Plastic Kiddie Pool Ideas for Kids of all ages

The best thing about summer is going swimming with friends or family, and everyone loves to have a plastic kiddie pool for kids of all ages.  No matter whether you like to swim at the beach or a lake or a swimming pool, this can be a ton of fun for the whole family.  It is good for keeping active and a great way of sharing fun time together.  No one ever says they don’t want to go to the beach!  Some of the best memories are made during family vacations at the beach or at the lake, and most of the fun involves swimming and water play.  Kids just love playing and swimming in a beautiful clean swimming pool.

Plastic Kiddie Pool activities are great for developing confidence in the water

Swimming pools are also great for summer time fun and outdoors activities.  There are hundreds of great plastic kiddie pool ideas for kids to keep them entertained whilst in the water.  The best pool activities actually encourage kids to develop their water skills and swimming skills, as well as developing confidence in and around the water.

Kids will make their own swimming pool activities

Kids will make their own fun with the most simple of pool toys, such as noodles, diving toys, as well as the humble blow up beach ball.  These days, there are many ways to encourage kids to play in the swimming pool for hours, such as water slides, water blasters, and all sorts of Plastic Kiddie pool ideas for kids.  In fact, you can even buy a plastic kiddie pool with slide


Top 10 Kiddie pool ideas and games

With a little imagination, there are many fun pool ideas that kids can play in and around the swimming pool, and just in case you get stuck for ideas, we have included a list of the top 10 fun pool ideas for kids.


1. Battleships and Submarines

Just the good old fashioned “red rover come over” game that we are all familiar with – with a bit of a twist!  For a fun kiddie pool idea, we have decided to start with all the players lined up along one side of the pool – the battleships!  There is one child who starts in the middle of the pool, who shall be known as the submarine.  It won’t take kids long to get the hang of this one, as all the battleships have to try to cross the pool without getting touched by the submarine.  If the submarine  does make a catch, that person becomes a submarine also, until all the battleships have been caught.

2. Hungry Pool Hippos

Another old favorite kids game with a twist is Hungry Pool Hippos.  Based on the ever popular Hungry Hungry Hippos, the fun swimming pool version is played with a bunch of colored plastic balls.  The Hungry Hippos all start in the pool, and when the colored balls are dropped into the water, the hippos have to try to grab as many balls as they can until all have been claimed.

3. Sunken Treasure

Sunken treasure is one of the best fun pool ideas for kids that will keep them playing for hours.  The idea is simply to throw coins into the water, and let the treasure seekers go diving for sunken treasure!  Use the shallow end for smaller kids and the deep end for older kids, and this game is guaranteed to develop kids confidence in the water at the same time as having a whale of a time!

4. Giant Whirlpool

Although it sounds simple enough, making a giant whirlpool is a fun pool idea for kids that develops team work and coordination.  This game involves all players lining up around the edge of the pool and then moving around in a circle at the same pace until the water starts to circulate around the pool, just like a giant vacuum pool cleaner.  No matter what the shape of the swimming pool, the whirlpool will take some form or other that is bound to make kids laugh.  When kids get the idea of the giant whirlpool, they can actually float around the pool without even swimming!

5. Belly Flop Contest

Now here is a challenge for the whole family – the dreaded belly flop! Not for the  faint hearted, the challenge here is not to hold back, but to make the biggest and loudest splash possible.  The best belly flop will be judged by all participants, if they can catch their breath in between fits of laughter at each other’s efforts!

6. Canon Ball Challenge

Just in case the belly flop challenge becomes too painful, the next best fun pool idea for kids is the best cannon ball challenge.  The best cannon ball will be judged on simple merits such as size of splash, fearsomeness of the plunge, and height of the leap.  Just make sure there is no-one beneath the cannon ball when it lands in the water!

7. Polo Challenge

So now it is time to get a little more challenging.  In fact this one may be most suitable to older kids who can swim, but it also great for those learning to get more confidence in the water.  The polo challenge involves moving a floating ball from one end of the plastic kiddie pool to the other, without touching the ball with the hands!  So using only the top of the head, each contestant has to try to push the ball along in front of them, and keep it going in the right direction, while also swimming themselves at the same time.  Young kids can do this in the shallow end of the pool, but they will need to be very patient!

8. Wack-a-Mole

This is a variation on the cartoon game that we know as Wack-a-mole, but make sure they don’t get too violent!  Using a pool noodle should prevent any injuries, but you may need to maintain some parental supervision over this one!  The contestants have to hide under the water and pop up for a quick breath, while one child holds a pool noodle and tries to bop them when they come up for air.  Everyone gets a turn with the pool noodle, so that is a good way to learn not to hit too hard!

9. Octopus Tiggy

Yet another old favorite game with a bit of a twist for fun pool ideas for kids.  Everyone knows how to play tiggy, or “it”, or touch and you’re it, or whatever you want to call it!  Everyone takes a turn to be “it”, and shall go to the middle of the pool and try to touch the others under the water.  Not as easy as it sounds, all kids have to stay in the water, because even though trying to escape is tough under the water, it is all fair and the same for all contestants!  These fun pool ideas for kids can actually be hard work, but when they are having fun, there will be no complaints!

10. Noodle Races

Thank goodness for the omni present pool noodle, and here is yet another way we can use pool noodles for fun pool ideas for kids!  Each of the contestants needs their own pool noodle, and for the first race, we nominate that they sit upright on the noodle as if riding a horse.  On the starters orders, all the horses and jockeys have to race to the other end of the pool.  Don’t hold your breath though, this may take some time!  Never mind about that, from the point of view of parents, what we really want from these fun pool ideas for kids is that they take as long as possible to complete each race, and use up as much energy and noise as possible before they come back inside the house!

Plastic Kiddie pool with slide 


The best plastic kiddie pool

With a little imagination, there is any number of fun kiddie pool ideas that kids can play in and around the swimming pool.  Just in case you or your kids ever get stuck for ideas, we have listed a sample of what can do to make up a few simple rules, or add a twist to the best plastic kiddie pool ideas for young and old!

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