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    Ride on Animals

    These ride-on animals will evoke the imagination of your children. They move forward just like a galloping horse! With wheels under each hoof and a bouncing motion, your kids will be riding off into the sunset in no time. Check it Out


      Five Things to Keep Little Ones Busy on Rainy Days

      Oh great. It’s raining. Again. You’re running out of ideas to keep your kids busy on another dark and dreary day. You’re starting to feel guilty for letting them play with your mobile phone for hours and video games are even starting to get boring. Here’s an awesome list of things you can do to […]


        Children’s Inflatable Sea-Doo

        If your kids are true water babies, they will love this. Let them roam the pool or other calm waters with the handle bar controlled inflatable jet ski. Allows the child to safely maneuver, making turns with ease. Ages 8 and up Check it Out


          The Five Best Toys for 3 Year Olds

          Three is a complex age in your child’s life, where they have more interests, thoughts and greater control of their body. Adding to this, they also have a longer attention span, and hence can focus more on creative toys so here are 5 best toys you can get for your budding 3 year old. Little Tikes […]


            Teach Your Child to Be Organized

            Have you seen those parenting cartoons by Brian Gordon? He tells some of the funniest parenting stories with his cartoon duck family. He touches on every subject and every thorn in a parent’s side, including the lack of organization that children are innately born with. It’s painful sometimes, we know. But the good news is […]


              A Lifesize Soccer Arena

              Imagine the fun you and your friends will have playing your favourite indoor game with this life-size inflatable foosball arena! Fabulous idea for parties, and with a goal post at each end this fully inflatable foosball arena is large enough to host a full-on 5-on-5 game.$3,995 Check it out