Minute To Win It Games For Teens

minute to win it games for teens

The TV show Minute to Win It premiered in 2010 on March 14th. Since then many people have participated in the game and attempted difficult tasks to get their hands on some great prizes and the right to be able to call themselves Minute to Win It Champion.

With everyone wanting to get in on the fun we thought we’d compile this list of 25 of the best minute to win it games for teens.

These minute to win it games can be played as part of a function such as a party or just something the family does together. The games all appeal to teens because of their ability to provide seat-of-your-pants anticipation, their fast and furious nature and, of course, their sheer fun-ness!

A minute to win it game will typically involve fairly simple rules and mechanics to set up the challenge of the game. To make these games easy to understand we’ll tell you all about the rules for playing and winning the game. We’ve also provided some great tutorial video.

Before we get into the mini games let’s first take a look at some general rules and setups to give you an idea about what to expect.

General Rules and Setup

The great thing about minute to win it games is how simple they are. There’s just one rule; if you want to win then you’ve got to finish the challenge in a minute or less.

There’s no need to play just one of these games either. Spice it up a little by playing a few of them and giving players points for completing or participating in a challenge. You could offer 5 points for a completed challenge and one point for an attempted challenge for example.

When you’ve finished playing all the challenges then the winner is whoever has the most points.

Here’s our selection of what we feel are the best minute to win it games for teens and the whole family.


Bobblehead is one of those games that the people watching could enjoy more than the people participating. To play the game you need to attach a pedometer to a player’s head and they have to move their heads enough to get it to reach 200.


Bobblehead can be played in pairs so that each person in a pair only needs to reach 100. It’s a great game for teens and older folks can get in on the fun too. You’re guaranteed to get a whole lot of laughs with this game.

2.Penny Hose

To succeed in Penny Hose you need a little dexterity and skill. What you do is drop two coins down each leg of a pantyhose. The player then has to use both hands independently to try and reach both coins at the same time. It sounds interesting but it’s harder than it looks. Take a look at our tutorial video to see how even adults have trouble with this game.


If a player manages to reach down the pantyhose and retrieve the coins within 60 seconds they win the game.

3.By a Thread

Many of the minute to win it games require a bit of patience to get just right. In this game what you need is a steady hand as the task is to thread ten needles that have decreasing eyelet sizes. It’s going to take all your patience to do it properly.


Thread ten needles in sixty seconds and you win.

4.Stack Attack

The stack attack challenge is similar to the game of stacking cups that you can buy from a toy store. The difference here is that the cups are made using a lightweight standard plastic. Stacking cups might be easy at first but the higher the stack gets the harder it is. These cups take a lot of precision and balance to work with.


Each player a has a minute to create a pyramid of cups and then take it apart to create a tower of cups.

5.Junk in the Trunk

There’s a lot of skill involved in Junk in the Trunk too, and it’s made worse because you can’t even see! This game is played by tying a tissue box to the back of a player and placing five ping-pong balls in the box. The player has to shake all the balls out of the box.


The aim of the game here is to get all of the balls out of the box by jumping, shaking, running, or anything else you can think of without using your hands before a minute passes.

6.Stick Balls

Sticky Balls involves a lot of physics because players need to roll a glass marble across a table top with just the right momentum to make it stick to the double sided tape on the edge of the table.


Players must throw the marble with enough speed to get it stuck to the tape on the edge of the table. The player with the most marbles stuck to the tape after sixty seconds wins.


As most people know you can create a chemical reaction by mixing soda and a mint candy. This game is based on that reaction. It’s about getting the mint to get into the soda and create a volcano of soda.


Players stand on an elevated surface and attempt to throw a mint into a soda bottle. A player wins the game if they can do this within 60 seconds.


Tipsy is another game that can be used to teach some of the elements of physics and involves soda. Players need to balance a can of soda on the tiny bevelled edge. Tipsy is one of the most difficult minute to win it games for teens.

It’s so hard because a soda can is almost impossible to balance if it’s full or empty. It takes a lot of patience to work out how to balance the soda using the amount of soda left in the can.


The winner is the player who balances 3 soda cans.

9.    Scary Cherry

In Scary Cherry three cherries are attached to a long piece of string. Players need to be accurate to blow the cherries and build up enough momentum for them to swing back so that they can eat them. It takes control to do this because you can’t get too close to the string.


The winner is the player who successfully manages to eat all 3 of their cherries.

10.Spin Doctor

Spin Doctor is a game that’s not as easy as it sounds because of the precision and concentration needed. Players need to use their fingertips to create just the right amount of force to stop 10 spinning coins and make them stay upright.


The winner is the player that manages to make all 10 coins stand upright within 60 seconds.

11.Johnny Apple Stack

Not many people know it but apples are actually just as unique as fingertips; no two apples are the same. Johnny Apple Stack is a game in which players need to make a stack of five apples which is made difficult by their unique grooves.


It’s not enough to make a stack of five apples; the stack also needs to be able to stand under its own power for three seconds. You also only have one minute to complete your stack. It’s a game that really tests the patience and persistence of younger players.

12.The Chandelier

One of the reasons people need to be playing more game is because you never know what you’ll learn from them. A great example of this idea is Chandelier because it tests your balance, estimation abilities, and ability to control the chandelier. It’s a game that looks pretty simple but is difficult when you try it.


In Chandelier players need to use soda cans and paper plates to create an inverted chandelier. Place down one can, put a paper plate on it, then use two soda cans and so on. The winner is the player with the largest chandelier in 60 seconds.

13.Caddy Shack

Caddy Shack is another one of those games that takes a lot of precision. Players need to take a look at golf balls to identify where they should place golf balls to stack them. Golf balls need to be placed on their tiny dimple in order to stay upright. In Caddy Shack players need to stack not one golf ball, but three.


Players have 60 seconds in all, which means they only have 20 seconds to correctly analyse and balance each ball. Because of the patience and skill involved this one is a real test for teens.

14.Elephant March

Elephant March involves a combination of momentum, timing and accuracy. Players in the game wear pantyhose over their heads that have a ball fitted to the end. They then need to use their “trunk” to knock down bottles in order.


In order to win a player needs to knock down every bottle in 60 seconds.

15.This Blows

This Blows is a game that should really only be played by kids who are fit or, at the very least, have a good pair of lungs.


Players have sixty seconds to blow a balloon up and use the air inside it to knock down cups. They can keep blowing up the balloon until all the cups are over and they successfully win the game.

16.Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire is a game that’s great for accurate shooters. It involves using rubber bands to shoot down stacks of cans like you’d find in a carnival.


Players have 60 seconds and an unlimited amount of rubber bands to knock down as many cans as possible. The winner is whoever gets the most cans down.

17.Speed Eraser

In Speed Eraser players need to use the rubber (eraser end) of a pencil to bounce the pencil against a table or other surface and make it land in a glass. This is a game where the thing that is supposed to help you win (the rubber) will also be what stops you from winning. The longer the pencil is the harder the game is to win.


Players have 60 seconds to bounce a pencil so it lands in a glass of water.

18.Keep the Change

Keep the Change is a game that comes from the classic magic trick of pulling a tablecloth without moving anything on top of the table. The game takes some fast hands to pull a dollar out from under a stack of coins. The stack of coins itself is balanced on the edge of a glass and players need to make sure that the coins stay in place. This is one of the hardest and most frustrating minute to win it games.


Players need to remove the dollar bill without knocking over the stack of coins in 60 seconds.

19.Nimble Thimble

Nimble Thimble is a game similar to speed eraser in that it takes a lot of accuracy. It looks like a simple enough game but you’ll quickly realise how difficult it is to do it in 60 seconds.


The game here is to bounce glass marbles into thimbles. The thimbles in the game need to be 15mm in diameter and players need to accomplish this feat six times. This means that you have just ten seconds per marble. The winner who is whoever has the most filled thimbles.

20.Wet Ball

This is a game where the people who can stay calm under pressure have the advantage. Players need to use a spray can and a balloon. Keep in mind that the more moisture there is on the surface of the balloon the more likely it is to crash, making this a game that tests the patience of players. Wet Ball is best played outdoors unless you don’t mind things getting a little wet inside.


Players have sixty seconds to use a spray can of water to guide a floating balloon into a waste bin.

21.High Roller

High Roller is a game that’s all about using centrifugal force in order to spin dice in a cup and stack up four dice three times across sixty seconds. This game gets tricky because it’s hard to create the right amount of centrifugal force with dice that aren’t round. If one of your teens actually manages to pull this task off you should consider giving them a major prize given how difficult it is.


A player wins the game when they are able to successfully stack 4 dice within 60 seconds.

22.Noodling Around

If it wasn’t for the fact that linguini pasta is so fragile then perhaps this game wouldn’t be so difficult. In this game players need to carefully apply the right amount of pressure as they place one piece of linguini in their mouth. They then use the pasta to thread five pieces of penne pasta without breaking the linguini or letting any penne fall.


A player wins the game by getting five pieces of penne pasta to line up in a row.

23.Chocolate Unicorn

Chocolate Unicorn is another game that’s all about the pressure and needs a steady hand. In this game players are given seven chocolate stacks (we recommend ding dongs) and they need to stack them on their forehead. It takes a lot of balance and skill to stop them from falling over.


A player wins by being the first to stack up 7 chocolate snacks successfully.

24.Face the Cookie

Face The Cookie is a game that looks easy as you watch other people play it and then you try it yourself and see how difficult it really is. In Face The Cookie you’re only allowed to use your face to move and eat a cookie. While you can choose any cookie you think is best we believe Oreo cookies are the best choice.


The player has a cookie placed on their forehead and they have to move it using only their facial muscles. The winner is the player who manages to get eat their cookie first using just their face.

25.Play it By Ear

In Play it by Ear players are presented with cans filled with pennies. They have to listen carefully as each can is shaken and arrange the cans in order of the least to the most amount of pennies. This game is one of the best minute to win it games for teens and is always a smash hit.


The player who arranges their cans in the most accurate order wins. Don’t forget that players have just sixty seconds to arrange their cans.

That’s All Folks

That’s it folks. You can see from these games that minute to win it games are great for teaching teens about teamwork, patience, and other educational elements.

The most important thing though is that they are just so much fun to play. They’re a great way to banish the dull parts of the day and bring the whole family together as even when people aren’t playing they are watching and laughing along.

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