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No matter whether you need to find some fun games for a kids birthday party, or an adult ice breaker, or just some family fun on the weekend, we have some fantastic ideas for one minute games to make you laugh out loud!

One minute games are a ton of fun, just like the popular TV show about Minute to Win it Games. Everyone will love playing these one minute games, either at a party or at home. We have made a list of 1 minute games that will surely keep your party rolling with fun and laughter.

If you want to get in on the fun we check out our list of 25 of the best one minute games for kids, teenagers and adults.

One Minute Games for Kids are perfect for Kids Birthday Parties

One Minute Games for kids

The best thing about these one minute games for kids is that they can be played during a kids birthday party, children’s tea party, or to spend some fun family time together. All of these one minute games appeal to kids because of their ability to provide unscripted fun and laughter, and there is no excuse to get bored!

We all know that planning a kids birthday party can be challenging. It is not just about the planning, but you also need to look after all of the preparations, and catering as well as the games and entertainment. Let us take the hard work out of planning a kids party, with a list of fun one minute games that will keep the kids complete attention. Here is a list of 1 Minute Games for Kids that will make the best kids party.

1 Minute Games are so easy to play

The secret to playing one minute games is to make it easy to set up and play, so that everyone can understand what to do. And the good news is – it doesn’t get much simpler than this! So here are some of the simple props that you need to play One Minute Games for Kids:

What you need to play 1 minute games:

  • Stopwatch and scorecard
  • A few simple ingredients from the kitchen (cookies, pasta, pretzels, jelly beans, M&Ms, paper plates, plastic cups, etc)
  • A few simple toys, marbles, ping pong balls, pencils, coins, sticky tape, etc
  • A few simple props from the deck or garden such as chairs, tables, hula hoop, bubble maker.

How to set up One Minute Games for Kids

The best thing about One Minute Games for Kids is that they are easy to set up and basically cost nothing to run. A one minute game has very simple rules. To make these 1 minute games easy to play, we have provided a brief description of each game and how to win. There are also some great tutorial videos.

Rules for One Minute Games

Complete the challenge within one minute or less. That’s it!

If you have a lot of players, you might like to keep a score of 5 points for successful challenges, and 1 point for attempted challenges. The person with the most points at the end of the One Minute Games is the champion!

Here’s our selection of the best one minute games for kids as well as for the whole family.

1. Cookie Face

Cookie Face is one of the most popular one minute games because you get to eat the cookie! But when you try it yourself, you will see how difficult it really is. In Cookie Face, the player is not allowed to use their hands to try to get the cookie. You can choose any cookie you like, but we always use Oreos, as an added incentive!


Each player gets a cookie placed on their forehead and they have to try to eat it without using their hands. The winner is the player who manages to get eat their cookie in less than one minute!

2. Chopsticks Race

This is one of the best fun One Minute Games that requires a lot of dexterity and a lot of fun and laughter. Simply place a bowl of pretzels in front of a bunch of challengers. Armed with one chopstick each, the aim of the game is to pick up the most pretzels in one minute.


The winner is the one with the most pretzels at the end of one minute.

3. Stick the Landing

Here is one of the One Minute Games that everyone knows how to play! Simply toss a plastic water bottle in the air and try to make it land perfectly upright.


The winner of this simple game is the one who can stick the landing of the water bottle in less than one minute!

4. Penny Hose

This is a great choice of One Minute Games where you drop two coins down each leg of a pair of pantyhose. Each player then has to use both hands independently to try and reach both coins in different legs at the same time. These One Minute Games need a lot of dexterity and skill. You can see on the tutorial video to see how much fun these one minute games are.


If a player manages to reach down the pantyhose and retrieve the coins within one minute they win the game.

5. Bobblehead

Bobblehead is one of the best One Minute Games for Kids! It is one of those games that the people can enjoy watching just as much as those participating. To play the game you need to attach a pedometer to the player’s head and they have to bobble their heads, body or whatever to register a challenging number of clicks – say 100 for kids or 200 for adults.


Keep bobbling until you reach the required number of clicks! Bobblehead is a great game for kids parties and the whole family can get in on the fun as well. You’re guaranteed to get a whole lot of laughs with these 1 Minute Games.

6. Stack Attack

The stack attack challenge is similar to the game of stacking cups that you can buy from a toy store. You can set it up yourself using disposable cups from the supermarket. Stacking cups might be easy at first but the higher the stack gets the more challenging it becomes. This One Minute Games for Kids takes a lot of precision and dexterity to create the biggest stack of cups.


Each player has one minute to create a large tower of cups, the most cups wins.

7. Junk in the Trunk

There’s a lot of skill involved in Junk in the Trunk and that is what makes it one of the best One Minute Games for Kids! It is hard because you can’t see in the box! This game is played by attaching a tissue box to the back of each challenger and placing five balls in the box. The player has to shake all the balls out of the box as quickly as possible.


The aim of the game here is to get all of the balls out of the tissue box by jumping, shaking, running, as quickly as possible. But you can’t use your hands! Ready, you have one minute to win!

8. Sticky Balls

Sticky Balls is one of the best One Minute Games for Kids who need to roll a marble across a table top and make it stick to a row of sticky tape before falling off the table. This game involves a lot of judgement to get the right speed to make it stick to the double sided sticky tape on the edge of the table.


Players aim to roll the marble with enough speed to reach the tape, but not too fast. The idea is to make the marble stick to the tape near the edge of the table. The player with the most marbles stuck to the tape after one minute is the winner.

9. Volcano

Did you know that you can create a volcano like chemical reaction by mixing soda and a mint candy? We found that Mentos works best for this! This game is based on that reaction, and it is all about trying to throw the mint into the soda and create a volcano of soda bubbles.


Players stand behind a line and attempt to throw a mint into a bottle or a glass filled with soda. A player wins the game if they can do this within one minute. Of course there is always the incentive of seeing a minor volcanic eruption!

10. Scary Cherry

This fun game involves eating a healthy snack as well as trying to win the game, so this is a good one minute game! In Scary Cherry, the player has to try to eat three cherries which are threaded onto a long piece of string, without using their hands. The best way is to blow the cherries back and forth on the string and build up enough momentum so that they can catch and eat them. Not as easy as it sounds!


The winner is the player who successfully manages to eat the most cherries in one minute.

11. Shoe Fly Shoe

This is a simple and easy One Minute Games for Kids. Each player uses their shoe or sandal or whatever and attempts to fling it from the ground onto a table.


The shoe must be flung using only the foot, and no hands are allowed! The shoe has to land on the table, and stay there to win the game. Each player has one minute, but if you miss the table, you have to run around and get the shoe to try again!

12. Johnny Apple Stack

Johnny Apple Stack is a game in which players need to make a stack of three apples. This game is made difficult by the natural irregularities of each apple. No two apples are the same, and sometimes it is a bit like a jig saw puzzle to figure out how to stack them together.


Each player needs to stack 3 apples, and the stack also needs to be able to stand still for three seconds. Again there is just one minute to complete the stack. It’s a game that really tests the patience and persistence of young children, but all kids will love it.

13. The Chandelier

One of the best One Minute Games involves developing balance and coordination at the same time as having fun! A great example of this idea is the Chandelier game because it tests your balance, and coordination, at the same time as building the chandelier. It’s a game that looks pretty simple but is difficult for young kids, and is a real test of patience and skill.


The winner is the player with the largest chandelier in the one minute game time. Players need to build an inverted chandelier using soda cans (or plastic cups) and paper plates. Start with one can, and place a paper plate on it, then use two soda cans and so on.

14. Caddy Shack

Caddy Shack is another game like the apple stack, which takes a lot of skill and dexterity. Players need to take a look at golf balls to identify where they should place each one to stack them up. Golf balls need to be placed on their tiny dimple in order to stay upright. To play Caddy Shack, players need to stack not one golf ball, but three on top of each other.


Players have 60 seconds in all, which means they only have 20 seconds to correctly analyse and balance each ball. Because of the patience and skill involved this one is a real test for young kids.

15. Elephant March

Elephant March is one of the most fun One Minute Games for Kids and I dare you not to laugh out loud during this one! It requires a combination of coordination, timing and giggles. Each player in turn has to wear pantyhose over their heads with a ball fitted to the end of one of the legs. They then need to use their “trunk” to knock down a row of plastic cups. You can easily adjust the length of the trunk depending on the height of each child.


The winner is the player who can knock down every plastic cup in less than one minute. GO!

16. This Blows

“This Blows” is a One Minute Games that will test the fitness of the players or at least, help develop a good pair of lungs.


Each player has sixty seconds to blow a balloon up and use the air inside it to knock down plastic cups. If they can keep blowing up the balloon until all the cups are over then they are the winner!

17. Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire is a great one minute game for developing coordination and aiming skills. It involves using rubber bands to shoot down stacks of plastic cups just like in a show ground shooting alley.


Players have one minute and an unlimited number of rubber bands to knock down as many cups as possible. The winner is whoever knocks down the most cups.

18. Balloon Challenge

To play this exciting party game for kids, all you need is one or two balloons, depending on the age of the kids. For adults – try three or four balloons, depending on how hard the challenge you want them to do.


The challenge of this game is to keep each balloon in the air without touching the ground or catching the balloon. The player who can keep the balloons in the air for one minute is the winner!

19. Keep the Change

This game is one of the classic magic tricks, so why not have a try yourself? What could possibly go wrong? Keep the Change is a one minute game that comes from the classic party trick of pulling a cloth from under a table set with plates and cups. This game involves a stack of coins balanced on the edge of a table, on top of a piece of paper. Players need to quickly pull out the paper, and make sure that the coins stay in place. This is one of the hardest and most frustrating one minute games for kids.


Players need to quickly pull out the piece of paper without knocking over the stack of coins – you have just one minute to get it right.

20. Pencil Bowls

This fun party game involves trying to roll marbles at a standing pencil to see who can be the first to hit the target.


Stand up the pencil and keep the players back a reasonable distance with a piece of tape along the ground. To make it a bit easier for young kids to play, you can always allow them to start a bit closer! There is just one minute to hit the target.

21. Wet Balloon

Players need to use a water spray bottle and a balloon, to propel the balloon over the finish line. Try not to get too much water on the balloon, because the more water there is on the surface of the balloon the more likely it is to sink!


You have sixty seconds to use a spray bottle to guide a balloon from the start to the finish line. Wet Balloon is best played outdoors because things tend to get a little wet during these hilarious one minute games.

22. Bubble and Hoop

What would a kids birthday party be without loads of bubbles? A great fun one minute game for kids involves making lots of bubbles, and trying to get them to go through the hoop.


More luck than good judgement, this fun party game for kids involves lots of laughter, and lots of fun. Place the hoop on the ground somewhere down wind and see who can float their bubbles through the hoop – you have a minute to win it!

23. Noodling Around

This game is loads of fun, and you can play it with simple things that you have in the kitchen. This game can be played with noodles, or stick of pasta, as well as a box of pretzels.


Each player holds a noodle or long piece of pasta in their mouth and tries to pick up as many pretzels without using their hands! The player with the most is the winner!

24. Candy Unicorn

Candy Unicorn is a great one minute game that’s all about coordination, and needs a steady balance. In this game players need to balance several candies on their forehead. It takes a lot of balance and skill to stop them from falling over.


A player wins by having the most candy in a stack without dropping them.

25. Play it By Ear

In Play it by Ear, children are presented with several cans filled with coins. They have to listen carefully when each can is shaken around and to choose the cans in order of the least to the most amount of coins. This game is one of the best minute to win it games for kids and is always a light hearted bit of fun.


The player can arrange the cans in the correct order is the winner. But you only have one minute to get it right!

You Have One Minute to Win It – Ready Set, Go!

The best part about choosing these fun filled 1 minute games is that they teach kids about coordination, balance and patience. So at the same time as enjoying the social aspects of having a fun kids party, there are learning and development aspects as well. That is what we always aim for here at – a little bit of fun, imagination, and learning.

But above all else, the most important thing is to have fun and laughter! One Minute games are a great idea for a kids birthday party, and are a guaranteed way to involve all of the kids to have a great fun kids party.

So now it is party time! Let’s get ready to play the best One Minute Games!

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