10 Fun Toys for Pre-School Boys

They’re rough and tough and soft and sweet. Little boys are just the cutest things in the world when they are playing with their toys and being creative! Their little minds are growing and changing and they are becoming little men with every day that passes. We picked out some of the best toys for little boys coming into their own, getting ready for school, and being themselves

Kid Galaxy RC Bump ‘n Chuck Bumper Cars.

Boys love anything that is battery powered and can move on its own, but these bumper cars are meant to be smashed and can take a beating for hours of fun. They come in a set of two so your little guy can play with someone and race around any flat surface creating his own Daytona 500!

Theo Klein Service Car Station.

Always tinkering and figuring out how things work, little boys love to pretend to build and fix things. This front end car toy brings engine play to life and is really sturdy for imaginative play.

DC Comics Boys Action Trio Superhero Costume Set.

Don’t underestimate the power of dress up – there are literally thousands  of costume ideas that can lend to play time for boys and girls, alike. Boys can be whoever and whatever they want through dressup

LEGO Creative Tower Building Kit XXL 1600 Pieces 10664.

If you are ever unsure of what toys boys like, the answer is building blocks. Any kid.Any size. Boys love to build giant towers and create worlds of their own using building blocks!

Hasbro Pie Face Game.

Board games are a great idea for boys: they are imaginative, fun and they get really excited when they win! This game is all about the fun of losing though: you get a cream pie in the face when the timer runs down!

Shopkins Season 4 Mega Pack.

Toys are becoming more gender fluid these days and Shopkins are a great example of a toy that both boys and girls are living! Parents are encouraging their children to not be defined by labels and raising their kids to try anything they are interested in. Shopkins are great for everyone, but you’ll find more and more boys playing with these little characters!

Disney Mickey Mouse Plush Toy — 17”

Every little boy has his favorite stuffed animal. We love Disney stuffed animals for their quality and timeless appeal.

Everest Toys Flexi-Forts Set

Boys love their space: especially when it comes in the form of a cool fort! Crazy Forts allow kids to craft their own hide-a-way in a few minutes.

Play-Doh Fun Factory.

Playdoh has been a family favorite for what seems like a lifetime! When a little boy discovers Playdoh for the first time, it’s magical! “Look mom, it sticks together!”

Lamaze Yo Ho Horace Bathtime Story Set

Don’t forget about bath time! There’s so much fun to be had in the water! A good set of tub toys can last a while and every little boy will love bathtime even more than they did before. We like this pirate set: it’s super fun!



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