Best Lego Tables – 10 Great Ideas

If you’ve got Lego in your life you’ve probably struggled with when and where to set up your child’s creations. The kitchen table? No, you’ll just have to clear it off later to make dinner. The coffee table? No, it’s not big enough. Your desk?

No, that won’t work either.

The obvious answer is to create storage dedicated to your Lego crafting time. A Lego launch pad is the perfect place! Here are some ideas on how to create your own Lego building table! And we threw in a few ideas that aren’t quite tables just for good measure.

Try one or a few of these ideas to help bring your creative family building ideas to life!

This little number is easy to make with two clear storage bins and a long piece of plywood

You can glue large flat pieces of Lego bases to the plywood to make your building surface and color coordinate your storage drawers for easy access. Add a little stool and you’re all set. This can also be disassembled if you need to hide it away when company comes over. Add more storage containers and a larger piece of plywood for an even bigger table!

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If you’re a little on the handy side, you can craft this great building center in about a day

Storage shelves and bins surround a customer height table for little fingers and fun décor adds to the excitement of building creations. Building is always more fun with a partner. You can hang instruction booklets on the back wall or use the space to showcase snapshots of your creations!

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If you are short on time and resources, convert an old piece of furniture into a Lego table

This is a great idea for a rec room or den and family room. Make it the “games” table in general and you’ll spend lots of time surrounding your Lego table. If you don’t want to glue base pieces to the furniture, keep a separate storage bin handy so you can access them easily. The more planning you put into your Lego table the more you will get to enjoy it.

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The best way to enjoy Lego is when it’s at your fingertips

Cut holes in your table and drop colorful bins into the holes. Measure first! The shallow nature of the table makes it easy to reach the bins and your child can build until their hearts are content! This is the perfect project for up-cycling an old office desk or table.

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Don’t be tied to one spot with your Lego table

Try a mobile table tray so you can bring your Lego projects wherever you go! Any tray table will do, but the ones made specifically for eating breakfast in bed are the best. You can opt to leave the legs on or remove them. We suggest leaving them on: they hide well within the bottom of the tray table. Glue some base pieces on and you’re ready to go! Give it a makeover with some bright paint and stickers to make it your own.

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Short of space?

If your home is short on space and you need to hide the toys and Lego blocks because you share your small space with little people, try a hide-away-table. This is easy enough to build, and you could even convert under-the-bed rollaway storage containers into a Lego bin too. The whole point of a Lego table is that it is always ready when you are: this is a great solution for small spaces and creative people!

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Think outside the table with this fun playmat.

It’s making waves online and it’s the perfect solution for quick clean ups when you don’t have space or time! Kids love pulling the strings to help clean up! You can get a pattern to make one of these yourself or you can order one on Etsy! They come in all kinds of colors and sizes too. These are easy to put away and the drawstring makes it easy to hang on the inside of the closet.

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This incredible Lego table isn’t for the faint of heart!

Four coffee tables corner to corner and a large piece of plywood can give you this amazing table! Tons of storage helps you bring your dreams to life- or life-size! This table is amazing!

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Pick a wall and commit!

Line a wall with these great benches and turn them into a Lego table. Got two kids? Place one for each kid – they’ll love it. Paint them fun colors if you want to add even more flair to your child’s room. Encourage the kids to build a little town and play make believe!

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Don’t have space for a dedicated table?

Don’t give it another thought? Take it vertical! Glue Lego pieces to the wall, here or there and everywhere. This is such a fun idea: kids will love building out from the walls and it’ll keep the mess off the floors and you’ll always know where to look for your building pieces. You can create patterns on the wall with base pieces and add more as you go.

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The important part of building a Lego table or space for you to bring your dreams to life is that you encourage the creative in your children and yourself! Start small and build out your creative space as you build your Lego collection.

Don’t get caught up in the details of what it looks like or how you store your Lego: enjoy the time being creative and the rest will fall into place. Upcycling or recycling an old piece of furniture is quick and easy and can be a great family project – think outside the table and you’ll enjoy hours of fun building adventures for years to come. Happy building!

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