Best Toy Blocks for Kids

Although not as flashy as battery powered robots and video games, toy blocks and other constructive toys have the potential to encourage and enhance problem solving along with spatial skills, social and language skills, hand eye coordination and motor skills and enhance divergent thinking. Moreover, children can integrate their own constructive ideas into pretend play scenarios.

Toy blocks might seem old fashioned, but fact is that they are still a favorite among children owing to the fact they are challenging and fun especially for toddlers and preschoolers. We’ve rounded up the best toy blocks for kids, and ones that will not only serve as entertainment tools, but also offer your little one a plethora of benefits.

Melissa & Doug 100-Piece Wood Blocks Set

Topping the list and for good reasons, this 100 piece wooden block set is brought to you by one of the most esteemed names in the toy business – Melissa & Doug – a company that has garnered several awards ever since their inception. The 100 blocks included in this set are divided into four colors and nine shapes, which collectively will keep your little one engaged for hours on end in stacking and knocking down the colorful combinations.

The four colors of the blocks are blue, red, yellow and green, and the shapes included are half circles, cylinders, cubes, rectangular prisms, arches, and two different sizes of triangles and rectangular planks. With regards to sizes, the half circles measure roughly 1-1/2 inches long, while the tallest plank measures 3-1/2 inches long. Perfectly suited for kids of ages between 3 years and over, this wood block set is great for younger kids as well owing to the smaller size of the blocks.

Highlights of the Melissa & Doug Block Set

  • Great toy for hours of fun
  • High quality construction
  • Blocks are divided into 9 shapes and 4 colors
  • Great toy for introducing early match concepts
  • Exceptional quality and value

The only pitfall worth mentioning about this block set is that it comes packaged in a cardboard box rather than aesthetically pleasing containers of other Melissa & Doug toys. On a brighter note however, these blocks are extremely durable and showcase high quality construction so while the cardboard box may not last a lifetime, the blocks sure will offers years of playtime.

Melissa & Doug 60 Piece Block Set

The 60 piece block set by Melissa & Doug comes nicely packaged in a wooden crate for easy storage. The blocks boast an excellent natural finish and are ideal for hands on early math learning. Designed for kids of ages 3 and over, this 60 piece toy block set is perfect for home as well as daycare environments, and the blocks are of smaller sizes, making them comfortable and easy to grip on for little hands.

Wooden blocks have been around for years, and allow kids imaginations to run wild and this block set is no different, allowing kids to engage in imaginative play. The 60 wooden blocks are divided into several shapes and sizes including columns, arches, squares, cylinders, triangles and circles, as well as traditional half and double unit blocks. This is an excellent tool to teach organizational skills, math concepts, spatial relations and sequential skills.

Highlights of the Melissa & Doug 60 Piece Block Set

  • Arrives in a wooden crate for easy storage
  • All blocks boast high quality construction
  • Comfortable and easy grip
  • Blocks are divided into several shapes and sizes
  • Designed for kids of ages between 3 and 5 years

All the 60 blocks in this Melissa & Doug set are crafted of rubberwood, and are chunky and offer easy grips. Additionally, the surfaces of the blocks are smoothly sanded for a natural and superb finish. Parents can even purchase more toy blocks and add to this set to make gameplay even more engaging and fun.

100 Pieces Wooden Block Set with Carrying Case

Designed for kids of ages 3 years and over, this 100 pieces wooden block set is crafted of 100 percent real wood and is 100 percent BPA and lead free. This best selling block set is bound to keep your child engaged for hours on end, and is brought to you by one of the biggest names in the toy space. This 100 pieces wooden block set arrives with a natural colored container and carrying bag for easy storage and weighs just 4.4 lbs.

Highlights of the 100 Pieces Wooden Block Set

  • Comes with carrying case and container for easy storage
  • Ideal for kids of ages 3 years and over
  • Most blocks are roughly 2”-3”
  • 100 percent lead and BPA free
  • Crafted of 100 percent real wood

If you’re looking for a toy block set that is 100 percent safe, and will keep your little one engaged for hours on end, this 100 pieces wooden block set is worth exploring.

Tinksky Magnetic Building Blocks

This 30 piece set of magical, colorful and creative magnetic pieces includes 18 square and 12 triangles. With these pieces, children can create literally hundreds of 3D geometrical structures and 2D plane shapes resulting in hours of fun. Crafted of highly durable plastic, this magnetic building block set is lightweight at just 2.2 lbs and is a great fit for kids of ages 3 months and over.

Highlights of the Tinksky Magnetic Building Blocks

  • Made of high quality plastic
  • Perfect for kids of ages 3 and over
  • Comes with 30 pieces

This magnetic set is designed to takes your kids imagination and creativity to a whole new level and definitely worth the investment.

ECR4Kids Hardwood Building Blocks

This 64 piece hardwood block set is crafted of 100 percent robust rubber wood and is divided into 14 different shapes. All the blocks in this set are machine sanded for a smooth finish and feature rounded edges for added safety. The blocks in this set are extremely durable and the different shapes include triangle, half-circle, circle, arch and cylinder.

Highlights of the ECR4Kids Hardwood Building Blocks

  • Crafted of high quality rubber wood
  • Comes with wooden storage bin
  • Rounded edges and corners for top notch safety
  • Smooth finish
  • CPSIA approved

The package of this 100 piece toy block set includes a storage bin, which is constructed of the same quality wood as the blocks. This set is just as good for home as it is for daycare environments, and is a great choice for children between 36 months and 15 years.

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