Best Baby Memory Books To Preserve The Memories

Gone are the days of “baby books” where you fill out the day-to-day happenings of your baby. What has emerged is a new twist on scrapbooking of sorts: baby memory books. These beautifully presented books are of the highest quality and printed with striking inks and incredible papers, and they won’t cost you a fortune to have printed and shipped right to your door!

New parents are busier than ever and everyone says they want to make memory books, but no one seems to have the time.

These self-publishing companies offer you a plethora of options and turn-around times that make it impossible to argue you are too busy! Affordable, beautiful and made by you: who wouldn’t want to invest in something like that? It won’t take you long to realize that these memory books are worth the time to create and you’ll have an entire collection before you know it! Try out a few of the self-publishing companies we’ve listed here and once you find your favorite, get creative with options and photo layouts.

There are no rules when you are the creator of your own stories. Which are the best to use?


Blurb offers incredible quality photo books that you can design in minutes. They offer hardcover and softcover books and you can choose the number of pages and themes you enjoy. Blurb also offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to make the most of your baby memory book! You simply upload your photos and order the book you create. Their products are affordable and beautiful.

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Shutterfly is a growing company that is gaining international recognition, and fast! It’s no wonder when you see the level of sophistication and quality their products offer. From time to time, Shutterfly offers deep discount sales and you can even store your photos in their “cloud” for a small fee. You can create a large hardcover book for less than $50. They offer an amazing selection of themes and you can customize your baby memory books in any way you can imagine!

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Mixbook offers similar products to Shutterfly and Blurb – the art of digital printing is really taking off and these big players offer even more selection in the industry. Don’t you just love the idea of having your memory book delivered to you in the mail? You can arrange your baby memory book in a variety of ways and Mixbook offers fast shipping on all orders!

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Photobox is a Canadian company that offers custom photo books, including baby memory books, in four easy steps. They also offer mini books, also known as brag books, so be sure to get a “purse size” book to carry around with you when you order your beautiful memory book. Photobox offers both flat lay books and traditional paper books. They don’t offer a large selection of photobooks, but sometimes less is more!

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Snapfish is another example of a great Canadian digital book printing company – these guys are very popular and they offer a great selection of photo books, including baby books. This company seems to favor the full photo cover look and the print quality is beautiful. Full scale photos make striking books and lend to the beauty of documenting a baby’s days.

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You’ll find amazing photo book products at Picaboo! Their selection of baby memory books are beautifully presented and lend many ideas to the less creative. You can place your order quickly and easily and using pre-determined layouts makes it easy to cherish baby photos forever. Picaboo offers an email exclusive offer where you can get their most popular book design for $18 – a great deal for sure!

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Milkbooks offers new moms and dads even more options when it comes to preserving their baby pictures. What’s more, they offer digital flip books as well so you can share your creation with family and friends from afar. They keep their selection small but classy and you won’t feel overwhelmed by choice – they believe that your pictures are the feature, not the book itself. Their website is clean and easy to navigate and it speaks to the simplicity of their products as well.


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Momento is an Australian based digital printing service that offers premium photo books and baby memory books. They offer high-end hard cover books with special services for detailing your cover. The website features several customer creations so you can feel inspired to create your own memories! There are several helpful hints on how to photograph your baby so your pictures are just right and you can play with your book creation until you deem it perfect!


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PhotosinPress offer mobile apps for iPhone and android devices. You need to download their free software package in order to create your photo album, but it is easy to use and downloads quickly. The mobile apps are easy to use and you can upload photos right from your phone – a nice feature for people who frequently transfer pictures from their phone to their computer! You can add text and edit photo layouts as well. It’s a very user friendly online company!


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And remember! Don’t be intimidated by the idea of creating a memory book: these companies make it so easy, anyone can do it! Experiment with different covers, text and designs and you’ll be on your way to preserving your most precious baby memories in no time.

Got a friend who has a baby? Why not make a book for her or him? These books make amazing gifts – just secure a secret alliance with someone close to the new mom or dad to get your hands on those baby pics and away you go! They’ll appreciate it for years to come, we promise. Now get to work creating your own baby memory book! We can’t wait for you to try it out!

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