5 Great Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the adults in the family! Make the day about everyone in your family by including the kids in some fun activities about love and kindness. Here is a quick list of things you can do to get the whole family excited about Valentine’s Day – of course, the chocolate helps! We’ve got crafts, scavenger hunts, random acts of kindness, breakfast in bed and chocolate for dessert!

Stage a heart hunt

Cut out some colorful hearts and hide them around the house. Have the kids go on a scavenger hunt to find them. Mark a few hearts with fun sayings or numbers that correspond to a prize. Kids will think it is fun to run around the house and find hearts – especially if there might be a prize at the end! Use different colors for different kids to ensure everyone gets the same amount of hearts and prizes. Ask your kids to make you a scavenger hunt when they are done searching for your hearts – it keeps the fun going and they’ll be excited to see you searching for their hearts they hid for you!


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Make your kids breakfast in bed

Heart shaped pancakes anyone? Breakfast in bed is typically reserved for moms and dads but children will love being woken up by the breakfast bell and delicious heart shaped pancakes! Throw in some chocolate chips to make them extra special! It’s a great day to have a treat for breakfast!


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Random act of kindness

Make Valentine’s Day about those who are less fortunate and visit some seniors who don’t have family or bring flowers to the people working at the grocery store. Do something kind with your children so they realize that it makes you feel good to help others or do nice things for others. It is about giving, but in return you get to feel good about it.


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Play Cupid says

His is basically Simon says but a Valentine-themed version. Try things such as “Cupid says run on the spot, jump up and down, roll over, find the candy!” Kids needs to blow off steam and running around is a great way to do that. You can even do it at dinner time, “Cupid says eat your vegetables!” The kids might not appreciate the vegetables, but the game will be fun just the same!


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Take the kids out for dinner

Valentine’s Day is about the people you love and while it’s great to be alone with your sweetie, sometimes it’s nice to include the kids for events like this. Make sure they know they are invited and get dressed up and enjoy a great meal out as a family. Go big or go home: get a starter and don’t forget some delicious dessert! Chocolate of course!

Romantic chocolate dessert with valentine cake theme

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