Make Your Easter Egg Hunt a Success With These Great Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

There are lots of times in a child’s life that they get to spread their wings and run like maniacs around a park or yard…but no time is as exciting as the annual Easter egg hunt! Here are 10 ways you can rock your next Easter egg hunt and ensure everyone has a great time! Try combining some of these ideas to create even more fun for the young and old alike.

Create a scavenger egg hunt

Write down clues on colorful pieces of paper and hide them around the house or yard. Have a designated starting point and let the kids run wild! Set a time limit to find all of the eggs and have a prize for the child who finds the most eggs based on the clues given! You can ask other parents for help writing the clues: make an afternoon of it!


Color-a-kid egg hunt

Using different color plastic eggs, assigned a color to each child. Let them run around looking for the eggs with the color that belongs to them. It’s fun and easy – just remember to put equal amounts of eggs out for the kiddies! For even more fun, give each child a bucket colored coded to their specific color. Older kids can help the younger children as well! Children can decorate their buckets or baskets before the egg hunt begins for even more fun and engagement.

Musical Easter eggs

Dust off that old radio and put on some fun music! Kids can search for Easter eggs while the music is playing! It’s like musical chairs. Start and stop the music a few times and when you call the end of the game, the child with the most Easter eggs wins! You can play this game a few times: kids get really competitive and love running around looking for the eggs knowing they are playing against the clock.


Easter Egg Puzzle Race

Fill color-coordinating eggs with puzzle pieces and have children collect the egg colors assigned to them. When all of the eggs have been collected, start a timer for 20 minutes and the first team or child to finish their puzzle wins! Be sure to use small puzzles – no more than 20 or 30 pieces. Any more pieces than that and you’ll be there all day with the little ones trying to put puzzle pieces together!


Bobbing for Easter Eggs

Fill a tub full of water and drop plastic eggs in them – remember to tape the holes in the end of some brands of eggs, otherwise they’ll fill with water! Have kids taken turns trying to bob for Easter eggs – like bobbing for apples! You can also do this in the bathtub if the weather is messy outside.

Take #5 one step further

Throw hundreds of plastic Easter eggs into a community swimming pool!

You might need to do this indoors – depending on where you live! But what fun you’ll have watching the kids collect their eggs while enjoying a fun swim! You can reach out to your local swimming pool and ask if you can coordinate this. They may even spring for the eggs! Think about charging a small fee which will help offset the cost of renting the pool, and include a light lunch of treat for the children. Make a day of it!


Hunt for the golden egg

Organize your usual Easter egg hunt, but this year, hide a special golden egg – or any color for that matter – but just be sure to let everyone know that the golden egg is the winning egg and have a special prize on standby for the child who comes running with it in tow! There’s just something magical about chasing anything that is made of gold: kids get into it fast and you’ll be winning “best egg hunt ever” awards in your neighborhood in no time!


Easter eggs as prizes!

Hold a game of charades or 20 questions and every time someone wins, they earn an Easter egg. After a series of games, the child with the most Easter eggs wins! Throw in some chocolate Easter eggs for good measure! Try writing numbers on the eggs and kids can use the eggs as “cash” to cash in for prizes later.


Decorate-an-egg stations

Make your Easter egg hunt last all day by designating decorating stations. Ask for a few adult volunteers to man the stations and help the kids decorate their eggs. Hide plain eggs around your yard or home and every time a child finds an egg, he or she rushes to the nearest decorating station and has to decorate the egg using only the supplies that are available to them. Try using glitter, markers, paint and more! Markers are obviously the least messy of those suggestions…


Super hero egg hunt spectacular!

Have children arrive for the egg hunt dressed as their favorite super heroes! Have a prize for the best costume and the most eggs collected. Don’t forget to set up a scenario where children can save the eggs! They are super heroes after all! Maybe even show a super hero movie after the egg hunt: children will be tuckered out and looking to relax a bit. Be an egg hunt hero by providing light snacks and a comfy place to crash to watch the movie!


However you celebrate Easter, be sure to try some of these egg hunt ideas. They are fun and fast ways to get everyone excited about the tradition of egg hunting. Don’t forget to check out your local mall and recreational centers: they often offer free or low fee egg hunts throughout the season as well! Keeping kids busy is hard work, but simple games like these Easter egg hunts keeps them moving. And remember – egg hunting doesn’t have to be limited to Easter! Try this in the summer with golf balls, baseballs or marbles! Happy egg hunting!

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