The Best Kids Teepee

A playhouse is perhaps one of the most important things linked to childhood. A playhouse is much more than a toy.

It's a world of imaginative play.

For a modern day playhouse, we think an indoor tepee is a great choice. So what things should you look out for when looking to buy a kids teepee?

Choose from a range of colors and styles to suit your child’s imagination and your home décor.

Children will love how they can have their own little hide-a-way, and you’ll love how much personality these little teepees can bring to your home!

You’ll be surprised how easy a kids teepee is to set up and take down. They are versatile enough to be moved around your home or outdoors during warmer weather.

Let your children have a camp out in the living room, play hide-and-seek or host tea parties and picnics. They’ll enjoy the cozy nature of a teepee and will love being inside them to read, relax or share secrets with each other.

Childhood is about having fun and growing into our best selves; you can foster that imagination with a cotton canvas teepee featuring a window and easy to close doors…a little playhouse can a long way in creating a magical world for children and adults, alike.

So which is the best teepee for kids?

Here’s a list of our favorites:-

  • Tiny Hideaways
  • Fivejoy
  • Trademark Innovations
  • KidKraft
  • Freelove
  • TheTeepeeFairy
  • Playteepee
  • Mochis Playground
  • WigiWama
  • The Knitted Couture


Tiny Hideaways


What a great way to start a day in this Tiny Hideaways teepee! You know that your child has a lot of imagination, he likes to create and discover all these fun and new things, but how about offering him something different instead of a tablet or a PC game?!

Invite friends over to play together, this way they will interact with each other and they will share ideas and happiness. This teepee is so versatile because it can be placed inside the house when the weather is cold or outside when it’s hot.

In this way, your kid and his friends can have their teepee to play with and hide no matter how the weather is. This tent is made out of durable premium cotton canvas, so your kid can enjoy a lot of time playing with it. The nautical pattern of this teepee tent is great with the blue and white stripes, just perfect for any season.

Besides the fact that is so practical and interesting to have, this tent has a peek-a-boo window for fun peeks in and out of the teepee. This is the perfect accessory that will never let your child get bored and he can also play with other friends. This will definitely become his new favorite because you just know how much kids love to build tents?!

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If you were looking for an original and fun gift for your child, then this is the one! This is a cute and fun tepee that will make your child so happy. He can “organize” a lot of games and parties in this tent, in this way he will develop a lot of skills like creativity and communication. fivejoy2

These things will help him a lot in his social life afterwards and it will create the further adult. If your child is eager to discover all the things in life, then you should start slowly and offer him the things he needs. This teepee is the ideal toy for your kid because it represents his own space where he can call his friends and play interesting games together, or just read a book.

The tent is made from white cloth and it has a lot of great Animal Kingdom patterns on it and this will definitely catch the attention of your baby. You can assemble it really easy and in just minutes you will have this perfect hideaway teepee for your kid. The tent has a mesh window to allow the light it and a Velcro strap to keep the door closed.

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Trademark Innovations

canvas What a great idea for a gift! This teepee tent is a customizable one so your kid can create his own design on it. Offer him the opportunity to learn and play at the same time, alone or with friends. This teepee is ideal for any kind of activities like reading, playing all sorts of games or playing hide and seek.

If the canvas-2weather allows you, the tent can also be placed outdoor for the kids to have more space, but when the weather is cold, the teepee can be placed inside, this way your kid will enjoy his favorite activities in the tent all the time. The durable cotton canvas, used in making this tent, is a durable and safe material that won’t create any allergies. Because we care about you and your kid’s health, we are providing only quality materials which will be a real pleasure.

Create a fun a happy world for your child with this tepee tent. Due to the customizable feature, this tent can be painted in any color you like and your child can draw whatever he wants on this. This tepee is so easy to assemble, but it also disassembles really fast and it can be transformed into a carry case, brought to you by Trademark Innovations.

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If you want what’s best for your kid, then you have to choose the best! Offer your little boy or girl an ideal place where he can play and do their other daily activities. A bright idea would be this KidKraft teepee tent, which can be used for a lot of different activities.

kidcraft-2For example, after school, your child can do his homework inside the tent, or he can play with his friends when they come to visit, there are a lot of ways in which your kid can spend his time. This teepee will quickly become his favourite one because it will represent his own place, where he can do all the activities he want.

This tent is suitable for kids of all ages, from 3 and up. The teepee has also a great design that will make you kid love it from the first sight, it has a happy turquoise color and some zigzag stripes in gray and white colors, which create that tribal effect.

You can assemble the tent really fast with the step-by-step assembly instructions and you have an awesome tent in just a few minutes. You can check you kid through the mesh windows, but these are also good for a fun hide-and-seek game that you can play together!

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freelove1 Introduce your child into the magical land of stories and capture his attention with all the beautiful stories about heroes, princesses and magical things! He will discover a new world and you will develop his creativity by transforming his room into a magical land where everything is possible. freelove2

This is an Indian teepee, a children’s playhouse, a versatile item that can be used for various activities. When you have work to do, your kid can play inside the tent with his toy animals, in this way he will spend time enjoying the things he likes the most. This tent is also a great idea if you want to throw a party for him and you invite his friends over.

They can play hide-and-seek and a lot of other games right there in the tent. Made from durable cotton canvas, this teepee is great for your kids because it will not cause any allergies. Due to the reinforced edges and openings your kid will be safe while playing in the tent.

This tent will be a great gift for your little boy or little girl and it is suitable for any birthday parties or sleepover. Try it now!

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teepeefairy Welcome into the wonderful land of fairies! Here you will discover the beauty of a magical land combined with the happiness that lies within! Your child will be more than excited to discover all the wonders that take place in here! His creativity will be put to work and his imagination can go beyond limits.

This large teepee tent is the perfect idea for a birthday present because your child will be more than happy to receive this kind of gift. It is a useful, yet magical place where kids can play, read or do other daily activities. They can hideaway tepeefairy2or even invite a friend or two with them in this amazing journey throughout childhood.

These teepees can be customised as requested, so you can choose the best design that your kid loves. Fairies, heroes, animals, holiday design, you name it because we have it all. You know it is very important for your child to have his own small space in which he will comfortable and space, and this is just what we are offering!

The fairies land is a dreamy one, in which your kid is the guest of honor, he will take place to the fun and interesting games that will help him develop his creativity, imagination and intelligence! Check Price


playteepee1 You want to offer your child the best birthday present and you don’t know what to choose? Well, stop thinking because you just arrived to the right place.

We are offering you the best product for your kid, this large stripe teepee tent is the perfect idea because it will create that harmonious and happy place your kid needs. playteepee2The early beginning is so important for your child, he needs his own little space in which he can feel secure and comfortable all the time. This tepee tent is one of those places that will create that kind of space, which will be your kid’s little kindom.

Heroes, fairies, princesses, animated characters, they are all invited to your kid’s party because from now on this tent will become his comfy and safe place where he can spend his time. Read, play, laugh, learn, all these daily activities can be done in this teepee and all his favourite characters will come to life, following him in the most beautiful journey of his life!

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mochisplayground-1 What would be greater for your kid than his own tent which imitates the real wildlife tents?! Well, nothing will be more greater than just that, a kids teepee suitable for your kid’s room or any other room in your house. This tent will allow your child to do his daily activities or other fun activities that will make him happy.

We know you mochisplayground-2want to offer your kid only the best things, that’s the reason we are here to help you by offering a quality and fun canvas teepee, perfect for your little girl or boy. This is a versatile product, you can use it both on the outside and on the inside, where it will create the perfect environment for your baby.

This tent represents a handmade item, created from organic cotton canvas and finished wood for your kid’s safety. It is easy to assemble and the best part is that it can be placed both on the outside and on the inside. You can throw a birthday party or a sleepover party because your child and his guests will have plenty of room of playing time. Don’t waste any more time and offer your child the best gift!

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wigi1 You should forget all about those boring gifts that your kid just throws away the second they receive them. This year you should try something original and fun all the way, the Wigwam teepee tent. The best idea for your son or daughter’s birthday party because this tent will become the kid’s favourite thing in the world.

For the kids, this tent represents their special, little space where all the stories take place. At night time, you wigi2can use a projector to show your kid the best childhood stories right there on the tent’s walls.

This monochromatic tent is so versatile because it is suitable for both a boy’s room or a girl’s room, either it will look great everywhere. This is a classic, yet modern black and white teepee which your kid will simply adore. He will be so delighted when you will come home and you will start unpacking this great teepee which will immediately become the biggest attraction in the house.

The material used is thick cotton canvas for durability and delicate bright fabrics for a creative and happy look. Now you can start the endless fun with your kid because you both will adore this sweet teepee from the first second!

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theknittedcouture1 Classic and modern are going hand in hand now! That’s what is happening with this kids teepee as well, this tent comes in a beige, nude color, with sweet and little elephants details on it. Due to the nude color you can place the tent anywhere in the house because it fits with any other paint color or design. theknittedcouture-2This tent is specially created for your little girl or boy to feel great while playing in it. One more thing, I will have to assure you that your kid wouldn’t want to do anything else besides standing in the tent.

You will have to place some pillows and some toys in there because your sweet, little angel would want to spend all of his time together. We will have to believe him because this adorable tent will be that perfect place where all of the magical characters and stories will be brought to life and it will be an absolute delight for all the kids. They can read, do their homework in there, but you can also organize a birthday party or a sleepover party for you and your kid’s friends. This teepee will be that friendly and comfortable environment your child needs for a happy childhood!

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How to Get Creative With Your New Teepee!

First of all, congratulations on purchasing a tiny teepee! You’re going to love it. You’re probably thinking, yeah this will be fun until the kids find something else to play with and then it’ll just collect dust like everything else they have. Not true! Here’s a few ideas on how to get the most out of your new teepee!

Tip 1:

Get the kids excited about their new teepee by clearing a space for it and getting them to muck out their rooms to make room for the tent. When it arrives, let them help set it up and make a list of what they want to do in it: color, paint, draw, play games, tea parties. Whatever they want: get them involved in how it is going to be used and they’ll be more excited about owning it!

Tip 2.

Schedule playdates with your kids. Make time to use the teepee with them! Create invitations for little ones and get dressed up for your teepee time. Choose a new theme each week and stick to your plan for your teepee date. You’ll look forward to it too, we promise!

Tip 3.

Let your children paint or draw on the teepee. Gone are the days that things need to look pristine and new forever: let them make their mark on it – literally! Give them some paint or markers that won’t smudge and set them loose to make the teepee whatever they want it to be.

Tip 4.

Let them decorate the inside with their favorite pillows and blankets and books and toys. Sure, it might start to overflow but children will enjoy the cozy feel of having everything they love close by and within reach. Smaller children will feel security with the things they cherish the most.

Tip 5.

Let the children eat their supper in their new teepee. Yup, we know, eating on the floor is a disaster waiting to happen, but just prepare for the worst and it won’t seem so bad when they spill milk or juice. Plus, it might be a way to get a picky eater more interested in eating if they don’t have to sit at the table all the time!

Tip 6.

Have a movie night in the teepee: grab your tablet or ipad and hunker down for a night of fun and popcorn. Okay, maybe just the kids on this one, but either way, you’ll be helping your children find many ways to use their new teepee and they’ll probably come up with some of their own too! Don’t worry about how it is being used so long as it is being used. Let them play their video games, or do their home work, or eat their snacks, or drag the cat in and make it sit… not sure how the cat will feel about that one. But you get the idea! The teepee is meant to inspire imagination so let yours run wild and let your children run wild in their teepees!

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