Fun Truth or Dare Questions For Kids


Truth or Dare is one of the oldest and most popular games in the entire world, and it is enjoyed by children and adults of all ages, pretty much everywhere on the planet. The great thing about truth or dare, is the fact that it can be adapted for pretty much all demographics, and for virtually all scenarios.

If you’re a parent, or perhaps a children’s party organizer, if you’re looking for fun, exciting, and very simple party games, make sure you start with truth or dare. If you’re thinking of throwing a kid’s party and wish to include truth or dare in the mix, you may be stuck for ideas of questions and dares.

In this article, we’ll be providing you with a series of helpful examples of kid’s truth or dare questions, and dares, based upon the age group of the children in your party. Here are some popular dares and questions for you to consider.

Dares for children aged 5 – 8

First up, we’ll begin by looking at a few examples of dares you could implement for children aged five to eight.

  • Spin around ten times and touch your nose – This dare is very simple for the children to perform, but it is very funny watching them try to touch their noses and stay on their feet. Ideally you should make sure this dare is performed outdoors on grass, or in an open space, as the child could very well fall over.
  • Balance an egg on a spoon for 10 seconds – This dare is also a great deal of fun, and it is much harder than you may think. Perhaps as a forfeit for failing to balance the egg for 10 seconds, the child may get the egg gently broken over their head.
  • Make monkey noises for 30 seconds – Again, pretty self-explanatory, the child receiving the dare will simply need to make monkey noises for the next 30 seconds.
  • Try not to laugh for the next minute – For the next 60 seconds, have the other kids try to make the child laugh. Their objective is to simply keep a straight face and to not burst out laughing.
  • Perform 10 push ups – This dare is great because not only is it fun, it is also a great form of exercise, so it will help get the child fitter and stronger, plus it will teach them how to perform the exercise in the near future.

Dares for kids aged 8 – 12

These next set of dares are slightly more exciting, as they are aged for kids aged eight to twelve, who do not require quite as much adult supervision and safety screening.

  • Eat a spoon of mustard – Before this dare is performed, you will need to ensure that the child doing the dare is not allergic to any ingredients in the mustard, so their parents/guardians will need to have provided this info beforehand. Again, self explanatory, the child will be dared to eat a spoon of mustard. Make sure you do NOT use English mustard however, which is incredibly hot.
  • Smell your own sock for 10 seconds – This is pretty gross, but it will have the other kids in hysterics. No other explanation will be required.
  • Eat as many crackers as you can in one minute – Again, with any eating dares, be wary of potential allergies and choking hazards. Ideally you should have a trained first-aider present just to be safe. The dare in this instance, will be for the child to eat as many crackers in one minute as they possibly can.
  • Recite the alphabet backwards in one minute – This is actually a very difficult dare, especially as they will have a time limit against them. Have the child recite the entire alphabet backwards with no mistakes. If they make a mistake, they fail.
  • Eat a ketchup sandwich – Providing they’re safe to consume the ingredients, have the child consume a tomato ketchup sandwich. Make sure you’re generous with the ketchup.
  • Run on the spot for one minute – This dare is another dare that is very beneficial, as it is fun, but again, it also serves as a great form of physical exercise as well.
  • Eat a banana with ketchup and mustard – As disgusting as this dare sounds, it is still a whole heap of fun, and it will certainly have the other children in fits of hysterics. Place the ketchup and mustard on the banana just as you would do with a hot dog.
  • Let your friend put makeup on you and keep it on for the rest of the day – This is another dare that is a whole heap of fun, and is very simple. The child that receives the dare will basically put their friend in charge of putting makeup on them. How much makeup, and in what style and design, will depend solely on the child’s friend.
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I love playing Truth or Dare with my Kids!

Truth Or Dare - May 2, 2018

This is a great fun game for kids – Fun Truth or Dare Questions For Kids

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