Top 10 Christmas Movies To Watch and Learn With Your Kids

Christmas is the perfect time to remind ourselves and our families about values. We call it “Christmas Spirit- or at least we do in the movies, and among all the different Christmas traditions, trying to be a better person and spending time together as a family, are probably the most followed traditions throughout the world.

One of the many traditions is watching Christmas movies with the kids. Usually this time of year, the networks are overflowing with Christmas-themed movies and our favourite series are having Christmas specials.

The titles usually tell us that what we are about to watch is Christmassy, but it’s coming more apparent that they aren’t showcasing the values we so desperately need to be reminded of this time of year.

So many children today are being taught to say “Thank You” when they receive a gift, but do they actually know what it means to be thankful?

How do we teach our children to show and understand gratitude?

With this in mind, I have compiled a short list of ten Christmas movies that are not only child friendly, but will instil the same values Christmas movies use to instill in ourselves.

One Magic Christmas

Another Christmas movie done beautifully by Walt Disney. This film is about a mother who has a modest job as a grocery store clerk, a father in unemployment and a young girl with a terrible attitude. She meets an angel who helps her realize everything she has to be thankful for.

Barbie In The Nut Cracker

Barbie has released several Christmas themed movies, full of beautiful classical music and adventure. In this version of The Nutcracker Barbie shows that anything is possible with kindness, courage, friendship and trust. An enjoyable twist on an old favourite for children of all ages and parents alike.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

We all love the Peanut comics. In this 1965 classic, Charlie Brown realizes how commercialised Christmas has become and decides to do the Christmas play. He needs to find the perfect Christmas tree, but instead he finds a short spindly Christmas tree that helps the peanuts realize the true meaning of Christmas.

The Small one

In this short film, a young boy has to sell the family donkey, Small One, for extra money in this wonderful Walt Disney movie. They go on a journey, following a star to find faith, adventure and friendship. The movie is based on the Birth of Christ and has, therefore, beautiful Christian morals and values.

How the Grinch stole Christmas

When the sneaky Grinch sneaks down from his Mountaintop to steal every holiday related object in town and ruin Christmas for the citizens of Whoville he is met by a young who, who might just show him what Christmas cheer is. A wonderful movie to watch with the kids.

Miracle on 34th street

A young toy store owner finds her Santa Clause drunk, with the help of a strange man. This man then ends up playing Santa Clause perfectly, only because he believes he is the real Santa Clause. This movie is full of romance, adventure, turmoil and Christmas spirit.
Do yourself a favour and watch this charming black and white 1947 classic.

The Muppets Christmas Carol

We all know and love the story, and Christmas probably won’t be complete without some version of this classic tale. In the 1992 Muppets movie, they tell the story of the old scrooge who finds redemption and the true meaning of Christmas in their wonderfully unique and musical way.

The Polar Express

All aboard the Polar Express for a journey far beyond your imagination.
Based on the beloved book by Chris Van Allsburg, a young boy sets off on a magical train ride to the North Pole. He finds friendship, courage and the spirit of Christmas. This is a wonderful adventure.

Red Big Fire Truck

This movie is about an orphan, taken to a half way house over Christmas. All he wants for Christmas is a red big fire truck from the store, instead he learns of a miracle from a white sycamore tree, faith, friends and family

Little Women

Four young girls grow up with their mother while their father is away at war. It is a beautiful story about love, family and finding your rightful place in this world. It is probably better suited for children about eight or older, as it is quite emotional and may have younger children struggling to concentrate and understand.

When looking for wholesome movies to watch with your kids, it has become absolutely necessary to look for them in the past. I sincerely hope that this trait will not go on, because there really isn’t anything quite like a good Christmas movie.

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