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    Why It Is Good To Game With Your Kids

    We’ve all heard the negative stories about kids being addicted to computer games, children becoming more aggressive due to the seemingly realistic and often violent video game content and the solitude like tendencies plus lack of communication with only the occasional grunt from the bat-like cave of a teenage boy or girl when asked if […]


      Top 10 Christmas Movies To Watch and Learn With Your Kids

      Christmas is the perfect time to remind ourselves and our families about values. We call it “Christmas Spirit”- or at least we do in the movies, and among all the different Christmas traditions, trying to be a better person and spending time together as a family, are probably the most followed traditions throughout the world.One […]


        Five Things to Keep Little Ones Busy on Rainy Days

        Oh great. It’s raining. Again. You’re running out of ideas to keep your kids busy on another dark and dreary day. You’re starting to feel guilty for letting them play with your mobile phone for hours and video games are even starting to get boring. Here’s an awesome list of things you can do to […]


          Are You Ready For Another Child?

          As a parent to one child, you are probably getting into a rhythm and have learned what to expect during any given day or time. However, when you realize that your child is getting older, you may start to feel like you miss the baby stage and begin wanting another child. This is when you […]


            Lego Toys are getting more Violent! Seriously?

            A fascinating report from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand claims that Lego toys have become significantly violent over time, and are not as innocent as they used to be. The study took into consideration the number of Lego sets produced since 1978, the first year a sword, a halberd and a lance – fairly tame […]


              5 Ways to Get Your Child to Help With Chores

              As a parent, the laundry list of things to accomplish in a day – including the laundry! – can seem overwhelming. With work and extracurricular activities and drive me here and make me a sandwich, there is little time left in the day for ourselves. But as your children get older, you should be able […]


                How to Set Clear Boundaries for your Child….and Keep Them!

                There’s a nasty rumor floating around the parenting circuit that children need rules and strict boundaries to become productive members of society. A generation of people saying “that’s how I was raised” is being challenged by co-parenting optimists, attachment parenting fanatics, and a few others that are just tired of doing things the way their […]


                  Enjoy the Little Things Everyday: Where to Look for Happiness in Your Life

                  As a parent, you are probably busier than you have ever been in your entire life. You’ve probably got a job that takes you from your home 40 hours a week, you’ve got errands to run, a home to clean, timings to make, children to drive around: swimming lessons, football practice, music lessons. The list […]


                    10 Fun and Easy Ways to Store Your Lego Building Blocks!

                    If you’re like other parents, you’ve probably walked on your share of Legos lying around the house. What is it with these little building blocks that they can’t find a home and stay in it? It becomes frightening to even think about opening a new Lego playset because you just know these things are going […]


                      What To Do When Taking Your Toddler on Holiday

                        So you’ve gone and done it…you’ve booked a holiday with your family. And your family happens to include a toddler, or maybe two? You’ve been on holiday before, but never with your tantrum toddler. You must be crazy to plan to put a small child (or two?) on an airplane and travel for 14 […]

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