The Best Strategy Board Games for Entertaining Evenings

Board games are an inexpensive type of entertainment. Whether you are playing with family or friends, these games are fun and exciting. Besides, they are great gifts to give to a friend or family member on their birthday or during the Christmas holidays.

Strategy board games are among the most interesting forms of entertainment. They are accorded this name since they call for the players to exercise their skills of decision-making and be more tactful. When playing these games, you will need to be sharper than your opponents are in order to score.

Both adults and children will love these board games. They help to nurture strategic skills. There are numerous varieties on the market to choose from. Below are some of the best strategy board games there are:


Mesopotamia is an interesting strategy board game which takes you back in history to the cradle of civilization.  The game involves 2 to 4 players. What is all about? A couple of thousands years ago, clans of people started habiting Mesopotamia. In this game, you will need to lead one of the clans in exploring the new land, developing settlements for them and creating cult centers where mana can be collected.

Furthermore, the players should also build an adorable temple for Marduk. Each of the clans will also need to bring offerings to the temple in order to appease and seek protection from the deity. The winner is the player who is able to deliver all the offerings offered by his clan to the temple. Are you up to the task? The game takes around 45 times.


  • The game is quite engaging. For around 45 minutes, you and your friends will be fully engaged.
  • As one tries to find suitable places for the community to settle, they are able to ‘burn’ their brains.
  • The display of the game is colorful, which adds more fun.
  • The cards are a great addition to the game, although you can play the game without them.


  • The rules can take you some time before you understand them. However, once you grasp the concept, you will love the game.
  • 45 minutes is not a short time. It is therefore suitable for the weekends or when you have plenty of time.

The Mesopotamia strategy board game is an amazing way of passing time. But that’s not all – it also enables the players to harness their tactics and decision-making skills. However, it can take some time before one understands the rules.  Overall, it is a lovely game for family and friends.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has been the most celebrated board game over the past two decades. It continues to mesmerize people with its tactful mechanics. Each of the players takes a different role as a builder, trader, craftsman, captain, settler, mayor or prospector in order to garner most points.

The players are allowed to act on each turn of the strategy game. They can choose between developing a city and shipping goods. Each of the players should handle their colonists, raise different buildings, erect their plantation and ship or sell goods. All these activities make Puerto Rico to be very engaging. It requires about five players and takes only an hour to finish.


  • The game calls for 100% strategy. It’s not about being lucky
  • There is no winning pattern, which means each of the players have an equal chance of winning.
  • The game is durable. It is designed with wooden pieces and there are no plastic additions.
  • It allows around five players. Hence, you can involve most of your family members or friends.
  • It is very educational and engages your brain entirely.


  • It is a bit expensive compared to other strategy board games on the market.
  • Learning the rules of Puerto Rico can take some time. But once you are acquainted, you will be totally hooked.

Puerto Rico is an interesting strategy board game you should try.  Take one role and develop a magnificent city while making sure you are one-step ahead of your opponents.


Citadels is an intriguing strategy board game to play with family and friends. In 2000, the game was nominated as the German Game of the Year. However, today there is the English edition. If you are a gaming enthusiast, this game is necessary to have. Perform some deduction, bluffing and building a city in an amazing virtual environment.

The responsibility of the players is to strive to erect a huge city with a medieval theme.  In each turn of the game, the players take different roles including architect, bishop, assassin, king, merchant, magician or general. Using the powers of their positions, the players try to win the game.


  • The English version of the board game comes with additional 10 cards
  • It allows about 2 to 7 players, making it appropriate for family and friends.
  • The role-based mechanics of the game makes it more exciting.
  • It is a game of no chance or luck. Each character is drawn randomly.


  • For starters, the game may seem difficult.
  • It is a bit expensive.

Citadels is a nice game for group gaming. Whether you are passing time with friends or family, you will definitely fall in love with the strategy board game. But the rules are difficult for beginners.


Puerto Rico is the best strategy board game in the review above. The game, which involves the playing of different roles, is quite exciting. It is also durably-built with wood to ensure longevity. But it is pricey.

Mesopotamia comes second in this listing. It dates back to the history of the fertile land. It involves settling either of the clans and offering gifts to Marduk, the deity of protection. Its rules are a bit complicated, though, for starters.

Finally, we have Citadels, which does not bear much difference from Puerto Rico. It is an interesting board game, but for kids it can be tricky.

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