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One Stick at a Time – Popsicle Stick Crafts

Don’t think about the glue and the mess: think about the fun you can have with a bunch of popsicle sticks and a little bit of imagination! Children love to build with non-conventional materials, and popsicle sticks aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Make a trip to your local craft store or dollar store and load up on these super affordable crafting material and spend an afternoon building structures and towns!

  1. When you sit down to make your popsicle stick crafts, start with something you could actually use, or give away as a gift. How about a set of coasters? Everyone has and uses coasters! The kids can decorate the sticks in any way they see fit and building a set of anything is super fun! Use plain or colored popsicle sticks; crayons or pencil crayons work well to decorate the sticks. Use hot glue to fasten the sticks together: regular crafting glue doesn’t cut it sometimes.

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  1. Another fun popsicle stick project to tackle is a personalized storage box. Popsicle sticks stack so well and make it easy to create a square or octagon shape. Add a lid for good measure and then get to decorating. Washi tape is available at all craft stores and most dollar stores and this sticky decorative tape does a great job of decorating popsicle sticks. Wrap some of that fun little tape around your storage box and you’ll be good to go!

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  1. We love the idea of creating a basket out of popsicle sticks. You can use this nifty little project to store your markers or crayons and small toys. Build bigger baskets for bigger items. Don’t forget to build a study base on your basket – why not even try to add a handle to the basket! The possibilities are literally endless when you start to use fun materials to make a craft!

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  1. Write a story together and then create book covers for your stories! This is a great idea for scrapbookers and crafters of all kinds! You can glue the sticks together or secure them with crafters’ twine or ribbon. Add a title and you’ll have a beautiful keepsake for years to come. Don’t forget to make a back cover. Secure the front and back cover with ribbon or twine as well. Try making a series of stories and book covers!

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  1. Build a little dollhouse and then make some dolls to live in your house. This is a bit of a lengthy project but it can be completed faster if you take the time to glue all the walls together separately and then glue them together at the end. Don’t forget to add the railing to the patio! Use different color sticks for the roof and walls and make sure the roof lifts off so you can play inside with your popsicle stick dolls. Don’t like a dollhouse? Make a farmhouse with fenced areas for animals and a big red barn!

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  1. Every kid wants to be a superhero! Let their dreams come to life with these fun and fast popsicle stick crafts! Grab some craft paper and paint and let their imaginations soar! This is a quick and easy project for even the littlest hands and if you attach some string, you can hang your creations all over the house…if you’re not into that, why not designate some space in the kids’ rooms like a bulletin board or their door.

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  1. Take your popsicle stick crafting time to the next level by taking it to the bathtub! Make this cute little sailboat and you can play with it in the water. Use hot glue and let it dry completely. If you decorate it, let the decorations also dry completely before putting it in water. Add a little sail made of newspaper or crafting paper and you’re ready to set out on the seven seas! The light wood will float for sure – get crafty and then get cleaned up!

Photo Credit: www.detroitmommies.com

  1. Build an entire zoo of animals! Popsicle sticks lend themselves to well to almost anything you can think of, and there isn’t a shortage of animals either! Start with the letter “A” and work your way through the alphabet. Don’t feel like making 26 animals? Just stick with your favorites. We like cats, penguins and zebras! Add some googly eyes and some accessories and you’ll be ready to play with your animal cast in no time. Why not put on a puppet show with your animal clan? Maybe those superhero sticks you made earlier can help save the day too!

Photo Credit: www.craftymorning.com

  1. Make a flower garden. Build a container from your popsicle sticks, decorate it and then fill it with beautiful popsicle stick flowers! These flowers are super easy and you can use planters’ foam to fill the container so that your flower sticks won’t fall over. Don’t have foam? Fill the container you make with plastic bags and the stick flowers will also stay in place. Try making different kinds of flowers: daisies, sunflowers, mums. Kids will love coming up with their own colorful creative flowers too!

Photo Credit: www.siteaboutchildren.com

  1. What popsicle stick art list would be complete without mentioning seasonal crafts? We love these Christmas tree ornaments! They are so easy and look beautiful hanging on the tree. Try making decorations for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter and more!

Photo Credit: www.crafts-for-all-seasons.com

Try to come up with some of your own crafts to make our of popsicle sticks and have the kids try to come up with their own ideas too. Create a board game out of popsicle sticks and make up the rules! Do a scavenger hunt with clues written on the sticks, or make a toy for your cat! Remember to let the glue dry completely before you play with any of your creations and remember to always have fun with crafting!

One Stick at a Time – Popsicle Stick Crafts
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