50 Adventures for Your Child Before They Turn 10

Ahhh childhood. That magical time when life is racing by you faster than the speed of light and you don’t even realize there is an entire world out there to see and experience!

As a parent, you want to give your child everything and more. Maybe your wishes for your children involve giving them experiences you never had, or maybe it is recreating ones you loved in your own childhood. Whatever the case may be, making a list of things you want to accomplish and experience with your growing child is a great way to get the job done.

Here are 50 adventures that you can provide for your child before they turn 10 years old. And then you can make another list for the next 10 years of their lives! Try framing it and checking in on it once a year to see what you have accomplished together. Or keep a list on the refrigerator so you can see it and be reminded, everyday in fact, that you have these goals for your children.

If your children are older when you start making a list of adventures for them, get them involved and ask them what they’d like to do. You’ll be surprised by what kids of all ages have to wish for and dream about doing. It’s a great family activity and something the family can work toward together.

Here we go!

Camp out in the backyard. Classic. So easy. You don’t even need a tent. Camping under the stars is just as fun. Roast marshmallows, sing songs, catch fireflies. It’s classic because you can’t have a bad time camping. Kids love making memories in their own backyard.

Visit a national park, in as many states as you can muster in the car. Hop in, set the GPS and go! National parks offer so much variety, including skiing, swimming, camping, hiking, and fishing.Olympic NAtional Park

Take your child on an airplane. There is nothing quite like the feeling of flight. Even a short haul flight is worth the effort to plant this memory in your child’s brain.

Spend the day at a waterpark. A real waterpark. It’s cheap and they are everywhere. Pack a lunch to save on cash – plus the picnic is part of the adventure! Kids love running around like maniacs at their own discretion and waterparks are kid friendly.

Volunteer at an animal shelter. Children love animals and you will love seeing them grow and learn while helping animals in need.

Take your kid to work day. Children love seeing what their parents do every day when they leave the house. Even if you can spare half a day, it’s worth it to let your child see how you spend your time. It also helps them to understand your work.

Go museum hopping. If you live in a city with lots of museums, spend a weekend visiting several. Over lunch talk about what you saw and learned. Kids love the gift shop too!

Take your children to an outdoor concert. Sitting on a grassy hill listening to real live music is amazing and can influence your children for their entire lives!

kids theatre

See a play or ballet show. Theatre is still going strong and kids love live action adventures!

Send them away to a summer camp. It’s a right of passage. If there’s no camp or if money is an issue, send them to grandma’s house for a week. You get a break and they get to make memories with their grandparents!

Hike a hill and spend the evening star gazing. Name a star while you are at it. Funny names are the easiest to remember!

Let your child make your breakfast. A full breakfast.

Try geocaching. This incredible technological scavenger hunt spans miles and miles and is enjoyable for all ages! Imagine your child’s surprise when you happen upon a treasure in the middle of the woods!

Ride your bikes in the rain!


Hang out at the roller skate park. Teach your child to roller skate and show them how you used to cut up the rink when you were young!SkatePArk

Build a time capsule and bury it in the backyard. Dig it when they turn 10! Bury another one after that!

Make a quilt together.

Go kayaking on a lake. There’s nothing like the calm tranquility of a lake on an early Sunday morning.

Did someone say roadtrip?

Complete a giant puzzle.

Ride a roller-coaster. When they are between 7 and 10 years old, children are usually the right height for grownup roller-coaster.

See the circus. Animal performers are amazing! Your children will remember this one for sure!

Build a bonfire at the beach. Roast wieners and tell stories about when you were a kid.

Volunteer at a marathon event: your children can hand out water to runners and give out numbers at tables.

Go whale watching. Aquariums are great and all, but seeing whales in their natural habitat can’t be beat!

Go on a shopping spree. Whatever you can spare. Give your kids an envelope with money and let them go wild!

Pull them out of school some afternoon and take them to lunch.

Portrait of happy family with two children sitting on sofa and watching TV

Have a movie marathon night. Watch as many as you can, eat as much popcorn as you can and stay up as late as you can!

Build a treehouse.

Let them paint their room whatever color they want.

Eat ice cream for breakfast!

Let them go to the movies by themselves. Send them in a large group for safety, but kids love feeling like adults and doing adult things.

Go fishing. Cook what you catch or release it back into the water: either way, fishing is a childhood memory they are sure to cherish!

Get a dog. Kids need companions that aren’t humans. If you can’t swing a dog, get a cat. Cats just do their own thing all day anyway, but the memory of owning a pet is priceless.

Make a home video. Grab your phone or video camera and record a day in the life of your family.

Let your kids bake by themselves. Whatever they want.

Visit the fire department and get to know the local firemen. The trucks are pretty cool too!


Enter a contest as a family: sandcastle building, eating, something that you can do together.

Mini-golfing. Nuff said.

Attend a sporting event. Whether it’s pro or a bunch of children playing soccer at the local school, there’s nothing like the roar of the crowd to make you happy!

Pick some fresh fruit and make a pie. Running through orchards is sure to be fun and would tire even the most hyper child!

Visit a famous landmark in your area or plan to stop on a roadtrip.

Start a postcard collection. When someone you know goes somewhere, ask them to mail your children postcards.

Go all the way to the top of a Ferris wheel…if you dare!

Ride a train.

Take a bus tour of your local area. Playing a local tourist is a great way to spend a day!

Watch The Goonies. It’s a coming of age classic.

Wade in a river with your pants rolled up.

Spend a day at a farm. Pet the animals, eat some homemade bread. Amazing!

Read the entire Harry Potter series in one summer!

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