Helping Kids Learn How to Ride With Balance Bikes

If you want to introduce your children to a bike, you need to be sure that they can stand on their own.  What better way of introducing your child to cycling than by buying them a balance bike? Just as its name suggests, this bike helps the kid to gain confidence and optimal control.

Balance bikes come in all sizes, designs, materials and features. How do you choose the best one for your child? There are a number of factors to consider, including the age of the child, material and the bike being pedalled or pedalless. All these considerations will help you to find the best balance bike for your child. Below are some of the balance bikes on the market today:

Strider Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike

The Strider Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike is an inexpensive way of introducing your little one to a normal bike. It is primarily designed for kids at the age of 2 up to 5 years. The most outstanding features of this bike include the knee and the elbow pads. These ensure that the kid is safe when they are riding the small bike.

Forget the complication of pedals and training wheels, this bike strives to harness the confidence of the kid with less effort. Other features include footrests, which are included in the frame, and an adjustable height. What’s more is it’s made for all terrains.

What we like

  • It assembles in a snap. A few minutes after it is delivered to you, your child will be riding it.
  • It is suitable for toddlers as well. This means that your little one can learn how to ride a normal bike when they are at a young age.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • The bike is designed to allow other add-ons including a ski or pneumatic wheel.
  • The bike does not feature pedals, which allows your child to transit to a standard bike effortlessly.
  • It is lightweight. The child can move it around and it is easy to transport when you are going outdoors.

What we don’t

  • A 3 year old or a 5 year old will not fit on this bike. This is unless you buy a taller seat.

The Strider Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike is a great balance bike. It lacks pedals or training wheels, making it easier for the child to learn confidence and control when riding. But the seat is quite small for older kids.

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

If you are looking forward to buying your kid a two-wheeled bike, consider buying them the Chicco Red Bullet balance training bike. It will enable them to gain the confidence and the control they need to handle a standard bike.

The bike has a number of features including tough tires, which not only offer a smooth ride but are also puncture-resistant. The seat is flexible, which means it can be adjusted based on the height of the child. In addition, the seat is padded and the handlebars are cushioned with rubber. The Chicco Red Bullet balance bike is also lightweight and can host around 55 lbs. It is best suited for kids who have hit the age of 3 years and above.

What we like

  • It is sturdy but at the same time lightweight. Hence, it’s suitable to carry outdoors on picnics with family.
  • The padded seat provides optimal comfort for the child. They can ride for a long time without giving in to fatigue.
  • The handlebars are also covered with rubber to protect the hands of the little ones.
  • The seat is adjustable to the child’s height.
  • The air-filled tires offer a smooth ride.

What we don’t

  • The seat can only adjust to about 2-inches in width. This limits kids who are at the age of 3 but have larger bodies.
  • The paint on the handlebars tends to chip after some time.

The Chicco Red Bullet balance training bike is an appropriate bike for your 3 year old son or daughter. It is made of a lightweight metallic frame to provide the stability your child needs. The bike can help to nurture confidence in your kid before you buy them a normal kids’ bike. But if your kid is quite large, you might need another balance bike.

Schwinn Balance Bike (12 inch)

The Schwinn Balance Bike is a great start when you want to teach your kid how to balance. It offers an amazing foot to floor design, which helps to improve the confidence of the child. It is a bike which your child will adore as they grow up.

In the package, you get tube and air tires to ensure the stability and safety of the child. What’s more is that the child is treated to an adjustable seat and a set of ergonomic handles. The adjustable seat eliminates the need for you to buy another balance bike as they grow.

What we like

  • It confers more control and confidence to the child than a real bike would do.
  • The bike has a sturdy construction and well-finished to ensure safety and to enhance its look.
  • Its seat is a real bike seat and not foamy stuff. The kid will feel very comfortable when riding the bike.
  • The entire steel frame is strong and attractive. All your kids can use the bike.
  • The air-packed tires offer a smooth ride.

What we don’t

  • Schwinn Balance bike is not appropriate for shorter kids.
  • It does not have a slot to fix a storage basket.

The Schwinn balance bike is an amazing bike for kids. It is a great beginning for your child to learn how to balance their body when riding. The bike is strongly-built and with an adjustable seat to provide comfort and safety. But the bike is not appropriate for shorter kids and neither does it come with a storage basket.


The Schwinn Balance Bike, 12-inch Balance Bike comes first in the review above of the best balance bikes. It is designed to suit kids of around 3 years and above. Hence, it grows with the kid all thanks to the adjustable seat.

The Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike is second in this listing. It is best suited for kids at 3 years. But it does not allow much adjustment so limits older kids. Finally, we have the Strider Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike – another small balance bike that is designed for toddlers.

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