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How to keep your baby safe

There have recently been significant changes to the consumer rules and regulations concerning baby safety and crib safety. So how do you know if a baby crib is safe to use? How do you know what accessories are safe to use inside the baby crib? If you have an old baby crib or antique baby crib, how do you know if it is safe to use?

Nothing is more important than to keep our babies safe. This means we want to choose the best baby bassinet, baby crib, toddler bed, or convertible crib on the market. We also need to consider how to choose the best crib mattress, and best baby bedding materials. There are also a bewildering range of baby accessories on the market. But how do you choose the best baby crib, and how do you know if it is safe?

Parental Guide – Baby crib safety

So here at ImagiPlay, we thought it was important under our parent guides to help you keep your baby safe. We have done the hard work and reviewed the guidelines so that you don’t have to worry about crib safety and baby safety. We have provided a list of the types of common accessories that you can buy for your new baby, and how to use them safely. We also recommend that you buy the best baby monitor to help keep your baby safe.

The best baby monitor is an excellent device

However, even the best baby monitor cannot protect your baby if the baby crib safety is not appropriate. To help you choose the safest baby cribs and accessories, we have made up a parental guide to help with all aspects of crib safety. We have reviewed a range of baby crib accessories and assessed the baby safety and crib safety of each of these products.

What are the crib safety regulations?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (or CPSC for short) is the consumer protection arm of the US government. The CPSC is responsible for setting the standards for the safety of consumer products. The subject of baby crib safety has recently seen the introduction of new guidelines being established. Be careful if you are thinking of using a baby crib that is more than a few years old. An old baby crib will probably not be adequate to meet the new crib safety guidelines.

Keep up to date with the Latest Crib Safety Regulations

Here at ImagiPlay, we can help to keep you up to date with the latest crib safety regulations. It is always important to think about some of the options that you may have available to stay within the guidelines. So we consider all of the available options, in order to offer you the best information on which to make your decision about which baby crib to buy.


Is your Baby Crib safe to use?

Baby crib safety Convertible Crib

1. Crib safety regulations

The most important information is about the safety regulations that all baby cribs must comply with. Here are some baby crib safety guidelines:

  • Drop side cribs are not approved for manufacture or sale in the USA. If you still have a drop side baby crib, we strongly recommend that you consider upgrading or modifying. You can easily immobilize it so that the side cannot move. You can try calling the manufacturer for a modification kit to make the sides fixed, so that it meets with the regulations.
  • The spacing between the slats or bars of the baby crib should be no more than 60 mm, to prevent your baby from getting stuck between the bars.
  • You should make sure that there is no loose or chipped paint, so that your baby cannot swallow anything dangerous.
  • You should make sure that there is nothing loose that could fall into the baby crib, as babies tend to pull on anything that they can reach.
  • Also be aware that the paint needs to be safe for babies, in case they start to suck the side of the crib.
  • If the crib is more than 10 years old, then we highly recommend that you should replace it, and buy a baby crib that meets the safety standards.
  • Because government standards constantly change to provide stricter regulations, we recommend that you check the manufacturers’ information to check that the crib complies with the safety standards.


2. Different Types of Baby Crib – are they safe?

There are many different types of baby crib on the market, such as baby bassinet, bed side crib, portable crib, convertible crib, or a crib with drop down sides. You should be aware of crib safety, but you also like to know what is the best baby crib to use.

Baby bassinet:

When your baby is very small, the best way to keep your baby close is with a baby bassinet. This is generally a small, cosy baby bed that can easily be moved around the house. A baby bassinet is good for very small babies who sleep a lot during the day, and you can always be close to your sleeping baby.

Baby crib:

When you baby grows big enough to sleep in their own room, then you can transition them out of the baby bassinet, and into the baby crib. A baby crib is generally larger than a bassinet, and keeps a baby safe from falling out of bed.

Convertible crib:

At, we love the idea of the best convertible cribs, which can be a 4-in-1 combination baby bed. The best part about the best convertible crib is that you can transition the configuration of the convertible crib as your baby grows, and keep the same crib. All you need to do is change some of the frame and transition it to a toddler bed. The best convertible cribs are fully compliant with the safety standards concerning baby crib safety.

Portable crib

We also love the idea of a portable cribs for children. These are versatile contraptions that can double as a sleeping bed for toddles, as well as a play pen. You can easily move them anywhere around the house. Or if you’re planning on taking a trip away from home, a portable crib is easy to travel with and simple to set up as a baby bed.

Toddler bed

The best toddler bed is the next transition when your baby has grown old enough to sleep in a toddler bed. The best toddler bed should have high sides to prevent the risk of your young child rolling out of the bed. The best toddler bed is something to look for around the 2 year old stage.

Children’s beds

This is where the fun begins for kids as well as parents! There is a wide variety of children’s beds to choose from. And there are many different styles, from loft beds, bunk beds, trundle beds, as well as all types of adventure beds, or character beds to help your child get transition into a big kids bed.


3. Crib safety – how to choose a Safe Crib Mattress

The good thing about buying a modern Baby Crib is that part of the safety guidelines is to comply with the predetermined interior dimensions. This means you can simply choose a standard sized crib mattress to suit. It is easy to choose a safe crib mattress because all baby crib mattresses must conform with the crib safety standards.

The crib safety standards require that there must not be a gap between the edge of the mattress and the side of the baby crib. The reason is to stop the baby rolling over the side of the mattress and getting stuck. The crib safety standards also require that the crib mattress is firm to prevent the risk of suffocation.


4. Baby Crib Mattress Bedding and Sheets: Fitted Or Loose?

Crib safety is always important and this includes choosing the correct bedding and sheets for your baby crib. Many people choose attractive colors, but we need to be aware that the important thing is to choose a fitted sheet. That is because a fitted sheet cannot become accidentally tangled, and we always need to consider crib safety.

Even better, choose baby sheets that go all the way around the mattress. This will stop the sheet from slipping off and tangling the baby. We highly recommended that you do not use loose sheets because of the risk to crib safety and the potential risk of suffocation.


5. Crib Toys For the Crib

We need to discuss the controversial topic of placing toys in the baby crib. Many people think it is cute to place a cuddly toy, a rattle, or a dummy into the baby crib in case baby wakes up. It is important to understand that there may be risk associated with any object placed inside the baby crib.

Better to choose crib toys that hang above and outside of the baby crib, so that they cannot fall into the baby crib. Toy mobiles are the best way to give baby some entertainment, but not at the risk of crib safety.


6. Best Baby Monitor for crib Safety

The best baby monitor is one of the most important devices in terms of crib safety. The latest technology baby monitors provide you with a safe and simple way to check in on your baby at all times of the day and night. You can use a baby monitor to watch your baby either playing or sleeping.

How to Choose the best baby monitor?

  • There are audio monitors to listen to your baby, and hear them cry out for you
  • There is the best video baby monitor so that you check in on your baby when they are asleep or awake
  • There are movement monitors that let you know if your baby is restless, or peaceful
  • There are combination baby monitors that look after everything including day or night, baby tracking, temperature monitor, and more
  • There are baby monitors that connect to the home WiFi system
  • There are baby monitors that use wireless connection to your mobile phone.

The greatest thing about the best baby monitor is that you can use some of the most modern technology to look after your baby. The best baby monitor is very affordable, so let us help you to choose the best baby monitor for crib safety!



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