The Best Round Crib for your Baby

Why Choose a Round Crib for your Baby

round cribHere at ImagiPlay, we like to save all new parents the time to research and find new stuff.  So here is a great new idea for parents, the round baby crib for your newborn baby!  If you are looking to make that special statement in the baby nursery, then a round baby crib presents a unique feature.  Or if you are trying the design the appearance of the baby room, then what better way to go than with something completely different, like a round baby crib!  The best baby crib offering a whole angle on things can add a lot of interest to the nursery décor.  A round baby crib can also be fitted with attractive bedding and finishings for that traditional style baby crib.

Round Crib safety

Whenever you plan to buy a baby crib, it is important to think about baby crib safety.  The best way to make sure that you are buying a safe baby crib is to buy a new crib and that the manufacturer has complied with the guidelines.  A new round baby crib is a safe option when you decide to purchase a baby crib.  We understand that the rules and regulations for crib safety can be difficult to understand, so we have simplified it for you in our article on crib safety.  We recommend that you avoid the traditional baby cribs, as the safety guidelines have changed, and some older style baby cribs may not be safe to use.

Why choose a round crib for baby?

Here at ImagiPlay, we are always on the lookout for new and interesting ideas for new parents.  If you like to think outside the square, then we do also!  If you are looking for something a little different when it comes to choosing a baby crib, then we highly recommend you consider one of these round or even oval shaped baby cribs.  The appearance and convenience of a round crib, or an oval crib are very different from the traditional rectangular baby crib!  Depending on how much space you have in the nursery, or your personal preference for a new baby crib, we thought you might be interested in one of these round baby cribs.

Pros of a Round Crib:

  • When you buy a new round crib, you know that safety is assured
  • A round crib is unique for that special nursery decor
  • Fill the space in a large nursery with a round crib
  • Choose a round crib with elegant posts and canopy
  • Choose a convertible round crib that can grow as your baby grows

Cons of a round Crib:

  • Choosing bedding can be difficult because traditional cribs are rectangular in shape
  • Round cribs may be too big to fit through doorways
  • A round crib takes up more space than a traditional rectangular crib

How to Choose a round crib for your baby

Depending on your personal preferences, there are some different choices of round cribs that you can choose for your baby.  If you prefer an affordable round crib, then there is a range of bassinet style cribs such as the Badger Basket Elite Oval Bassinet.  Badger Baskets come in a range of lightweight and smaller sized round cribs for baby that are suitable only for newborns up to 1 year old.  When your baby outgrows the bassinet, you need to transition your baby to a larger style bed for toddlers.

Convertible round crib

The other option for the best round crib is the Stokke Round Baby Crib.  The Stokke Round Baby Crib is a cleverly designed convertible crib that can be reconfigured and reused as your baby grows.  The Stokke Round Baby Crib is suitable for a newborn baby in the round crib format.  It can easily and simply be lengthened as your baby grows into an oval shaped baby crib.  Better still, the side can be removed to serve as a toddler bed as your child grows.  In fact, the Stokke Round Baby Crib can continue to be used right up to the age of 7 years old as the baby crib grows as your child grows up!  In fact, the Stokke Round Baby Crib ca even by converted into a pair of elegant chairs that your child can keep once they can no longer use the round crib.

How to choose Round Crib Bedding

To overcome any issues with choosing bedding for round cribs, we thought we should help to make that task easier also!  It is true that most traditional baby cribs are rectangular, so it can like you are up against it when it comes to finding the right bedding for a round crib bed sheets and round crib mattress.  However, it is not impossible to find the right sized and shaped bedding for round cribs, and here are some handy ideas:

Baby Doll – Round Crib Sheets

Baby Doll make the Carnation Eyelet round crib bedding set in white.  This is an elegant bedding set in a neutral color, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the sex of your baby.  This bedding set will match in with whatever décor you choose for the baby room.  The Baby Doll Bedding Set for round cribs are made to fit any standard round crib, so they are also versatile.  The set includes a fitted sheet, round crib sheets, comforter, bumper, dust ruffle and even the canopy cover as well.  The Baby Doll bedding set does cost ta little more, but you also get everything you need included in a matching set.

The Baby Doll round crib bedding set for round cribs is made from a cotton blend material and is machine washable.  The sheets are easy to fit to the round crib, so changing the bedding is simple and fast.  Make your life easier with a Baby Doll bedding set for your new round baby crib!

Click here to see the price on the Baby Doll round crib bedding set for an oval or round baby crib.


Angel Line Round Crib Bedding

Another option for a bedding set for a round crib is made by the Angel Line.  Coming in a choice of just two colors – pink and blue, this certainly makes your choice easier!  The Angel Line bedding set for round cribs comes with all the accessories you need.  Included in the deal is a fitted sheet, comforter, baby bumper, dust ruffle, as well as drapery for the decorations.  The bedding set is made from cotton so it is suitable as a hypoallergenic solution for your baby.

With the decorative drapery and tie backs, the Angel line round crib bedding can be drawn over your baby during nap time or withdrawn and tied back.  The take home message is that there are some simple and attractive options for bedding for a round crib.

Click here to see the price of the Angel Line Round Crib bedding set.


These are just a few of the fun and novelty products that are available for parents looking for an interesting round crib for their baby.  Feel free to browse on Amazon for the best round crib for you!

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