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    NERF Mega Mega Mastodon Blaster

    Win your next neighborhood NERF war with the Mega Mastodon Blaster.  Blast your opponents with the rapid fire capability of this beast that has a range of 100 feet. Kids will love it, so will Dad!​​$79.99​ Check it out


      The Jungle JumpaRoo

      Not everyone has a big backyard, and this Jungle Jumparoo is fabulous because it takes up very little space. It’s designed to replace a traditional trampoline and consists of a high-impact inner tube with sturdy, colourful bars for children to hold onto while they jump around. Now your backyard will be the premier spot for […]


        Stomp Walker Stilts

        Imagine the look on your kid’s face when they see these Sports Stomp Walker Stilts! Designed for kids weighing up to 100 pounds, your kids can now walk mighty tall like Bigfoot; on soft foam feet are very easy to balance on.$197​​ Check it Out


          A Wooden Pirate Ship Tree House

          Surprise your kids with this fabulous wooden ship tree-house. With 130 square feet of deck space and amazing attention to detail; this handmade, elaborately-themed treehouse will provide hours and hours of fun and adventure for your kids$7000 Check it Out


            The Hasbro Pie Face Game

            A hilarious game for your child’s next party. A game of luck where each participant takes a spin, places their head through the hole and then turns the handle to see if they are the lucky or unlucky recipient of pie on the face. The kids will scream the house down with laughter.$13.90​ Check it […]


              A Crayon Bounce House

              Yours will be the most popular backyard on the block when you set up this Crayon Bounce House – everyone will want to come and play! It’s made from sturdy, fire resistant and puncture-proof nylon, with a breezy and spacious interior. Easily fits up to 3 kids (or even one drunk adult!)$259​ Check it Out


                A Personal Robot For Kids

                Standing just 4-feet tall, this app-controlled personal robot is the way of the future. This little robot has fully articulated limbs capable of creating life-like movements. It’s powered by 10 motors, and you’ll have control of your new friend by simply using your smartphone!$299.99​ Check it out


                  A Lifesize Soccer Arena

                  Imagine the fun you and your friends will have playing your favourite indoor game with this life-size inflatable foosball arena! Fabulous idea for parties, and with a goal post at each end this fully inflatable foosball arena is large enough to host a full-on 5-on-5 game.$3,995 Check it out


                    Bedding By Star wars

                    Bedtime will become the favourite time of day for your young Padawan when you’re tucking them inside their Star Wars bedding. This bedding is made from super-soft cotton, so it’s machine washable. Choose from either Chewbacca or Darth Vader on the front.$90​ Check it Out