Top 5 best Wooden Toys for Toddlers

Wooden toys are deemed the best toys for your little one for several reasons including safety, durability and not to mention they are eco friendly considering they are crated of an all natural material. This doesn’t imply their plastic counterparts aren’t great such as those noise making robots and cars, there’s nothing that can give your toddlers imagination a whirl than a solid wooden toy.

When shopping for the best wooden toys for toddlers, you will be literally overwhelmed considering the plethora of choices available, but let’s make your choice easier and showcase the best ones available in the market today.

Wooden Barnyard Animals Jumbo Knob Puzzle

Brought to by one of the leading names in the kid’s industry, Melissa & Doug, this wooden puzzle set is crafted of the highest quality wood and comes with 12 piece jigsaw puzzles – construction or vehicle themed and each stored in its very own compartment of a sturdy wooden box. The lid of the box also serves as a convenient puzzle board, and each piece of the puzzle is engraved with coding on the rear for easy sorting.

Highlights of the Barnyard Jumbo Knob Puzzle Set

  • Extra thick pieces
  • Built of superior quality
  • Perfectly suited for kids ages 1 year and older
  • Tested to be durable and safe
  • Integrated easy grab knobs

The pieces of the barnyard puzzle set are layered with realistic graphics that depict common vehicles such as a school bus and fire engine, allowing your child to learn rather quickly. The pieces are easy to manage and although it is fairly simple, it’s bound to keep your child engaged for hours on end. The parts are made of superior quality wood so damage is minimal even when their teething, and the large knobs will definitely help your child easily pick up and place them in the right places.

Carrier Truck & Cars Wooden Set 

Brought to you by one of the leading names in the children’s toy arena, the Carrier Truck & Cars set is crafted entirely of high quality wood, and is tested to be safe and durable. The cars included in this set are compatible with wooden train tracks, giving your child a few more playing options. Adding to this, the Carrier Truck set features easy load and lower ramps resulting in two levels for the vehicles.

Highlights of the Carrier Truck and Cars Set

  • High quality wooden construction
  • Easy load and low level ramps
  • Comes with four colorful cars
  • Tested to be safe and durable
  • Great quality and value

All the pieces of the Carrier set feature great detail that keeps your child engaged for hours on end. The long ramp of the set folds easily, which enhances your child’s imagination on the way new formations are created. When the ramp is put away, the set measures 5-3/4 by 12 by 3 inches, which is the perfect size for little hands to grab on to and push and pull along yet large enough to facilitate full body movement.

The car set is suitable for all terrains, but works its best on high friction surfaces such as short grass or carpet. The four cars of the set can also work individually and also with other wooden train sets. If you’re looking to build your child’s fine motor skills, the Carrier set is a great way to get started.

Plan Preschool Walk N Roll 

Recommended for children 18 months and older, this all wood roller allows kids to walk with it at different speeds. As the wheels turn, the wooden balls create sounds, keeping your child busy for hours on end. Brought to you by PlanToys – a leading name in the kid’s toy industry, this walker is designed to enhance your child’s development and fine motor skills.

Highlights of the Walk N Roll Toy

  • Suitable for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers
  • Made of high quality wood
  • Great sounds created by the clacking wooden balls

All toys manufactured by PlanToys are crafted using kiln dried recycled rubber wood that is chemical free and accented by water based non-toxic colors. When buying a toy for your child, safety should be top priority, and the Walk N Roller Toy by PlanToys definitely won’t disappoint in this arena.

Deluxe Fish Bowl Jumbo Knob Puzzle 

Another great product by Melissa & Doug, the Fish Bowl Jumbo Know Puzzle is crafted of high quality wood and is tested to be safe and durable. The three pieces of this puzzle set are appointed with easy grab knobs for little hands and features matching pictures under each extra thick piece. Perfect for your baby and child, the Fish Bowl puzzle is a great activity to encourage visual perception and hand-eye coordination skills.

Highlights of the Fish Bowl Puzzle Set

  • Comes with three large pieces
  • Enhances creativity and imagination
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Matching pictures under each piece
  • Great quality and value

This Puzzle set by Melissa & Doug is a great addition to their lineup of high quality products and just like their other toys doesn’t fall short in terms of safety, quality and durability.

Classic ABC Blocks 

handmade in the USA and brought to you by none other than Uncle Goose, this set includes 28 basswood cubes, where each one is printed with lead free, non-toxic child safe inks. Adding to this each block features a number or math symbol, unique animal picture and four letters. Perfectly suited for children of ages 2 and older, the Classic ABC Blocks set is the perfect way to enhance your child’s learning and developmental skills.

Highlights of the Classic ABC Blocks Set

  • Set includes 28 cubes
  • Each pieces features symbols and embossed letters
  • Suited for children 2 years and older
  • Made in the USA

If you’re looking for a safe toy for your little one, wooden toy definitely top the list. The wooden toys in this list are some the best in the market and are crafted of high quality wood and designed to keep your child engaged for hours on end.

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