New Monster High Dolls 2016

You may have heard of them before and you may even have some laying around your house. You probably have your daughter asking you to buy new ones too. Since they launched about six years ago, Mattel’s Monster High dolls have seen an increasing amount of popularity!

It could be because of the way they combine classic doll attributes with grotesque monster attributes creating a contrast which kids just find so attractive. Or it could just be because kids want something different.

Whatever the reason is, if you’re looking at getting some new Monster High dolls for your daughter here are a few which we I think you should consider.

Here are the new monster high dolls for 2016......

Batsy Claro Doll 

This doll has some serious style, sporting a lime green outfit with a coffin shaped purse. She’s incredibly popular, probably due to her rather unique outfit which includes a pair of very fashionable shoes and a beautiful top which scream lime green – a colour which kids love.

I like the fact that this doll comes with so many unique accessories and has a colour pallet that we don’t see all that often in traditional dolls. Because of the unique style she sports combined with her adorable looks, this doll is one that your little girl will love, and at a cost that’ll make you happy too!

Kjersti Trollsøn Doll

With the hipster following popularizing the large thick framed glasses, this doll fits perfectly in with the times. She also sports a troll horned helmet which brings about that sort of cutesy monster-esque feel which has made these dolls such a huge hit.

But where I think she truly stands out is in the hair department. She has a very unique do, with beautiful curls that are accented with periwinkle and royal blue highlights.

Combined with her matching colour outfit and periwinkle skin, this Monster High doll certainly has an excellent sense of style.

Monster High Brand-Boo Students Isi Dawndancer Doll

Always ready for a party, this doll comes wearing a snazzy colourful get-up. With a tiara that makes her really stand out from the crowd, you can tell she’s always the life of the party too.

Her shirt and pants are just as flashy, sporting very colourful busy patterns which we all know are very popular with kids. But all these features are leaving out my favorite aspect of this character which is the colour of her long straight hair which matches her stylish bag and shoes.

These baby blue strands are perfect for brushing as they’re so straight you won’t be worried about them knotting or tearing out like you may with other dolls. This means she has some longevity which will make you a happy consumer.

Monster Exchange Program Fan Vote Doll: Finnegan Wake

A true favorite among Monster High fans, Finnegan Wake is a must have for your daughter’s collection. Sporting his famous “01” racing shirt, he’s already prepared for his debut in the next swimming competition. I really like how this doll comes with so many accessories such as his racing goggles and gloves which can conveniently fit in his backpack.

This means that he not only comes with a lot of extra parts, but he also comes with a convenient method for storing them too. With the backpack being easily attachable to his wheelchair (which he uses simply because of his lack of legs), you can be sure that these awesome accessories never get lost either! But the part that you’ll enjoy most as a parent is the reading material he comes with.

Recalling adventures from land and sea, this book will help to encourage your child to have fun reading.

Boo York City Schemes Nefera de Nile Doll

One of the most fun aspects of these Monster High dolls is their cleverly created names. These names help kids learn more complex phrases and words than they would normally be interested in and the Nefera de Nile is one of the cleverest yet. She’s also very elegant with her teal and black colour scheme and gorgeous knee-high gladiator sandals.

I personally really enjoy her golden top at it really shines and makes her look like royalty, making her a front row pick for most girls. Her hair colour is an awesome blend of turquoise strands combined with black, which gives a sense of alternative style that can be a real eye-catcher for young ladies.

Great Scarrier Reef Peri & Pearl Serpentine Doll

I truly enjoy how Monster High teaches young girls about various places in the world with cute names such as Boo York and the Great Scarrier Reef. It’s fun and adorable, but most of all could lead to your daughter looking these places up on Wikipedia and learning a thing or two.

This doll comes straight from the Great Scarrier Reef and boy is she scary. With two cute faces and a snake-like body, Peri and Pearl definitely incorporate all the elements which make Monster High so popular. On top of that, this doll glows in the dark and we all know how much kids enjoy that.

Boo York Floatation Station and Astranova Doll Playset

This playset gives you a lot for your money. It comes with the beautiful Astranova doll, whose adorable purple skin is matched perfectly by her cute silver and red outfit. As the daughter of Comet Aliens, she’s a very popular doll simply because of how unique she is compared to the other Monster High dolls.

However, this is not all this playset comes with. Accompanied by a dance party play area which has a beautiful backdrop of the Boo York City skyline. Combined with a fantastic lightshow, I really enjoy the way this doll recreates some of the most exciting parts of the popular Monster High movie, making it a great gift for any girl who enjoys watching Monster High as well as playing with the dolls.

Transforming Frankie Stein Doll

Shiny. Glittery and lavish details are things that draw any girl to a doll. That’s why the Transforming Frankie Stein doll is so popular. With her gorgeously shiny dress, hair and shoes, she definitely makes the rest of Monster High look somewhat bland.

The best part is she comes with three different masquerade accessories allowing her to suit up for any party situation. Having a cute blue bow to top it all off, this doll is a bundle of adorable fun which any young Monster High fan will love.

Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends Mouscedes King Doll

Of course I couldn’t forget to mention the elegant Mouscedes King doll in this list. Being perhaps the most extravagantly dressed of all the Monster High dolls, Mouscedes King comes all ready to go to the Boo York gala.

Many girls love her cute mouse ears and tail that she inherited from her father The Rat King, giving her the appeal of a sweet little rodent while still maintaining her elegance as a princess. No one can question her royalty with her beautiful blue tiara and gold skirt. Mouscedes is the perfect princess doll for your little princess.

Freaky Fusion Avea Trotter Doll

As with anything, combinations always bring out the best of multiple worlds. This rings true for Avea Trotter as well, with her centaur lower body and harpy upper body she brings a lot of creativity to Monster High. But it’s not only the combination of monsters that makes her unique, her awesome apparel is also very chic.

With a cute top hat, beautiful makeup and pretty red blouse, she makes a point to stand out from the crowd by not only being different physically, but dressing different too. I enjoy the fact that this doll is so unique when compared to the rest of the Monster High dolls, making her a great choice for any girl who already has a large collection.

Haunted Student Spirits Vandala Doubloons Doll

Everybody loves pirates and Vandala Doubloons definitely gives Monster High fans a pirate to love. Being so unmistakably pirate-y is what makes Vandala so special. She’s extremely popular because of this and because of her unique outfit as well. Using asymmetrical fashion themes, Vandala turns heads at Monster High.

The chains in her outfit further this untraditional look and give her even more pirate flair. But my favorite part is her handbag, essentially an anchor with squid tentacles wrapped around it, wrapped around her arm by another one of her elegant chains.

Freak du Chic Toralei Doll

No one can deny the grace of this tightrope walker as she takes the night with her acrobatic skills. With another amazingly unique outfit that’s only suitable for one from a Monster High collection, Toralei sports a gorgeous red colour palette which is accented with some pinks and purples. Any girl who loves the colour red will love this doll as her long wavy red hair just begs to be brushed. I like her umbrella the best though.

Just as most tightrope walkers carry a small parasol to help keep their balance, Toralei’s fits the bill for Monster High by being made from a spider web. This carries forward the spooky Monster High theme while also making her stand out as a tightrope walker.

Freak du Chic Gooliope Jellington Doll

Many Monster High Fans remember this tall character and would love to have her in their collection. Along with being a memorable character from the show, she’s also got one of the most memorable outfits in the collection.

Using the “no such thing as too much glitter” theory, Gooliope is covered from head to toe with dazzling sparkles and shiny accents. Even her sweet stilettos have sheen to them and her golden tiara is definitely something of a marvel.

My favorite part about her though is her hair style. Not only is it a very pretty and unique, but the dual layered pink and blonde combination looks truly ravishing.

Conclusion - New Monster High Dolls

So whether your daughter is new to Monster High or already a devoted fan, you can be sure that there’s a doll out there for her. Whatever her preferences are in terms of style, colour or monster, this list should give you a great idea for her next birthday present. Or even just a gift to show her how much you care.

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