Best Star Wars Lego Sets

Lego Star War sets are a great way to keep your child engaged for hours on end and perfectly suited for you if you’d like to master the force. They play a key role in developing construction skills and make excellent collector’s items as well. Without further ado, here are 5 must have star wars Lego sets.

Star Wars Clone Walker Battle Pack 

Released a couple years ago, the Clone Walker Battle Pack is part a second wave of the Clone Wars Line and comes with a Clone Commander, two Clone Troopers, a Clone Gunner, a small walker and commander gear. The walker is believed to be an All Terrain Riot Control Transport, where many of them were deployed at the beginning of the Clone Wars movie with a mission to fight the separatist forces.

Highlights of the Clone Walker Battle Pack

  • Contains 72 Lego pieces
  • Includes a Clone Gunner, two Clone Troopers and ARC gear
  • Build up your army with the 2 man vehicle and flick firing missiles

The Clone walker is a great addition to your current Lego collection, and its flick firing missiles will definitely keep you engaged in the field. The set is also good to have for sentimental reasons, making it a must have for Star Wars fans.

It is a great choice for both adults and kids, and helps take your creativity to a whole new level. The 72 included Lego pieces are easy to put together, making this Lego toy a great gift for young and old and everyone in between.

Millennium Falcon

The X-Wing Starfighter is the ultimate way to reach the stars and this Lego set boasts retractable wings that fold into attack mode, an opening cockpit and even retractable landing gear. The cockpit of the Lego X-Wing Starfighter is generously spaced to include a mini-figure and the BB-8 Astromech Droid. Adding to this, this Lego Star Wars game comes with extra missiles and ammunition, and a loader with a weapon rack.

Highlights of the Lego X-Wing Starfighter

  • Includes Jek Porkins, Luke Skywalker, 4 mini-figures, R2-D2 and R5-D8
  • Also includes extra wing marking
  • Ability to retract the wings to attack mode
  • Measures over 12” long for a real life Star Wars battle experience

Crafted of high quality, robust plastic, the Lego X-Wing Starfighter set comes with over 700 pieces so you can expect to be busy and engaged for a few hours or weeks. It is a great choice for children over the ages of 6 years and Star Wars buffs as well. So strap in and get ready to create your own scenes from the highly successful the Force Awakens with the Lego X-Wing Starfighter.

Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype Toy

The Lego TIE Advanced Prototype set gives you an unmatched opportunity to travel with the dunes and hunt down the rogue rebels. This top secret starship is outfitted with advanced technology such as retractable wings for flight and landing modes, an opening hatch and 2 spring loaded shooters. This Star Wars Lego set comes with 3 unique mini figures and all three have an Imperial bend to maintain focus.

Highlights of the TIE Advanced Prototype Toy

  • Suitable for ages 6 years and above
  • Comes with 3 mini-figures and an assortment of weapons including 2 blaster pistols
  • Retractable wings
  • Roughly 10 inches wide and 8 inches tall when fully constructed
  • Great collector’s item
  • 355 Lego pieces

This Lego Star Wars set allows you to build your very own ship and although it may sport a familiar design, this Inquisitor’s starship is much more. Furthermore, the TIE Advanced Lego toy foldable wings, allowing you to easily switch between flight and landing modes. This Lego set is versatile, meaning you can combine it with other figures and vehicles from the Star Wars Galaxy, and enact or recreate new adventures.

Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport

This armored battle pack allows you to track down the rebels on planet Lothal. Adding to this, you can even equip your shooters with stud shooters, load and deploy them.

Highlights of the Imperial Troop Transport Set

  • Comes with 4 mini figures
  • 141 pieces in total
  • Great addition to your existing Lego collection
  • Features in the Rebel animated series

The Lego Star Wars Troop Transport set is a great way to introduce your kids to a galaxy far away and comes with 141 pieces to keep them busy. The set comes with 4 Stormtrooper mini figures and a large arsenal of weapons, and all you need to do is prepare your troops and send them out to uncharted battlefields.

There are several other Lego Star Wars toys, but the ones mentioned above are both exciting to play with and make great collector’s items.

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