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Do you remember when you were young? Okay, maybe not back to toddler days, but young enough to remember that sense of adventure! Do you remember back to that time in a child’s life when everything is a great big adventure, when play time was the best time, and when the bedroom was your playground?

Well, bring those happy memories back, and create some happy memories for your child with one of our best toddler beds for boys. We have hand picked each of these fun adventure beds so that you can choose the type of adventure that suits your child. Some boys love hero characters, and we have some theme beds that toddlers and little boys will just love to jump into and start dreaming off to sleep. We have picked some toddler beds for boys that invoke a sense of adventure and double as a day time adventure play ground.

Pirate toddler bed for boys

Happy times with the best toddler beds for boys

The best part of choosing the best toddler bed for boys is that you can make bed time fun! And that is what we all want! Boys love to play all day, and this is a good and healthy thing for them to develop their cognitive thinking, improve their hand eye coordination, and to learn how to share and interact with others. But at the end of the day, we need to encourage all toddlers to find a happy quiet place to switch off all that physical activity, and quieten down ready for sleep. Sometimes this is easier to say than actually do!

Play time is good for kid’s development, but sleep time is good for parents!

The best way to encourage young children to settle themselves in bed is to choose the best toddler bed that they love to sleep in, and identify as their own place. Kids need to learn to find relaxation, and quiet peace before falling asleep. It is good for kids to feel comfortable in their own bed, and it is good for parents when kids can drift happily off to sleep! What better way to make happy memories than to choose the best toddler bed for boys, with a sense of adventure, fun and something special of their very own.


So let’s have look at some of the contenders for best toddler bed for boys:


1. Delta Children Cars Lightning McQueen Twin Bed

All boys (and a lot of parents) loved watching the adventures of Lightning McQueen in the Pixar animation – “Cars”. What boy wouldn’t love to sleep in his very own Lightning McQueen bed? Well, now they can have their very own Lightning McQueen adventure, fun for the imagination during the day, and good to snuggle up at bedtime.

Because this Lightning McQueen toddler bed has high sides on both sides of the bed, it is suitable for kids as young as 15 months and older. It is made of sturdy wooden construction, and has authentic Lightning McQueen artwork on the sides. This is an authentic product under the Pixar license, so your child will instantly recognise his favourite characters from the movie.

Help the Transition to a big kids bed

The Lightning McQueen toddler bed is an ideal way to transition your toddler from a baby crib, and into a big kids bed. They will be eager to jump into this racing car, and the whole bedroom is likely to become a big imaginary race track. Watch and enjoy the thrill of the adventure as you child builds an imaginary championship, where they are the winner! Start those engines, and let the race begin!

But as we know, every race has a winner, and every race must come to an end. So when the adventure has finished, it is time to calm down and tuck your child into their very own toddler bed. All children love to feel special, and to be treated like a big kid, so the Lightning McQueen toddler bed is an ideal way to transition your child into their very own big bed. When you buy this toddler bed for your child, just watch as they race off to bed every night, eager for more racing games tomorrow!

Click here to see the price of the Lightning McQueen toddler bed.

2. Nick Jr PAW Patrol Toddler Bed

Little boys loved watching the adventures of Nick Jr in PAW Patrol. What boy wouldn’t love to sleep in his very own Nick Jr PAW Patrol bed? Well, now they can have their very own Nick Jr PAW Patrol adventure, fun for the imagination during the day, and good to snuggle up at bedtime.

Because this Nick Jr PAW Patrol toddler bed has high sides on both sides of the bed, it is suitable for kids as young as 15 months and older. It is made of sturdy wooden construction, and has authentic Nick Jr PAW Patrol artwork on the sides. Your young boy will instantly recognise his favourite characters from the TV series, and will just love to have this is his bedroom.

The Nick Jr PAW Patrol toddler bed is an ideal way to transition your growing child out of a baby bed, and into a “big kid bed”. What better way to settle your young child into their very own bed that they are excited and motivated to get into by themselves every night!

Click here to see the price of the Nick Jr PAW Patrol toddler bed.


3. Boys Fire Department Loft Bed

Loft Beds are very popular for using as the best toddler bed because they are bright and fun and colourful additions to a young child’s bedroom. The Boys Fire Department Loft Bed is a fun and adventurous bed for any young boy, and this interesting design serves as a multi purpose play area.

The overall design is based around a boy’s fire department adventure park, with the mattress forming the top of the loft area for sleeping. The base of the loft bed is covered in a colourful themed curtain, which adds privacy and cosiness to the lower play area. Complete with doors and windows, this space under the loft bed becomes a real operating fire station, where all sorts of adventures can take place. This wonderful adventure loft bed is great for having friends over to play, or for dress up fun, or as many adventures as your imagination allows.

Adding to the adventure aspect of fire department loft bed is the fire loft slide, which is a fun way to get out of bed every morning! But this handy addition also encourages imaginative play time, when the “fireman” needs to slide down to the fire station whenever there is an emergency.

The best part about this Boys Fire Department Loft is the flexibility of how to use the lower play area. It can be used to store toys and games in a neat and tidy storage area, ready for the next play time. Or as you child get to school age, it can even be used to set up a study desk under neath the loft area.

Toddler bed and Excellent for storage

There are all sorts of accessories you can add to this toddler loft bed. Try the Fire department bookcase, as an ideal storage space for all those toys and books. Your child will love to learn to keep things neat and tidy when they get their very own bookcase, where everything has a place of its own. Also check out the fire department bookcase, which is a matching arrangement to the loft bed.

If you have two children, the Boys Fire Department Loft can also be configured as a twin loft bed, so that there is even room for twice as much adventure! This loft bed is ideal as a toddler bed for young kids because it can be configured depending on the age of the child. Even as your child grows older, they can decide if they wish to keep or change the fire department theme, but the loft bed frame is suitable for growing children, and there is no age limit on how long your child can use the loft bed.

Product Features:

  • Boys Fire Department Loft
  • Fire Loft Slide – get out of bed fast!
  • Boys Fire Department Loft Slide
  • Twin Loft Bed
  • With play area curtain
  • Add on matching accessories
  • Can be re-configured as your child grows.

Click here to see the price of the Boys Fire department loft bed at Amazon.


4. Jackpot kids loft bed

Not only is the Jackpot toddler loft bed a ton of fun, but it is also a geat space saving idea for small bedrooms. No matter how large or small your child’s room, there is room for any sized imagination, when it comes to the Jackpot loft bed.

The Jackpot is a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours, designed to fire up the imagination of young children. With a play area on top of the loft bed, this amazing design has multiple levels of fun and adventure! A bit like a circus tent, the Jackpot kids loft bed has a tent like curtain that is tailored to fit over a sturdy wooden frame. In the shape of a big top, and decorated with bright colours and shapes, kids will not need a second invitation to jump in and start playing in this playground.

So the design of the Jackpot kids loft bed incorporates the loft bed, underneath the towering big top. The lower play area is also curtained off like a circus tent, and there is a ladder to get up and down. The ladder is angled, and built with sturdy wooden rungs to act as steps, which are safe enough for young children to climb up and down. The loft bed has tall 14 inch side rails to make the bed safe for young toddlers, and will fit a standard sized mattress with no trouble at all.

Toddler Bed suitable for all ages

The Jackpot kids loft bed caters for all sizes and ages, with a generous under bed play area, and a strong and sturdy frame which meets all US and European safety standards. Because the loft bed has been certified as safe for up to 400 pounds, it can continue to be used well past the toddler years!

To change the configuration, all you have to do is remove the curtains, and it becomes a school age bed. Add a study desk, or a set of drawers or cupboards, and the play area becomes a very handy storage area for kids of school age. This means you can keep the Jackpot kids loft bed for many years without having to buy another bed for your growing child. This is a huge saving overall, and the toddler loft represents great value for money because you can use it now and continue to use it for many years to come.

The Jackpot kids loft bed is ideal for space saving ideas for small bedrooms, as well as making a fun and enjoyable play areas for kids of all ages.

Click here to see the full details of the Jackpot kids loft bed.


5. Little Tikes Pirate Ship Toddler bed

Let the adventures begin, and there is no greater adventure than a pirate ship! With a full blown sail, and realistic boat shaped toddler bed, there is no excuse for not letting the imagination run wild with this one.

Suitable for kids of all ages, this is a brilliantly designed adventure for the bedroom. The Little Tikes Pirate Ship Toddler bed will fit a standard sized kids mattress, and bedding so there is no trouble finding accessories to fit this one. Based on a bunk bed frame, this pirate ship is so realistic, that it even comes with a ships steering wheel. But it is actually built for practicality, as well as adventure.

With storage in the built in toy box, and a head board to store all those books and treasures, your child will feel very comfortable in no time. Perfect to encourage your toddler to move into their own bed, this pirate ship toddler bed is the ideal incentive.

Great for imaginative play time, dress ups, and having friends over, there will be many hours of fun during the day. But as soon as night time comes, your child will not want the adventure to end. So tuck your little pirate up in their very own pirate ship toddler bed, and sweet dreams about all that treasure to be found tomorrow!


Click here to see the full details of the Little Tikes Pirate Ship Toddler bed.


6. KidKraft airplane toddler bed

From the ocean, we take to the skies, in a unique airplane toddler bed from KidKraft. Put your goggles on and buckle up, as we take and adventure aiplane ride all around the bedroom! Any young child will simple adore the adventure of having their very own airplane bed, and they can play all day long with this adventurous toy.

But the KidKraft airplane toddler bed is much more than a toy and this is a great idea when it comes to getting your child to move into their very first big kids bed. Sure some kids can be apprehensive at taking the big step from toddler hood into childhood, but you can certainly ease their way through the process with this fantastic airplane toddler bed that they can have as theirs to keep.

What better way to be tucked up warm and safe in bed at night, ready to dream of all the distant places and faraway adventures in this magical airplane toddler bed!

Check out some of the features of the KidKraft airplane toddler bed:

  • Fits standard sized crib mattresses
  • sturdy wooden construction
  • colorful artwork for fun and adventure
  • Spinning Propeller at the front for realistic play time
  • Excellent way to transition toddlers into their own bed

Look out for the smart accessories to help decorate the whole room. KidKraft have a matching airplane bookcase that suits the décor perfectly. On top of that, there are all sorts of bedroom decorations, such as wall decals, bookshelves to attach to the wall, as well as themed bed sheets, and airplane quilt covers, all set to fire up your child’s imagination.

Check out the price of the KidKraft airplane toddler bed.


7. Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Toddler Bed

Ha – check out this Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Toddler Bed! We just couldn’t go past this one, but we can’t help wondering if this one is for the Jeep loving Dads out there, or whether your little boy want it more! The Jeep Wrangler Toddler Bed is a realistic bed sized model of a Jeep Wrangler, including the red paint scheme, and the working tail lights. This Jeep Wrangler Toddler Bed has been really well designed with lots of storage space under the bed, and a spare tire to store all those special toys that kids need to put away.

Better still, this toddler bed is convertible such that when your toddler grows bigger, the bed can be converted to a twin bed. In a really novel twist, Mom or Dad can open the Jeep door, which doubles as a parent seat, which is perfect reading bed time stories and helping your child settle off to peaceful sleep.

Jeep Wrangler Toddler Bed Features:

We really like this Jeep Wrangler Toddler Bed for all of the extra features is provides, and because it aims to help toddlers enjoy bedtime and transition into their first big kids bed.

  • Suitable for 15 months – 3 years when used as a toddler bed
  • Suitable for ages 3 and above for use as a twin bed
  • Real Jeep Wrangler features
  • Easily converts from a toddler to twin bed
  • Under bed storage and storage shelf in spare tire
  • Door doubles as a parent seat for reading bedtime stories
  • Maximum weight limit 200lbs.
  • Bedding and accessories are not included

Click here to read more about the Jeep Wrangler Toddler Bed at Amazon.


8. Twin Tree House Loft Bed for kids

Your child will be the envy of all their friends when they see this magnificent tree house styled loft bed. Big enough for a twin sized bed, this adventure playground would be satisfactory for two children, and what better way to encourage imagination play, than to have a combined bedroom set up, with enough room for two children to play and sleep in the same room.

The tree house is made from authentic wooden slats, and designed with a true tree house look and feel. Kids can climb up a simple and safe ladder to enter into the “tree house” which is big enough for a standard twin mattress inside. The under bed area can also be decorated as a play area to enhance the tree house theme, or can be used as a neat and convenient storage area for books, toys, and even clothes.

Although it looks like a large sized construction, the Twin Tree House Loft Bed is no larger than an ordinary bed, and because of the loft styling, is actually designed to save space. No matter how large or small, this tree house toddler bed will fit into any sized child’s bedroom, and comes with adequate storage space underneath the tree house bed area.

The design has optional drawers that have been designed in the same tree house style that can be purchased and fitted neatly underneath the tree house to save space.

Click here to check the price of the Twin Tree House Loft Bed for kids.


9. Step2 Corvette Bedroom Combo for Kids

This Corvette styled toddler bed is a realistic model sports car that will look great in any kids room. Better than just a toddler bed, this combo set comes with a kids dresser, as well as a huge room organiser for massive storage space. The whole set is beautifully crafted and styled in realistic colors and curves that are bound to satisfy Mom and Dad, not to mention all young children. What an incredible sense of adventure, this Corvette styled toddler bed is bound to encourage young kids to transition from a baby bed and into their very own big kids bed.

This Corvette toddler bed is well designed to accommodate your growing toddler. As your child grows into early childhood, this bed can be easily converted from a toddler bed into a standard twin sized bed, accommodating a standard twin mattress. More than just a toy, the design of this toddler bed incorporates storage space, molded shelving, play areas, and even car themed reading lights, for those night time stories.

If you and your child have a sense of adventure, you can’t go past this speedy looking Corvette bedroom combo set.

Click here to check the price of the Corvette Bedroom Combo for Kids.


10. 7-in-1 Convertible Crib from Dream On Me

If you are looking for a range of more practical toddler beds, have you ever considered a convertible crib? We have included here for more conventional options for a kids bed. Designed to be stylish, and appealing, the Dream On Me 7-in-1 Convertible Crib is built to grow as your child grows up. It features a timeless flowing design that will never go out of fashion. The Dream on Me Convertible Crib is ideal for use as a toddler bed, as it coordinate with a wide variety of decorative styles.

This design is a unique 7-in-1 convertible crib that can be transitioned from a baby bed to a comfy toddler bed, to a child’s bed, and even a bigger kid’s bed. With a simple re-configuration, this convertible crib can become a stylish daybed, grow one step further to become a youth bed and even to a full size bed as your child grows.

The Dream on Me Convertible Crib comes with an easy to use mattress support system for added supportability. This kids bed is available in a range of different colours, depending on your décor, or which ever colour your child desires.


The 7-in-1 Convertible Crib – Toddler Bed – Kids Bed

Convertible Crib: The Dream on Me 7-in-1 Convertible Crib is easy to assemble and has 3 different mattress height settings which can simply and easily be adjusted a required.

Toddler Bed: The crib is very simple to convert into a Toddler Bed. You may need to purchase the optional guard rail assembly to prevent little ones from rolling out of bed.

Kids Bed or Day Bed: The toddler bed converts to a kids bed or even a child’s day bed by the simple means of removing the front rail from the Crib.

Older kids Bed: The kids bed converts to an older kids bed, by simply changing the configuration, which is a great feature when your child does not want to change beds, because they are familiar with their kids bed.

Youth Bed: The kids bed converts to a youth bed without the footboard option. The Youth bed conversion kit is required for this conversion and is sold separately.

Full-size Bed with footboard: The kids bed converts to a Full size bed with the footboard option. The Full bed conversion kit is required for the footboard and is sold separately.

Full-size Bed without footboard: The kids bed converts to a full size bed without the footboard option, so this convertible bed is a truly amazing design, and suitable for children of all ages.

We love the concept of these convertible cribs – click here for more reviews of the best convertible cribs.

Check out the Dream on Me 7-in-1 Convertible Crib at Amazon.


11. Twin over full metal bunk bed – just under $150 (mattresses not included)

The last style of kids bed and toddler bed on our list is perfect for those with large families, because this style allows lots of flexibility for sharing of bedrooms, as well as flexible sleeping arrangements. In fact, we have found one of the best ways to encourage children to sleep in their own toddler bed, is to share with siblings. Say for example, when a toddler bed is adjacent to a bigger kids bed, or even to use a combination of a loft bed with a toddler bed or bunk bed underneath.

So what better way to go than a double story loft bed, with a double sized bunk bed underneath. The loft bed is great for older children (young children should never use the lot bed in case they fall out) and the bunk bed underneath also makes the perfect toddler bed.

This style of kids bed is known as the Twin over Bunk Bed, and the featured item is the DHP twin over full metal bunk bed, which is very popular on Amazon. The DHP twin over full metal bunk bed is built from sturdy steel tubing, which is very elegant and functional. One of these combination kids bed, bunk bed, and toddler bed are the perfect addition to any kids room. It has been designed with contemporary feel and long lasting steel frame construction.

Twin bunk beds are the best toddler bed for boys

The twin over bunk bed style kids beds are very iconic, and all kids just love them, and they are ideal for those exciting times when friends or family come to visit. Designed with kids safety in mind, this white bunk bed features full length guardrails and a sturdy ladder. The fixtures and fasteners are all hidden or minimised such that they do not pose a risk of scratching or hurting the kids in any way.

Not only does this design match most modern décor, the space saving design of this kids bunk bed saves your room space as well. The DHP twin over full metal bunk bed can make a great choice for your kids’ room as it increases the fun during those sleep overs with friends, as well as encouraging toddlers and young children to move into their own kids bed.

DHP twin over full metal bunk bed features:

  • White twin sized bunk bed as the loft style bed
  • Full sized bed with metal frame underneath
  • Secured side ladder, safe for kids to use
  • Bunk bed includes safety rails
  • Accommodates standard mattress sizes –
  • One twin kids bed mattress on top loft bed (not included)
  • One full size mattress for lower bunk bed (not included)
  • Weight limit for the upper bunk is 200 lbs

Check out the price of the DHP twin over full metal bunk bed at Amazon.


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