Twenty Ways to Make Your Child Laugh!

One of the best parts about being a parent is getting to hear your child giggle uncontrollably at the world around them. It is one of the best sounds on the planet, especially when you take the time to notice the laughter and soak in the memories of the moment. Children see things in a clear and real way and they have no trouble expressing their happiness and joy through laughter. Want to enjoy more of that wonderful laughter? Take a few minutes each day to be silly with your child and make some memories along the way: here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. Tell silly jokes to your child and let them tell you some, or make them up. The sillier, the better. Be prepared for the conversation to turn to toilet humor, especially if you have a boy ranging from 5-8 years old!

2. Take turns acting out clues for charades: this is a super fun game in and of itself, but children have so much fun playing this game because of the opportunity to make things up! Prepare for lots of laughter with this one!

3. Next time you are sitting down to dinner with your children, catch their eye and make a funny face! They’ll burst into fits of laughter for sure!

4. Speaking of dinner, next time dinner rolls around, set up a picnic in the living room instead of eating at the table. Your kids might be confused at first but then they’ll love it and think you are awesome for it.

5. Write a silly story with your child. Maybe a comic strip and create funny characters together.

6. When your child isn’t expecting it, surprise them with a tickle fight!

tickle fight

7. One of the best ways to turn an argument or a frown upside down is when your child is upset or being stubborn is to make a funny face: it’s a sure fire way to get them to start giggling and they’ll soon forget why they were being stubborn in the first place!

8. Head to the playground and chase your child around the park! They’ll yell and laugh and giggle and have a great time!

9. A good game of hide and seek is sure to bring on the laughter!

hide and seek

10. Play the shadow game: repeat whatever your child says and they’ll be laughing in no time! This game is best played when they are expecting you to copy them. They’ll get a little annoyed, maybe, but then they’ll think it is hilarious.

11. Make a rule that they can’t laugh for 5 minutes… get ready for laughter!

12. Sing the wrong words to a song, on purpose, very loudly. Your children will laugh and laugh – they’ll want to sing their own version of the songs too!

13. Let your kids play mommy and daddy to you for a while: they can make you lunch, clean up your mess, tuck you into bed.

14. Have popcorn for breakfast and ice cream for lunch – and yeah, go ahead and have something healthy for dinner, but enjoy the treats with the kids!

15. Pretend you are taking an afternoon nap and when the children come to check on you, yell “surprise!”

16. Plant a whoopee cushion on an unsuspecting kid’s seat!

whoopee - cushion

17. Pretend to fall down over and over again. Be careful, but have fun with it.

18. Don’t comb your hair – maybe, do this one on the weekend! When your kid notices something is wrong with your hair, insist there is nothing wrong with it.

19. Two words: pillow fight!

20. Have a conversation with someone who isn’t there when your child is in the room. Insist that someone is talking to you and they can’t see them.

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