The Top 10 Most Beautiful Father–Daughter Movies Of All Time

Father-daughter relationships are just as unique as the individuals in it, and the kind of movies that are appreciated by these individuals are determined by the people themselves. In this day and age it is important to be and show our daughters proper role models, I have compiled a list of movies that show the love between fathers and daughters, as well as a few people and animals to look up to and aspire to become.

Lion King 2

All ages

In the first movie of The Lion King series we meet Simba as a young lion cub, as well as Nala, Simba’s soon to be mate, along with his father Mufasa and uncle, Scar. In the second Lion King, we are beautifully introduced to Simba and Nala’s daughter, Kiara. The strong-willed and independent young lioness disobeys her father and leaves the Pridelands where she meets a male cub from the Outlands. Simba is a protective, supportive and loving father who learns to deal with his issues as well as grant his daughter her independence.

Finding Nemo

All ages

Although the animation is about a young male clown fish that gets lost, the message is still clear and beautiful. A father will do anything for his children, even if it means traveling to the ends of the world to protect them. In this movie, we are greeted by colorful and wonderful ocean characters and scenery, who all help to find little Nemo that get’s captured by humans.

Beauty and the Beast

All ages

Disney has a magical way of reminding us of the precious relationship between father and daughter. We all know the moral of the story is that true beauty is found within, but the heroic acts of Bell’s father, is a timeless showcase of bravado and love.


All ages

From the first few scenes of the movie the love and dedication Mulan has for her father is clear. Mulan is a classic tale of a young girl determined to bring honor to her family but makes a great sacrifice to prevent her crippled father from going to war for their country.

Despicable me

All ages

A super villain adopts three little girls as part of an evil scheme to take over the world. At first, he is distant and not interested, but they soon crawl into his ice cold heart and rearrange his life. Gru’s unexpected fatherly instincts and interesting parenting methods will absolutely melt your heart and teaches us that you do not have to be a paternal father to be a wonderful dad.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

All ages, although some explanation might be necessary

Whether you’re a fan of the original or the remake, starring Johny Depp, this movie will capture you by the heart strings. An aging chocolatier holds a competition to find his replacement. We meet a number of children and parents who are all suitors, but the young Charlie and his family is the most beautiful. They are very poor, financially, but they teach us about love, respect, gratitude, kindness and many other morals that fly out of the window in some households today.

Fly away home

All ages

An estranged father regains custody of his beloved daughter after a horrific accident in which the girl’s mother passes away. The young girl discovers a few abandoned goose eggs one morning after a company starts to bulldoze the forest they live next to and makes preparations to look after them. The goslings become the mediators between father and daughter as they teach the little geese everything they need to know before their migration in the winter.


Ages eight and up

Inkheart is an adventure of a man, Mo, and his daughter. They adore books and the characters that come to life from them. Mo has an extraordinary gift; the characters from the books he reads actually comes to life! But this wonderful gift sometimes acts as a curse, as they have no control over what comes out and every time a character leaves, someone from their world enters the book.

The last song

Ages fifteen and up

A teenage girl and her little brother visit their father for the first time in a number of years. Their relationship starts out strained until they find endangered turtle eggs on the beach. The family bonds while protecting the eggs and helping the little ones reach the ocean.

Father of the bride

Ages fifteen and up

We all fell in love with the 80’s remake of this 50’s film. Actor Steve Martin goes through hell while organizing his daughter’s wedding. Although we laugh at his struggles, we are also touched by his hardships as he comes to the realization that his little girl is all grown up.

The relationship between a father and daughter is the most important relationship in a young girl’s life. Your father is the first man you will ever love and the first man to love you; it establishes the base of all future romantic relationships. It is sacred and should be cherished.

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