice – write a fun message on the front or draw the Lego face on the container and fill it with your Lego collection! A container with a lid works best so you don’t spill your Lego, and lids can make your containers stackable! Add some Velcro to the top and bottom of multiple containers so they stick together easily!


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Some inexpensive shelving can go a long way to help with storing your Lego collection.

Open shelving is great for displaying completed playsets along with a series of closed storage solutions can provide a variety of options of using and storing your Lego sets. Each storage cube can hold several playsets. Don’t forget to keep a basket handy for your instruction booklets.


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A trip to your local craft store and provide you with tons of ideas for storying your Lego

Check out the scrapbook and jewelry sections of the crafting store: these hobbies use small parts – just like Lego – and you will find an array of containers and storage solutions for small pieces. These containers can be stacked or stored in larger containers, and most of them come with lids that make storing Lego neat and tidy! These containers are almost always clear and make it easy to see the pieces inside!

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A simple and decorative solution ends our list of Lego storage solutions.

You can pick up a storage ottoman at any department store or order one online. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. Pour all your Lego into a storage ottoman and wait for the fun to begin! You can Velcro a large building board to the top and build to your heart’s content. These tuck away nicely into a corner or under a table and add some flair to any room!


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A final thought: got more Lego than you know what to do with?

Why not build a storage box out of Lego! A simple four wall design with a floor will use a ton of Lego building blocks and it will look cool too! Whatever you decide to use to store your Lego, remember how fun it is to haul it out from time to time and let your imagination run wild!

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