Best Lego Sets for Kids

The best Lego sets aren’t the ones that make them smile at the box, but the ones that they truly enjoy putting together and make them proud of the results. Most Lego sets if not all provide a blueprint that help kids put the pieces of the Lego set together, while others use them as guidelines and free-build their way to create something truly unique.

This is perhaps the most noteworthy feature of Lego sets – that you can follow the included blueprint and create the toy featured on the box and your child can break the toy apart and create something new. While there are Lego sets that are based on current movies and popular licensed characters, the best ones are the free Lego sets that keep kids coming back for more. That said, here are 5 of the best Lego sets available to you.

LEGO Juniors Fire Suitcase

This Lego toy allows your little one to put fires out wherever they go. Kids will remain engaged for hours on end constructing the Easy to Build fire motorbike and base station, fire helicopter and then helping the firefighters save the day. The Lego Fire Suitcase is designed for an easy start with the Lego Brick, and comes with quick start elements and instructions to help your child get a quick start.

Highlights of the Junior Fire Suitcase

  • Comes with several accessories including a map, water hose, fire, barrier and lights
  • Designed for kids ages 4 years and older
  • Features an Easy to Build fire motorbike, fire helicopter, and a base station
  • Suitcase measures over 9 inches
  • Fire motorbike measures over 1 inch
  • Fire helicopter measures over 3 inches

The pieces are regular Lego pieces and some of them can be used with other Lego sets. The toy does consequently enhance fine motor skills as your child is encouraged to follow the picture instructions. The fire helicopter of the set is mostly designed as a single piece and the suitcase lays completely flat when opened.

LEGO Juniors Pirate Treasure Hunt Set

this Lego set features an Easy to Build desert island fortress complete with an opening window and a rowboat. It comes with several accessories including a cutlass, pirate flag, treasure map, barrel, treasure chest, oars, palm tree and pistol. Designed for young builders, the Pirate Treasure Hunt set is designed to deliver the ultimate Lego play experience and is bound to keep your child engaged for hours on end.

Highlights of the Pirate Treasure Hunt Set

  • Island fortress measures over 3 inches
  • Boat measures over 3 inches
  • Package includes several accessories including oars, treasure map, pistol, treasure chest, barrel and a palm tree
  • Easy instruction guide included

The boat of the Pirate Treasure hunt set does float getting your child one step closer to the real deal. Designed for kids between ages 4-7 years, the Lego Pirate Treasure Hunt set also enhances your child’s fine motor skills, imagination and creativity.

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 

Nicely packaged in a handy storage box, the Classic Creative Brick Box by Lego includes a plethora of bricks in an assortment of 35 colors. Featuring 18 wheel rims and 18 tires, this Lego toy also comes with special pieces such as a window with frame, base plate and 3 sets of eyes. All models featured in the picture can be built easily and the included special pieces are designed primarily to enhance imaginative building.

Highlights of the Creative Brick Box

  • Includes handy storage box
  • Includes special pieces such as a base plate and 3 sets of eyes
  • Assortment of Lego bricks in 35 different colors
  • Entire set weighs just 2.2 lbs

The storage box and the Lego pieces are crafted of high quality plastic and some pieces are even compatible with other Lego toys. Designed for kids of ages 4 and older, the Lego Creative Brick Box measures roughly 14 inches long and 6 inches high and includes several different tire sizes including 4 small tires and rims, 4 medium tires and 10 large tires and 10 large rims.

Education Community Minifigures Set

a collection of an astounding 256 pieces, the Education Community Minifigures set by Lego comes with a wide range of parts including 22 multicultural female and male figures that represent different community roles to help your child explore, ethnicity, gender and occupations. Designed for children of ages 4 years and over, the Lego Community Minifigures set supports a group of five students and arrives in a decorative box for easy storage.

Highlights of the Community Minifigures Set

  • Comes in a handy storage box
  • Includes 256 pieces
  • 22 male and female pieces included to enhance role play
  • Great choice for children of 4 years of age or old
  • Perfect fit for home and daycare environments

Apart from the male and female Minifigures, the Community Lego set also comes with several accessories including animals, food, a laptop, bicycle, backpack and more. Another noteworthy feature of the Lego Minifigures set is it is compatible with Lego Education Bricks as well so the possibilities to this set are endless.

Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall Building Set  

If your child is a shopping buff, they will definitely love this Lego creation. Featuring a real life shopping mall complete with a sports shop, bridal shop, spa, food court, photo booth with camera and flash and even a revolving door to the mall lobby, the Heartlake Shopping Mall set comes with 4 mini-doll figures including Julian, Sophie, Emma and Emma’s dog.

Highlights of the Heartlake Mall Lego Set

  • Real life mall experience
  • Comes with 4 mini-figures
  • Dining area measures 3 inches high
  • Mixing desk measures 1 inch high
  • Car measures 1 inch high

The Heartlake Mall Lego set offers your child several activities to choose from such as helping the mini-figures try on their outfits at the bridal shop or simply relax in the spa with Sophie. The sports shop of this Lego set features 2 basketballs, 2 mannequins, a bike skateboard, snowboard, 2 basketballs, 3 jungle animal rescue boards and 2 loudspeakers.

Lego sets are fun and engaging and the ones mentioned above are designed to enhance your child’s motor and imaginative skills.

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