Turn Your Backyard into a Playground With These Cool Playhouse Ideas

One of the best parts about being a kid is that you are free to use your imagination and build whatever comes to your mind. Parents try hard to keep their kids moving and shaking and there’s a lot of opportunity right in your own backyard to keep the kiddies busy. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of constructing some sort of fort or treehouse – with or without the trees! – and then “living” in it for a while…usually we spent more time building our cabins-in-the-yard than we did actually playing in them, but the building was definitely the best part. Here is a wicked list of outdoor playhouses and forts you can put together quickly for your toddler or teen, so you can enjoy more time in the backyard!

  1. This little number is easy enough: you just need some large pieces of cardboard and a little imagination! Look past the post office theme and imagine what you can do with it! Let the kids paint it or color with markers and don’t forget to post your names by the door. Some strong packing tape or duct tape will do the trick for putting this fun playhouse together. Use a utility knife to cut the holes for windows and the door!

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  1. This tent like playhouse can be made from a large sheet or tablecloth and some old window frames or 1” x 2” stripping. You can also use tubing. Make a tent for hours of fun in the backyard or living room. Add some comfortable blankets and pillows and it can quickly become a little reading nook or hideaway for the little ones. Use outdoor fabric or vinyl tablecloths if you plan to leave it outside!

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  1. Don’t invest in new materials to make the most of your backyard time: repurpose something you probably already have! A shed! This is a trend that is quickly picking up steam. Who wouldn’t want to play in a space like this one? A little paint – which you probably have lying around – and some accessories and you can turn that dingy barn or shed into a fun house for kids!

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  1. This striking playhouse is super fun! You’ll need to be a bit handy to pull this one off but we think you can do it for sure! The angle of the playhouse makes it extra cozy and the two levels is fun for more than one child. The moving roof makes it easy to clean up for the night. We think if you added some curtains or tent fabric to the sides of this playhouse, you could easily have a fun campout without the bugs getting into your sleeping bag!

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  1. Four sturdy polls and some canvas fabric is all you need to make this amazing teepee tent. A little time at the sewing machine and you can create this fun hideaway for your kids in no time. Don’t feel like sewing? Use double sided fabric tape to adhere the fabric to the polls. Don’t worry too much about what it looks like: the point is to have fun building it with your kids!

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  1. If you’ve short on backyard space but you’ve got a garage or large shed, think about building a loft space for your children to play while you work in the garage: dads will love this one! Build a sturdy floor and attach a ladder and let the kids decorate the space. Add a railing for safety and away you go! This is an inventive way for the family to spend more time with each other.

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  1. There are a lot of companies that sell kits to build your own playhouse: they are usually pretty elaborate, like the one you see here. They typically sell for between $700 and $1300 USD and require a lot of time to put together. They are truly beautiful, however, and if you care about how your backyard will look with a playhouse in it, you may want to opt for one that is beautifully designed and professionally built.

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  1. This playhouse is a simple design using readily available building materials. The simple shape makes it easy to build in a day and you can always add more to it later if you like. We like this because it’s like a treehouse, without all the fuss of a treehouse. We also like the idea of combining this play platform and a store-bought tent for a quick get-away in the summer heat! You can even build a ground level play space under the platform. This is really multi-function!

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  1. You might have to do some scavenging to find enough tree branches to make this little hut, but it would be totally worth it! Look how cute this is! You’ll need a few friends to help hold the branches while you secure them together, but once you get going, you’ll see this fun playhouse will take no time at all. You can continue to lay thick brush or branches over the first layer to make it water-resistant or line the inside with some outdoor fabric. Either way, it’s a fun project to take on as a family!

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Don’t shy away from the idea of building a fun playhouse in your backyard. Don’t over think it and don’t get too complicated with your design if you are finding the project overwhelming. Pick a design you build on later and try to use as many repurposes or recycled materials as possible so that you don’t spend a lot of money on something that will live outside. Get the kids involved as much as possible with your playhouse project so they can see it coming together and they’ll be encouraged to keep it in good shape and want to be outside more often! Take your time and you’ll enjoy your new playhouse for years to come!

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