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5 Great Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the adults in the family! Make the day about everyone in your family by including the kids in some fun activities about love and kindness. Here is a quick list of things you can do to get the whole family excited about Valentine’s Day – of course, the chocolate helps! […]


Best Lego Tables – 10 Great Ideas

If you’ve got Lego in your life you’ve probably struggled with when and where to set up your child’s creations. The kitchen table? No, you’ll just have to clear it off later to make dinner. The coffee table? No, it’s not big enough. Your desk? No, that won’t work either. The obvious answer is to […]


Make Winter Fun With These 9 Activities For Kids

It happens every year, without fail: winter. Yet every year we seem surprised by how cold it is and how depressing the snow and cold can get. This winter, tackle those blues and keep the kids moving at a pace that ensures everyone sleeps soundly. Don’t be afraid to get outside and have fun! You’ll […]


50 Adventures for Your Child Before They Turn 10

Ahhh childhood. That magical time when life is racing by you faster than the speed of light and you don’t even realize there is an entire world out there to see and experience! As a parent, you want to give your child everything and more. Maybe your wishes for your children involve giving them experiences […]

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