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All little girls dream of being a Princess who lives in a castle with an elegant bedroom and long flowing curtains. To be a princess, you just have to have a girls bed fit for a Princess! At least if you can’t have the castle, then at least you can have a bedroom suitable for a princess. And the best place to start is to choose a girls bed that sets the scene for a princesses room, something that fires up a young girl’s imagination. The best thing that kids have is a vivid imagination, and what better way to keep their imagination alive than to encourage those big dreams and adventures.

Best girls beds - Toddler bed for girls

How to Choose the best beds for Girls?

Do you remember back to that time in your life when everything was a great big adventure? Do you remember when play time was the best time, and when the bedroom was your playground? What a sense of adventure!

Well, bring those happy memories back, and create some happy memories for your little princess with one of our best girls beds. We have hand picked each of these fun adventure and princess beds so that you can choose the type of romantic adventure that suits your princess. Some girls want to be a princess. Some girls love movie characters, and we have some girls beds that little girls will just love to jump into and start dreaming off to sleep. We have picked some girls beds that invoke a sense of adventure and double as a day time adventure play ground.

Play time is great for development

The best part of choosing the best girls bed is that you can make bed time fun! And that is what we all want! Girls love to play all day, and this is a good and healthy thing for their growth and development, to improve their word skills and dexterity, and to learn how to share and interact with others. But at the end of the day, we need to encourage all children to find a happy quiet place to switch off all that mental stimulation and quieten down ready for bed time. Sometimes this is easier to say than actually do!

Kids bed time is for parents!

The best way to encourage young girls to settle themselves in bed is to choose the best girls bed that they love to sleep in, and identify as their own place. Kids need to learn to find relaxation, and quiet peace before falling asleep. It is good for girls to feel comfortable in their own bed, and it is good for parents when girls can drift happily off to sleep! What better way to make happy memories than to choose the best girls bed, with a sense of adventure, fun and something special of their very own.

So let’s have look at some of the contenders for best girls bed:


1. Princess Cinderella’s Carriage Themed Bed from Delta Children

Delta Children Disney Princess Carriage Toddler-to-Twin Bed

Let us start off with one of the more fanciful designs for a girls bed on the market – The Princess Cinderella’s Carriage Themed Bed. Your little princess will feel like Cinderella in this princess carriage girls bed. It just looks like the real thing, built from the ground up to suit a little princess, because is has definitely been designed for royalty.

Not only is the princess carriage designed to look good, but it also incorporates many clever design options. For example, the standard model is designed for a twin size mattress, but it can be cleverly and easily re-configured into a full size bed as your child grows. But if you wish to start off with a toddler sized princess, the Princess Carriage Bed includes safe and easy walk up steps.

The best girls bed will make your little girl feel like a Princess!

If you need more storage space, the carriage themed bed can be matched with similarly themed bedroom accessories such as handy storage dresser, bookcase, and handy storage drawers. These cost extra, but you might be able to purchase as a bundle, here at Amazon.

With this fairy tale princess style girls bed, you can imagine the perfect fairy tale and decorate the perfect fairy tale room. Click here to see the price of the Princess Cinderella’s Carriage Themed Bed.


2. KidKraft Princess Girls Bed

Any little princess will love the KidKraft Princess girls bed with its fanciful design and realistic features. This twin size princess girls bed has an extra splash of style and grace with its high corner posts and decorative tops just like a real princess would like! The package is complete with the elaborate look of wrought iron framework, decorated in pink livery and lace.

This princess theme girls bed offers a dreamy and elegant way to help your little girl settle and get off to sleep. The best idea behind buying a theme bed for your young child is to encourage them to move into their own bed, without the fears and insecurity that are a natural part of the separation process. But the transition is a normal and natural part of life, so what better way to make it a fun process. If you buy the best girls bed like this princess themed bed, your child will actually be proud and excited to jump in. It can certainly make that transition from a baby bed to a big girls bed much easier!

Make your little girl’s room into a beautiful palace with this wonderful princess girls bed. Some assembly is required, but this is not difficult to do. Hundreds of happy customers have verified their satisfaction with this product, and had no trouble putting it together.

Your little princess will love the KidKraft Princess Girls Bed, click her to see the cost.


3. Princess Loft Bed

Your little princess will love this girls themed Loft Bed. The colourful themed curtains include a pink castle entrance and an adorable princess window. Your little girl can set up the inside of the castle to her own style, and look out through the window to the world outside.

Your little girl will become the princess of the castle with her royal helpers coming to join in the fun playtime. The whimsical princess curtains are the perfect way to stimulate the imagination of any young child, and this is why this is the best Girls Bed.

As young girls grow and develop, they need happy and fun environments that stimulate their imagination and their desire to explore the world around them. The ability to use play time as fun way to develop their metal and physical skills is very important and the best way is to surround them with things that suit their age and personality.

Do want to help your little Princess Grow and Develop?

That is why the Princess Loft Bed was developed as a system that takes into account children’s needs as they progress through childhood. With the Princess Loft Bed, your child’s room can grow and change inline with their development. Of course for every young girl, the highlight is the princess bed! The best girls bed should be designed to provide children with the best possible sleep which is vital for development.

But when the bed also stimulates the imagination and playtime during the day, then this is the best girls bed to choose for your little girl. The Princess Loft Bed can easily be transformed from a castle, into a playground or even as a cool hideaway. With a little imagination, there are many options for extending the bed and converting the princesses castle into different and wonderful configurations.

Click here to see the price of the Princess Loft Bed at Amazon.


4. Powell Princess Castle Playhouse Girls Bed

The Powell Princess Castle Playhouse Girls Bed is perfect for young girls of any age, and is guaranteed to stimulate their imagination, no matter what their age. For younger aged girls, it comes with a Toddler Safety Rail, to keep them from falling out the bed. Or if you don’t need the toddler rail, then simply skip the toddler bed, and go straight to big girls pink playhouse bed which is the best girls bed.

Wooden safety rails on both sides of the bed will prevent any accidents and to make sure that your little girl is safe in the bed. But the most important aspect of this wonderful pink playhouse girls bed is the way it will encourage their imagination for fun and playtime.

Your little girl will feel like a Princess!

The Princess Castle Playhouse girls bed comes with a colourful curtain enclosure which will help your child to feel safe and cosy. Young kids actually prefer enclosed spaces that stimulate the safety of the nursery. Not only does this play area make them feel secure, but it also stimulates their imagination.

The Princess Castle Playhouse girls bed with safety rail is the perfect alternative to a toddler bed. Your little girl will feel like such a big kid when they get their very first big girls bed. Even better, it’s has the wonderful feel of a fun and stimulating indoor playground.

This exciting design is built to grow as your child grows. You can very easily and simply incorporate a dresser or study desk underneath the loft. This adds a stylish, space saving solution for additional storage space and bedroom space as your family grows. You could even add a another girls bed, or bunk beds, or even a trundle bed.

Princess Castle Playhouse girls bed – additional features:

  • Safety and quality
  • Solid wooden construction
  • Lead free paint and sturdy joints
  • Toddler safety rail
  • Convertible for older children
  • Different loft bed, or bunk bed options
  • Styled to suit your décor


The Powell Princess Castle Playhouse Girls Bed is one of the best girls beds for creating hours of adventure and happy memories for your adventurous little girl.


5. KidKraft Girl’s Princess Castle Bed

We just love the Girls Princess Castle Bed by KidKraft, because this is always bound to make a little girl happy. Parents love this best girls bed also because it is easy to set up, and it really helps make that transition from a toddler bed into a big girls bed.

Imagine the look on your little girls face when she sees this princess castle bed set up in the bedroom. Looking like a magical castle with high towers, and mysterious castle windows, this is possibly the best girls bed ever!

Lots of play areas for a Princess

In actual fact, the princess castle bed is a loft style bed, with colourful themed curtains attached around the sides, and castle canopy over the loft. With multiple play areas, and cosy and secure private princess spaces, your little princess will think this is best girls bed. And parents will think this is the best investment they ever spent!

Perfect for stimulating kids imaginations, the princess castle girls bed also doubles as an adventure playground. It is also perfect for inviting friends over to play and with an added bunk bed, is suitable for those sleepovers with friends also.

KidKraft Girl’s Princess Castle Bed – best features:

  • Colourful themed princess castle
  • Best girls loft bed
  • Underneath playground
  • Safety and quality
  • Solid wooden construction
  • Lead free paint
  • Removable toddler safety rail
  • Convertible for older children

The Girls Princess Castle Bed by KidKraft is another of our favourites for Best Girls Bed – click here.



6. Stork Craft Princess 4 in 1 Convertible girls bed


Inspired by the charm of the best fairy tales, you can choose a convertible girls bed that suits your little princess. Suitable for a child of virtually any age, this convertible girls bed can be used for your baby’s nursery set up as an elegant girls toddler bed.

For older children, the Stork Craft Princess 4 in 1 convertible girls bed can be configured with or without the safety rail. Decorated with elegant scrollwork and lacy bow detailing, this elegant girls bed will last your princess for many years to come. Because it has been cleverly designed as a convertible bed, it can transition from a toddler bed, to a normal sized girls bed and even into a beautiful stylish full sized girls bed.

It is so easy to re configure from a little girls bed to suit older children. That is what we love about this design, especially if your child loves her bed, you don’t have to change it! Simply transition it to fit a larger mattress and you little princess will be more than happy to keep the bed as she gets older.

Not only is the design of this bed very clever, but the decorations are fantastic. With realistic princess style fittings and fixtures, your little princess will adore having this bed as her very own big girls bed.


Click here to see the very popular Stork Craft Princess 4 in 1 Convertible girls bed.



7. Delta Children Girls Canopy Bed – Disney Frozen Theme

If you have a sleeping beauty at your place, then what better choice for a girls bed than from the Disney classic, Frozen. Your little girls fairytale dreams will come true when they first see this stunning Girls Canopy Bed. The best girls bed is decorated in the colourful pictures of the famous Disney characters on the headboard, sides and canopy. The design is completed while elegant ruffles and bows which serve to embellish the canopy. Full of whimsy, and fairy tale, this is a very affordable girls bed that is sure to make everyone happy.

Encourage your little girl to dream of fairy tales and princesses, with the authentic Disney themed bed. Match it with other movie themed memorabilia, and you can create a truly magical bedroom setting that any little princess will adore.

Make her dreams come true with this Disney Frozen Girls Canopy Bed by Delta Children. Designed with frozen shades of blue and purple, this best girls bed is hung with a delicate sheer fabric canopy that is simply adorable.

Whimsical, but also safe and practical, this girls canopy bed comes with twin safety rails to prevent your little girl from falling out of bed. The best feature of the Disney Frozen Girls Canopy Bed is that it provides the incentive for a young princess to move into her very own big girls bed.

Delta Children Girls Canopy Bed – features:

  • Very affordable
  • Recommended for ages 15 months and older
  • Rated up to 50 pounds
  • Features two safety rails
  • decorative canopy
  • Standard sized mattress (sold separately)
  • Sturdy steel frame and high-quality plastic construction
  • Easy assembly

Click here to see the price on the Delta Children Girls Canopy Bed.


8. Evolur Aurora 5-in-1 Convertible Crib – Best Girls Bed

There is no other way to describe this best girls bed other than Whimsical! It is a little on the expensive side, but absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for your little princess.

In actual fact, when you consider that this convertible girls bed is suitable for any aged child, from a young toddler up to a young adult and beyond, then maybe it is great value for money.

The Aurora is crafted out of sturdy hardwood, so it is crafted to last for years. This spectacular Aurora 5 in 1 convertible bed is decorated with an elegant headboard with a beautiful ribbon and bow details. The whole design is completed with spindles and Queen Anne style feet which gives it an elegant feminine feel, suitable for girls of all ages.

Choose the Best Girls Bed

The design of the Aurora is such that it can be converted from a charming toddler bed into a beautiful girls bed. As your child grows, the bed can be further transitioned and the back panel converts to a full size headboard. So this Aurora convertible girls bed has been designed to match with a range of gorgeous bedroom furnishings from the aurora collection. Start with as much or as little as you like.

It coordinates beautifully with the Aurora double dresser, which is a worthwhile addition to a child’s bedroom. It also matches with the Aurora Armoire, and Aurora nightstand that can be purchased separately as a young girl grows in to an adult.

The Aurora 5-in-1 Convertible Girls Bed is the best:

  • Convertible Girls bed: The Aurora 5-in-1 Convertible Girls Bed is easy to assemble and has 3 different mattress height settings which can simply and easily be adjusted a required.
  • Girls Toddler Bed: The convertible bed is very simple to convert into a Toddler Bed, by simply adding the safety rail assembly to prevent little ones from rolling out of bed.
  • Best Girls Bed: The toddler bed converts to a girls bed by the simple means of removing the front rail from the toddler bed.
  • Big Girls Bed: The girls bed converts to a full size girls bed, by simply changing the configuration, which is a great feature when your child does not want to change beds, because they are in love with their current bed.

The convertible girls bed converts to a full size girls bed, so this convertible bed is a truly amazing design, and suitable for girls of all ages. We love the concept of these convertible cribs – see here for more reviews of the best convertible cribs.

Check out the Aurora 5-in-1 Convertible Girls Bed at Amazon.


9. Twin over full metal bunk bed –

For around $150 (mattresses not included)

If you are looking for a more affordable kids bed, the last selection on our list is perfect for those with large families. This bunk style bed offers lots of flexibility for sharing of bedrooms, as well as versatile sleeping arrangements. As parents of several children, we found one of the best ways to encourage children to sleep in their own kids bed, is to share with other siblings. Say for example, when a kids bed is adjacent to a bigger kids bed, or even to use a combination of a loft bed with a kids bed or bunk bed underneath.

So what better way to go than a double story loft bed, with a double sized kids bed underneath. The loft bed is great for older children (it is not safe for young children to use the lot bed for the risk of rolling out) and the bunk bed underneath also makes the perfect little kids bed.

Most affordable girls bed

This style of kids bed is known as the Twin over Bunk Bed, and the featured item is the DHP twin over full metal bunk bed, which is very popular on Amazon.

The DHP twin and bunk bed is built from tube steel, which is very elegant and functional. One of these combination kids bed, bunk bed, and toddler bed are the perfect addition to any kids room. It has been designed with modern feel and long lasting steel frame construction. It offers many different possibilities for sleeping arrangements from single or twin beds for girls.

The twin over bunk bed style kids beds are very popular for kids of all ages, and boys and girls just love them. The best part of these style of bunk beds is that they are ideal for those exciting times when friends or family come to visit.

Designed for the safety of young children, this bunk bed comes with full length guardrails and a safe and easy ladder. The fixtures and fasteners are all hidden or minimized such that they do not pose a risk of scratching.

Not only does this design match any room decoration, but it also offers an excellent space saving for your kids bedroom. The DHP twin over full metal bunk bed can make the best girls bed as it increases the fun during those sleep overs with friends, as well as encouraging toddlers and young children to move into their own kids bed.

DHP twin over full metal bunk bed features:

  • White twin sized bunk bed as the loft style bed
  • Full sized bed with metal tube construction
  • Safe ladder
  • Safety rails
  • Accommodates standard mattress sizes –
  • Twin beds for girls
  • One full size girls bed
  • Weight limit for the upper bunk is 200 lbs

Check out the price of the DHP twin over full metal bunk bed at Amazon.


If you are also interested in our range of best boys beds, feel free to browse our selection here.


10. Schoolhouse Twin Loft Bed


But it is not all about Princesses! If you would love to have a schoolhouse loft bed, then we have the ultimate best girls beds to develop their imagination and development. perfect to have friends over for playtime as well as sleepovers.

This is one of the best girls beds, also suitable as twin beds for girls, but a little on the expensive side! Why not live the dream…



11. Twin Doll House Stair Step Loft Bed

The ultimate Doll House Girls Bed is yet another of our selection of best girls beds.
Although we have barely discussed the concept of dolls houses, which little girl wouldn’t like their very own dolls house as a playhouse, which doubles as the best girls bed! Designed as a loft bed, with stairs up to the loft areas, it also has an enclosed underneath play area. Finished off with lower bunk beds, or twin beds for girls, or whatever combination of bed arrangements or play areas that suit your needs.
The Twin Doll House Loft Bed is a contender for one of the best girls beds – it costs more, but it is worth the money!


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