Easy Peasy Cheesy Halloween Costumes for Everyone!

It happens every year, without fail: Halloween sneaks up on you and you find yourself rushing around to find a costume or make a costume. No one likes to feel rushed and sometimes you’ll end up not even getting dressed up because it’s so much hassle! Halloween should never feel like a hassle and we want to help take the pressure off! Here is ten fun and easy – ridiculously easy – Halloween costumes you can make in minutes. There’s no excuse for not showing up to a party without a costume when these take minutes! These are fun ideas for both kids and adults. Adults love when kids are wearing clever costumes and party-goers will appreciate your creative attempts! Give it a try and you’ll have fun whether they turn out the way you intend or not! Happy Halloween!

  1. When it comes to easy Halloween costumes, a –t-shirt and a clever idea are all you need. Grab a white t-shirt and some iron on lettering and whamo! You’ve got yourself a ready-made Halloween costume! The best t-shirt costumes are the ones that are obvious with a little explanation: here, we see a t-shirt cheering for “ceiling”…she’s obviously a ceiling fan! So simple and clever.

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  1. A dust bunny costume is hilarious on so many levels! All you need is some cotton to stretch and an old sheet – want to look even dustier? Drag that sheet on the ground a little before wrapping it around yourself. Make some bunny ears, or buy them at the local dollar store, and you’ll be rocking the Halloween party in no time!

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  1. The makings of a great Halloween costume start with garbage. Er, we mean recycling! We love this “movie theatre floor” costume for two reasons: one, it is super easy to pull off and two, it really makes you think about the mess we leave behind! You get bonus points if your Halloween costume comes with a lesson to learn or message to send after all. Use a hot glue gun to place the candy wrappers on your t-shirt so that you won’t be leaving a trail behind you through the evening.

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  1. Clever costumes are one thing, but cheap costumes also make the grade! This “identify thief” costume is awesome because it’s easy to make and because it might cost you a dollar for some name tags; or you could make the name tags yourself and it would cost you nothing. Either way, use a variety of names and print them clearly so people can read. To take this costume one step further, add dates to the names and explain to people that the dates represent when you stole the identities. People love a good backstory!

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  1. Make an appearance at your next Halloween party as one of life’s most delicious and healthy foods: an egg! This costume might even be simpler to craft than the identify thief costume: white t-shirt plus yellow oval equals an egg. Genius. If you want to take it up a notch, adorn some horns and grab yourself a pitchfork – or make one! And you’ll be a deviled egg. If you paint some red and brown on some cardboard and cut it out in strips you can carry around “bacon” and be bacon and eggs!

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  1. As with many things in life, when it gives you lemons you should make a costume! This costume is amazing! It is funny and witty and really puts things into perspective on how a simple idea can really help to propel us forward in life! This personification of “life giving lemons” is cute and party-goers will catch on immediately! Just walk around holding a few lemons and you’ll get some laughs. To make it even more fun, carry a basket of lemons and give a bunch of lemons out to people: literally life giving lemons.

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  1. Grab a black outfit and strap on some “soda bottle tanks” and voila! You’ve got a scuba diver costume! These “tanks” are super easy to make: all you need is a couple of 2L bottles, paint them in bright colors and strap on some tubing. Add some straps and throw those tanks on your back. Some goggles and a snorkel complete the costume. This is great for kids because the bottles aren’t heavy and it’s not intrusive. Adults will love how cute this costume is and you’ll appreciate the low cost!

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  1. This easy Halloween costume can be made in a few minutes: you’ll need a pink umbrella and some bubble wrap. Simply cut your bubble wrap into long strips and secure the bubble wrap to the inside of the umbrella with hot glue. Once dry, your efforts transform into a jellyfish! You can also use an umbrella and some silver ribbon to make a rainstorm. You’ll have to carry the umbrella around but it’ll be worth it!

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  1. Take the fun with you wherever you go with these costumes from The Price is Right! These costumes are easy to whip together with some cardboard and paint or colored paper. You can hang your bids around your neck with string or tie them around your waste with Velcro.If you are travelling in pairs, make sure one of the bids is $1! Everyone loves this classic family game and it’ll be a conversation starter for sure.

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  1. This fun and colorful Halloween costume has been done and redone in so many ways but it never ceases to surprise and amaze! There are several versions of how to make this costume on the internet but we like the idea of keeping it simple. You can glue colorful pompoms to a t-shirt and make a sign for your pants or skirt – another fun and easy idea is to glue your “gumballs” to an apron and you can get the costume on and off easily and quickly.

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