Gifts For Girls Aged 3 to 5

They’re sugar and spice and everything nice, but girls like to get down and dirty from time to time too! The next generation of girly girls is anything but: today’s girls are well informed at a young age about their options in life and their playtime choices as well. Gone are the childhood years spent playing with dress up dolls and kitchen accessories! Enter the new pre-schooler  (aged 3 to 5) loves space adventures, sports and even has room in her life for the occasional play date. Here is a list of 10 awesome toys for c, but really, anyone would love these toys!

1. We love Magna-Tiles! These colorful blocks can be used to make amazing structures and designs! Little girls will love bringing their creations to life with these easy to use building tiles.

2. Anything Melissa & Doug is amazing and kids love playing with their wooden pieces, but this set is designed to get you thinking outside the box. Girls will feel challenged and inspired by the designs and layouts you can make!

3. Girls have a new role model – and she’s stolen the hearts of every Star Wars fan! We love Rey because she is a symbol of empowerment and well, let’s face it: she’s so cool! This is a great dress up costume from ToysRus.

4. What toy list would be completed without some Shopkins? These little toys are the Polly Pockets of this decade. Little toys for little hands makes for big fun and imagination! Girls and boys alike love these little figures but they are a must have for little girls!

5. The Zoomer Puppy is a robot friend that any girl would want. He’s cute and can follow commands. Voice activated and colorful, girls love this puppy because they can customize music and activities using its unique communication system

6. American Girls products are bright and fun and offer girls an opportunity to express themselves in a fun and unique way!

7. Coloring remains a favorite pastime of children everywhere: this little velvet craft set lets girls express their colorful side! It never gets old!

8. The classic game of Monopoly gets a facelift with this version of Frozen from Disney! Beloved characters meets a family friendly game: little girls will love this one.

9. Learning how things tinker and work is fun for girls! It helps their little minds grow and figure out the world. These fun playsets provide children with hours of intrigue and wonder! Adult help is needed on this one – but we think it’s worth it!

10. What little lady wouldn’t love to have her nails painted? This fun nail kit comes with a nail dryer and a variety of paint colors. She’ll look and feel like a princess in no time! Try mixing colors for new and fun designs and don’t forget to add some sparkles!

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Tom - April 1, 2017

I have always wanted to read an independent review of lots of kids toys to find out what is truly good for their mental stimulation and development.
This is much better than trying to understand all that advertising gumpf which is not helpful and just a waste of money.
Thanks ImagiPlay – that is better!

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