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Minute To Win It Games For Teens

The “Minute to Win It” show premiered on March 14, 2010 and ever since that day, many people have attempted very challenging but not impossible tasks in an attempt to win prizes and the bragging rights that go with being a minute to win it champion. With the popularity of minutes to win it games […]


How To Play Capture The Flag

Capture the Flag is a classic kids game that combines strategy and teamwork with the game of tag. Here’s how to play Capture the Flag so you can give the kids a fun way to spend their time and get some exercise without even realising it! What you need for a Game of Capture the […]


Activities for Teens to Avoid the “Winter Blues”

Summer is an easy time for teens to get out and do fun things together because the weather is so great. But when it comes to winter, it’s just not that easy. The days are shorter. Depression can settle in easily when there is less light. It’s sometimes just easier to stay inside rather than […]


Fun “Old Fashioned” Activities For Kids

Kids today have the world at their fingertips. They have immediate access to anything on the internet, video games, and social media. So, it makes sense that screen time is a part of their daily lives. Remember back to the time before we had electronics? Kids had to be creative and play outside with the […]


Easy Peasy Cheesy Halloween Costumes for Everyone!

It happens every year, without fail: Halloween sneaks up on you and you find yourself rushing around to find a costume or make a costume. No one likes to feel rushed and sometimes you’ll end up not even getting dressed up because it’s so much hassle! Halloween should never feel like a hassle and we […]


Tangrams for Kids – Help Your Child Develop Spatial Skills

Tangram might sound like a funny word but there’s nothing funny about the way tangrams can help your children develop their math and spatial skills. Tangrams are puzzles designed to get you thinking about strategy and putting together larger pictures of a product. They are founded in Chinese teachings and are used by many a […]


One Stick at a Time – Popsicle Stick Crafts

Don’t think about the glue and the mess: think about the fun you can have with a bunch of popsicle sticks and a little bit of imagination! Children love to build with non-conventional materials, and popsicle sticks aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Make a trip to your local craft store or dollar store and load […]


Mancala Games – How to Promote Math and Strategic Thinking Skills

Quick Summary The games of Mancala have been entertaining young and old for thousands of years . Essentially these ‘count and capture’ games have proven to assist in the development of strategic thinking and mathematics in kids.   I bet you’re wondering just what the heck a Mancala game is and how the heck can it help […]


Make Your Easter Egg Hunt a Success With These Great Ideas

There are lots of times in a child’s life that they get to spread their wings and run like maniacs around a park or yard…but no time is as exciting as the annual Easter egg hunt! Here are 10 ways you can rock your next Easter egg hunt and ensure everyone has a great time! […]


Write a Fun Story with your Child: 10 Ways to Start a Story

The mind of a child is a beautiful thing: they can imagine endless possibility and not even understand possibility in the same moment. They ask questions and seek information without understanding that these actions are helping them learn. Children tell stories and make up funny anecdotes and don’t even know what anecdotes are: they are […]

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