How to Choose the Best Toys for 12 Year Old Boys

Do you love the challenge of finding the best gifts for 12 year old boys?  Sometimes we run out of ideas for gifts for boys, and sometimes there are just too many to choose from!  What you need is a short guide to the best gifts for 12 year old boys, and that is what we can help you with.

At ImagiPlay, we have done the hard work for you.  We have made a list of criteria such as physical, mental, development and education, because those are the most important issues with our children.  We also look at quality and safety to make sure you get good value for money.  We also consider reputation and we only recommend the best gifts for 12 year old boys that have been tried and tested by other parents, and who have provided positive reviews and feedback.


best gifts for 12 year old boys

best toys for 12 year old boys



So you don’t have to search forever to find the perfect gift, we have listed an exciting selection of the best toys for 12 year old boys – have fun on your shopping adventure!


1. The Boys’ Book of Survival

This is one of the all time best gifts for 12 year old boys, and for that matter, is a suitable gift for boys of all ages!

Full of all sorts of interesting articles, stories, and experiments, The Boys’ Book of Survival is much more than simply reading a collection of stories.  This guide book will provide the stimulus for their active imagination, and encourage the development of individual thinking and logical reasoning.  Not only does it contain survival stories, this is the ultimate guidebook of how things work, this book will provide hours of entertainment and motivation for every 12 year old boy.

The Boys’ Book of Survival is excellent for development of logic and problem solving, with advice on how to make things, how to fix things, and how to get things done by yourself.  The Boys’ Book of Survival is a blessing for parents, because maybe we don’t know everything, but it can be reassuring that your 12 year old boy can do the research and figure out how to do things by themselves.

Our recommendation:  The Boys’ Book of Survival is an excellent guide, and is one of the best gifts for 12 year old boys.  You will find that this book is brilliant for any young boy with an inquisitive mind.  If your child has lots of questions about the world around him, then this book is a must.  The survival guide book provides hours of reading and research into how things work, and how to develop logical thinking into solving everyday problems.


2. The Dangerous Book for Boys

And while we are on the subject of excellent books for 12 year old boys, we couldn’t go past the Dangerous Book for Boys.  Not so much dangerous as adventurous, this guide book is suitable for boys of all ages, and is full of how to guides, scientific experiments, pranks, useful guides to build things, and even stuff for parents to get involved with.  Check out how to build a tree house – that should prove to be an adventure for boys no matter how young or old!

Our recommendation:  The Dangerous Book for Boys is always a hit for those birthday gifts for 12 year old boys, or even that special Christmas present!



3. Cobra Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike riding has got to be one of the best kids activities and a mountain bike has got to be one of the best toys for 12 year old boys.  Boys will be naturally drawn into the outdoors, and get fit and strong, all whilst having a ton of fun.  This is a win-win situation, for a young boy getting some outdoors activity time and getting some exercise at the same time. Why not join in and get the whole family active and spending time together.

The Cobra Mountain Bike is a great gift for 12 year old boys with 20 inch wheels that are built to be strong, yet light enough to keep that speed up.  The bike frame is made from a sturdy steel construction which is perfect for riding through rough terrain and bumps and jumps.  To assist young boys to learn to be adventurous on this mountain bike, it comes with an advanced suspension system on the front and rear wheel, which are excellent to absorb the worst shocks and bumps.  It also comes with a 6 speed gear system that is designed for riding up and down hills with no problems.

We recommend that you keep the gears and brake systems in good working order with a little regular maintenance.  We also recommend that you keep the tires pumped up so that your 12 year old boy can jump and go bike riding at a moments notice!  The best way to make sure the tires are pumped and ready to go is to have a handy 12 volt air compressor or tire inflator handy at all times!

For small hands, the Cobra Mountain Bike comes with front and rear cable brake systems that need only small travel for super effective braking effort.  Easy to ride and fun to get started into mountain bike riding, the Cobra Mountain bike is an ideal gift for 12 year old boys.

Our recommendation:  The Cobra Mountain Bike is an easy choice of gift for 12 year old boys because it encourages physical activity, outdoors fun, and the opportunity for family and friends to join in and enjoy fun times together.



4. Ripstik Caster Board

The famous Ripstik is more popular than ever – and that is because kids love to get outdoors and play with the Ripstik, and parents love it when kids do that!  And you know how popular the Ripstik used to be, well that is for very good reasons.  Skateboards, roller blades, and Ripstiks never really go out of fashion, so if you want to encourage a youngster to engage in some fun outdoor activity, then you can’t go past the Caster Board by Ripstik.

The Ripstik Caster Board is an ideal gift for 12 year old boys!  It is like a supercharged skateboard which requires strength and balance to propel the board forwards, and around corners at will.  It comes with the latest high wear polyurethane wheels, non slip foot pads and high technology concave deck shaping.  The high precision casters allow for 360 degree rotation, and the unique deck pivot design allows an experienced rider to do all sorts of manoeuvres that a skateboard is just not designed for.

Our recommendation:  The Ripstik Caster Board is one of the best toys for a 12 year old boy because it requires skill and balance to become a good rider.  The more practice you do, the better the skills become, as well as builds the strength, balance and coordination of boys, both young and old.  Why not try it yourself!




5. Kodo Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

If you are looking for a gift for 12 year boys that will fire their imagination, then one of the best toys is a drone called the Kodo Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.  In reality, the Kodo drone is a quadcopter design that is easy to fly, including take off and landing.  The Kodo Unmanned Aerial Vehicle comes with a high resolution camera that is mounted underneath the body of the quadcopter.

The Kodo Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is powered by long life lithium batteries, and also comes with spare rotor blades in case you need to replace a blade due to damage.  However, the rotor blades are protected by rotor guards which means the blades rarely get damaged and are safe to fly inside or outside or around people with no risk of harming anyone.

Our recommendation:  Perfectly safe for 12 year old boys to use, the Kodo Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is an excellent gift idea for birthdays or Christmas time.  The quadcopter drone is easy to learn to fly, and develops coordination skills and imagination of all youngsters when they learn how to fly their very own quadcopter.



6. T388 Mini Walkie Talkie

All kids love to talk, but when they discover the magic of talking over the airwaves, they will have a whole new world opened up to their imagination.  The T388 Mini Walkie Talkie is a great gift for 12 year old boys because it encourages better communication skills and forces kids to think about the way they communicate with others.  It can often be the first time a child has to experience what it is like to talk to someone when they can’t observe facial expressions during the exchange.

The T388 Mini Walkie Talkie has 2 handsets which can be used for communication with one another.  They have a range out to several kilometres, which means they are an extremely powerful radio system, and have 22 channels just like a professional radio transmitter.

Our recommendation:  The T388 Mini Walkie Talkie is a great way to encourage a young boys communication skills.  Using a walkie talkie set means that young children need to use clear language and improved communication skills.  Besides, a walkie talkie set is an ideal gift for 12 year old boys because they can use it for fun as well as play, and gain a sense of independence to be able to communicate with others even up to several kilometers away.




7. Blast Pad Missile Launcher by Marky Sparky

Yet another exciting gist for 12 year old boys that is bound to capture the imagination of any inquisitive child!  The Blast Pad Missile Launcher by Marky Sparky is obviously one of the best outdoors toys for 12 year old boys.  But don’t be alarmed, it does not involve any explosive material, and it is perfectly safe to use.  It involves setting up a foam “missile” on a launch pad, which is “fired” by stomping or jumping on a compression pad.  Obviously the harder the stomp, the higher the missile flies, so this is a fantastic gift for 12 year old boys who love to compete with their friends, to see who can shoot the missile the furthest!
The Blast Pad Missile Launcher by Marky Sparky is simple to set up and even easier to use, this missile launcher is one of the best toys for 12 year old boys.  It can be used in the backyard, at the park, or even at the beach, for loads of fun and entertainment.
Our Recommendation:   The Blast Pad Missile Launcher by Marky Sparky is a fun way for kids get involved in outdoors play, and with this missile launcher, they will get hours of physical exercise, without even realizing they are doing it!


8. Electronic Playground

If you are looking for a gift for a 12 year old boy who likes to tinker with electronics, or with technical subjects, then you can’t go past the Electronic Playground.  This excellent educational device features more than 50 different electronic designs.  Each of these can be built up from the instructions, and applied to perform some basic tasks.  The Electronic Playground is not a toy, and will actually teach a 12 year old boy some practical activities regarding how electronic devices are built and how electrical gadgets work.

The best part about the Electronic Playground is that it does not require any hot solder or solder irons, so it is perfectly safe to use.  Everything comes included with this gift for 12 year old boys including circuit boards, resistors, capacitors and easy to read guidelines.  The Electronic Playground actually allows your child to construct useful appliances such as transistor radios, metal detectors, alarms and even a lamp for their bedroom.  This is one of the best educational toys for 12 year old boys.

Our recommendation:  The Electronic Playground is a practical way to educate your child in how to build realistic devices that they can actually use to have fun with. What better way for a 12 year boy to work out how things work in the real world!




9. N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set

Most 12 year old boys love to test their target shooting skills, so why not set them up a safe and realistic target shooting system with all sorts of technology to make it more fun.  The N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set gives kids a fun and safe way to set up a shooting range in the safety of their own home – or maybe outside if you insist!

The N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set comes with the Nerf Firestrike blaster gun, Nerf bullets made of foam, and a target setting.  The blaster gun is operated with compressed air and springs, so it has been proven to be a safe gift for 12 year old boys.  Yet it is also capable of holding their imagine with some realistic effects such as a precision aiming sight which helps young fingers aim accurately at the target.  The gun fires foam darts which are perfectly safe around other people, in much the same way that Nerf guns are fun and safe for the whole family.

Our recommendation:  The N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set is the best gift for 12 year old boys who like to challenge their hand eye coordination skills.  Watch them step up the challenge and improve their target shooting skills, and have fun at the same time.


10. Epic by Perplexus

This is one of the best toys for 12 year old boys – the Epic by Perplexus.  It takes a reasonable amount of imagination to gain a thorough understanding of how this toy works.  That is why we love this one at, because we love to challenge a child’s imagination, and to learn to have fun.  In fact, we think this is a gift for 12 year old boys, as well as the whole family, because it will definitely capture everyone’s imagination.

If you can imagine a mysterious ball with an amazing internal maze that is actually a puzzle – then you can start to understand the challenge that lies in front of you.  The object of this toy is to navigate a marble through the 3 dimensional puzzle.  And when you have figured out how it works, your child will come to realise that the challenge has only just begun!  Like any good puzzle, there are obstacles and lots of unexpected twists and turns which make this a great gift for 12 year old boys.  Move the Epic ball around in your hands and try to get the marble safely through the maze.  It is never as easy as it seems!

Our recommendation:   The Epic by Perplexus is a truly epic puzzling maze in 3 dimensions that requires a great deal of patience, concentration and coordination skills to be able to solve it.  The best toys for 12 year old boys require some amount of fun as well as problem solving skills, to really fire up the imagination, and that is what we like about this one!  Perfect for young kids, and fun for the whole family also!



11. Solar Robot

If you want to give your kids some exposure to the wonders of solar technology, then what better way to let them power up the Solar Robot using nothing but solar energy.  This is definitely one of the best toys for 12 year old boys as they can enjoy the construction of a wide variety of different robots from this single robot building kit.

This building kit is an excellent introduction to the wonders of robotics and it can be reconfigured into 14 different robot shapes to give a 12 year old boy endless fun.  From a dog robot, a surf robot, a walking robot, a rolling robot, a boat robot, and others animals including turtle, crab and beetle.  This is an excellent gift for 12 year old boys as they can redesign this robotic kit into almost any configuration that they choose, and the possibilities are almost endless.

Our recommendation:  The Solar Robot is a multi-disciplinary gift for 12 year old boys that encourages develop of their construction and design skills.  At the same time as learning how to have fun with robotics and mechanization of toys, the Solar robot also provides an introduction into the world of Solar technology, and how we can use solar energy to provide electricity in our lives.



How We Chose the Best Toys for 12 year old boys

Toys are very important mechanisms for boys growth and development, and play a valuable role in all kids development. Because toys and imagination play such a vital role in the development of our kids, it is very important to look for appropriate toys for 12 year old boys.

There is an endless list of toys to choose from, but here at, we are particularly interested in developmental toys for 12 year old boys.  We look for toys that fire the imagination of youngsters, and engage them fully in terms of mental stimulation, physical interaction, and logical thought processes.

So we made a list of the top 10 toys for 12 year old boys with all of the attributes in mind.  Our preference was for things like mental stimulation, physical development, hand eye coordination, development of cognitive processes, and also things that were fun to play with!  Cost is also important, as well as other factors like safety, reputation, and most importantly – value for money.

Hopefully you can find something here that is appropriate to help you find a gift for 12 year boys. Protection Status









How to Choose the Best Toys for 12 Year Old Boys
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