Best Mini Trampoline for Kids – Jump!

If there’s one thing that kids love is being active. It’s a good thing though because exercise is extremely healthy for them, that’s why we’ve put together this article on the best mini trampoline for kids

You’d probably rather have your child outside running around than inside glued to the TV. So giving them a fun way to exercise makes everyone happy!

Whether it’s bouncing on a bed, the couch or bouncing up and down on daddy’s tummy, toddlers love the feeling of going up and down. So why not reduce the damage to their surroundings by purchasing a mini trampoline. 

However before buying a one for your kids, here’s a few things you should know to be sure you get the best mini trampoline for kids.

Summary - Top 10 Mini Trampolines for 2016

Mini or Regular?

The difference between a mini trampoline and a full sized trampoline seems pretty obvious. But you’d be surprised to learn that the size isn’t the only difference. The amount of bounce you get is a considerable factor.

Full sized trampolines allow you to jump remarkably high which also makes them dangerous, especially for your kids. But this is what allows for those fancy acrobatic tricks, something you don’t necessarily want your kids doing.

The other key difference is how easy they are to set up. You can set up a mini trampoline in only a few minutes while a full sized trampoline could take you hours. So unless you’re planning on teaching your child all kinds of acrobatics, a mini trampoline is probably your best bet.

Things to Look For

There are a couple of important things you should pay attention when buying a mini trampoline. Having a quality frame that won’t buckle under pressure is important, you don’t want it collapsing on you or your loved ones.

The spring quality is also important as poor quality springs can unwind or snap. Bad springs can also lose their bounce which will make your trampoline “un-fun”. Many children’s trampolines use rubber bands instead of springs which make them a lot safer.

You should also pay attention that the mat is made of good material. Your kids can seriously injure themselves with a cheap mat.

Some Assembly Required

Because you’re going to need to put it together, you’ll probably want to know how difficult that task will be. Some mini trampolines are easier to put together than others but in general, they will take you a bit of time and effort to construct.

Not as much as a full-size trampoline, but still worth mentioning. If you’re not strong in the assembly department, then look for one that has a more simplified construction.

Safety First

Your kids’ safety should always be on the forefront of your mind. So if you’re planning on buying a mini trampoline, there’s a few precautions you should consider before anyone gets hurt. H

aving a net or handlebar for the trampoline can prevent a lot of injuries. But even with these safety features, you should always supervise your kids while they’re on the trampoline.

You should also do regular check-ups on it to ensure that your trampoline equipment is in good condition. Let’s take a look at some of the best mini trampoline.

Reviews of each mini trampoline

Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper

This mini trampoline made by Pure Fun is designed for small children with its flashy color scheme and bright patterns. It’s made for indoor use which will allow you to watch your kids while they play to make sure they’re safe.

The main features it offers are:

•Cushioned safety handle
•Spring covers
•Steel Frame
•Fun patterns and designs for kids

Its cushioned handle is an excellent way to make sure your child doesn’t lose their balance while playing by giving them something soft to hold on to. By covering the springs, Pure Fun has made this trampoline safer as many kids injure themselves on trampoline springs.

You can rest easy knowing that the frame is durable and made of steel. These features add up to make it a very safe and child-friendly trampoline. Plus the colorful patterns contain letters and numbers for your child to learn while they play.

One thing to be prepared for is the assembly as you might find it a little tricky. This can be a good sign though because its intricate design means you don’t have to worry about it simply falling apart. Usually, good quality products take time to build.

It’s great to see your kids having fun and you’ll be enjoying this new toy along with them. But the best part is how safe it is. You never have to worry about your child hurting themselves on this trampoline, and that’s something which can make you rest easy.

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Skywalker Trampolines Jump-N-Count Interactive Trampoline

What’s great about this trampoline is that it provides and interactive experience for kids while they jump. By counting their jumps and encouraging them to do better, the Jump-N-Count gives your child exercise and helps them remember numbers. You’ll find it very rewarding to see your child excited to learn and having fun while doing it.

The key features it offers are:

•Interactive jump counting interface
•Square frame
•Padded handle

The interactive jump counter will give your child more to do than just jump. They’ll start counting each jump which will help develop their skills with numbers. This is very important at an early age. Your child will enjoy the square frame which gives them a larger surface to jump on instead of standing right in the middle of a circle.

Its spring-free design has safety in mind as spring trampolines can be dangerous. Not only can your child cut themselves on the springs, but spring trampolines also offer more bounce which can result in them going flying onto the ground. Having a padded handle provides additional safety as you can be sure your child will remain on the trampoline instead of on the floor.

You may find that this trampoline is a little noisy. Making small squeaks here and there isn’t an issue though because your child will likely be making a lot of noise while having fun on it. It can be useful because you’ll always know when they’re playing on it which will give you the opportunity to supervise them.

The best part of this trampoline is that you don’t have to worry too much about safety. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t supervise them while playing, only that you don’t need to be anxious about something terrible happening.

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Gizmo Gears EarlyLAUNCH Nursery Bouncer

A focus on child development and safety is what makes this trampoline stand out. You’ll be pleased that its engineered specifically to help your child fine-tune their motor skills and coordination while having fun. The Gizmo Gear EarlyLAUNCH comes with a 30-day money back guarantee in case it doesn’t fit your needs. But being one of the best mini trampolines out there means that it’s highly unlikely you’ll be using that guarantee.

Here’s a rundown of the most notable features:

•Heavy duty microfiber mat
•Bungee chord suspension
•Simple assembly
•Safety cover

Its microfiber mat is designed for heavy use and will always provide a safe support when your child is jumping. Furthermore, its safety cover gives you another level of assurance and piece of mind by protecting kids legs from getting stuck in the suspension.

Speaking of suspension, this trampoline uses bungie chords rather than springs which is always a good thing for kid’s trampolines. Although it means that they won’t be able to jump as high, you don’t have to worry about them going through the ceiling. You’ll definitely be happy when setting it up too as this trampoline is easy to assemble and won’t give you any headaches.

The only downside to this trampoline is its cost. It’s rather expensive in terms of kids’ trampolines, but this is due to the quality. By paying a little extra you can be sure that their trampoline will last a long time.

My favorite part about this particular mini trampoline is its lightweight frame. This makes it so easy for you to move it around from room to room or even bring outside. It’s also durable enough to be used primarily outdoors as well!

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USA Toyz Mini Trampoline With Handle for Kids

With colorful and bright patterns, your kids will love this trampoline. They’ll also love how much bounce they get, and you’ll love the exercise they’ll get. It’s large enough to ensure that your child doesn’t fall off but also small enough to find a home almost anywhere for it. With several safety features as well, you can’t go wrong with this great toy.

The key features are:

•Foldable design
•Quick and easy assembly
•Circular safety-pad
•High capacity

This foldable trampoline can entertain your kids just about anywhere. You can take put it in your living room, your backyard or even take it to the park. Other kids will be jealous when they see your son or daughter bouncing up and down. It’s easy to unfold, just pull out the legs, install the handle and you’re ready to go.

It’s also easy to assemble, making your life considerably simpler. Its circular safety-pad prevents your child’s legs from falling into the side and underneath the trampoline. Because getting your leg stuck under a trampoline can be rather painful. Another great safety feature is its high load capacity. Being able to support up to 150lb means that no matter how big your child is this trampoline won’t collapse under them.

Although it’s foldable and quite portable, it is still large and bulky. So transporting it isn’t necessarily as simple as folding it up and throwing it in your back seat. Its large size is a good thing though because it prevents your child from falling off of it.

If you’re looking for a fun and attractive way to get your child to do some physical exercise, then this mini trampoline is a perfect way to do that. I like the fact that it doesn’t take too much effort to assemble or fold up because we all know how disenchanting that can be. It’s nice to be able to make your child happy while not frustrating yourself.

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Best Choice Products Round Kids Mini Trampoline With Enclosure Net

The high-quality design of this trampoline will make you happy as a parent and make your kids happy too. Every part of this thing is designed for safety, making it one of the best mini trampolines available on the market. Another thing that makes it such a great product is its size. Being much larger than most kids’ trampolines allows your child to enjoy jumping more freely which is far more engaging. It’s very bright and colorful which also makes kids love it.

The best features about this trampoline are:

•Rust-resistant steel frame
•Enclosure net
•Spring-free suspension
•High-quality material

Choosing a trampoline with a sturdy frame is important, and this trampoline can meet any parent’s safety standards. Rust-resistance allows you to leave it outside without worrying about its integrity diminishing. The enclosure net ensures that your kids bounce happily on the trampoline instead of falling on the floor.

This works better than handles for some children because they can elect not use the handle while the net is always there. The spring-free suspension provides your child with even more safety precautions as you can be sure they’ll never bounce over the net. This net along with the mat are made from high quality materials that are extremely durable. The colors are even fade-resistant!

The main issue with this trampoline is that it takes some time to assemble. The instructions might make things difficult for you to put together. But that’s not too big deal because once you set this thing up, you’ll never have to take it down. Because of how durable it is, it’s sure to last a long time without the need for reassembly.

When buying a trampoline safety is usually the number one concern for parents and fun is the number one concern for kids. This beautiful mini trampoline provides the best of both worlds, pleasing both you and your children. I really enjoy that it has so many safety features. The manufacturer clearly has your children’s wellbeing in mind.

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Merax Foldable Mini Trampoline With Safety Pad

The best mini trampolines are often defined by a combination of safety and ease of usability. This great product combines both while giving your child a lot of bounce. Easily transportable with a sleek design, this trampoline can be enjoyed by yourself as well as your little one.

The key features of this trampoline include:

•Foldable and portable
•Thick safety cover
•Rubber feet
•Adult weight capacity

Being able to fold up your kid’s trampoline and carry it with you is very convenient. The extremely thick rubber safety cover can prevent any injuries from occurring while having fun and the rubber feet further this aim by keeping it securely in place. But the best part is that it can carry up to 220lb so you and your child can both enjoy it. The best kind of toy is the one that parents can play with too.

Unlike many children’s trampoline, this one lacks a bar or net to keep your child from falling off. But just like training wheels on a bicycle, it’s good to remove these features after a while to promote continuous development. So while this trampoline may be a bit more dangerous for young toddlers, it’s a better fit for kids as they get older.

I just can’t get over how great it is to be able to have a toy which is usable by both parent and child. Because of this you’ll always see this trampoline in use. Even when your kids grow older, they can still get exercise and have fun on it too.

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Clevr 55” Round Kids Mini Trampoline With Enclosure Net

This mini trampoline is designed specifically with kids in mind. It does away with the safety bars that can make trampolines “un-fun” and uses an enclosure net to achieve the same end. It’s rather large too, meaning your child will have the freedom to bounce around how they please with the added freedom of not having to hold on to anything. All this while still being a safe way to get exercise.

Here’s a list of its primary features:

•Stretch band suspension
•Enclosure net
•Padded frame
•Easy to store

Having stretch bands instead of springs can make you feel safer about your kids playing on this trampoline. You’ll feel safer knowing that the enclosure net is made of high-quality material which can save your child if they happen to fall.

The padded frame prevents kids from hurting themselves by bumping into the sides. Fewer bruises is always a good thing. Even though this trampoline is rather bulky, it can be folded up and stored away rather easily, so it doesn’t need to be taking up a lot of space in your living room all the time.

This trampoline has a rather limited weight capacity of 66lb, so it’s only usable by small children. Because you should be upgrading your child’s toys as they grow, this can promote replacing it with a better one as they get older. Being designed for young children does mean that it is a better product for them in the end.

Because it just looks like a fun place to play your kids will love this trampoline. You’ll also enjoy how easily you can put it away when they’re done playing with it or even fold it up for good when they’ve outgrown it. Because of the no-hassle portability of it, it’s clear why this is one of the best mini trampolines.

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The Shrunks Kids Trampoline With Handle Bar

This bright orange trampoline has a square surface, giving more room for your kids to jump around and have fun. It’s sturdy and durable which means you can rely on it to keep your children safe while they have fun. Another thing to note is that its made with 100% Nylon, being entirely BPA free as well as lead free. This is just one more way The Shrunks is looking out for your family.

The Shrunk Kids Trampoline most notable features are:

•Soft slip-resistant mat
•One-piece metal frame
•Padded ergonomic handle bar

The last thing you want is for your child to slip and fall while on their trampoline. That’s why the soft slip-resistant mat is such a great feature. The single piece frame guarantees durability and support as there are no weak points created by installing it in sections.

With a padded handle bar, your kid will be sure to stay on the mat and not get hurt and the fact that it’s ergonomically designed will ensure good posture. I enjoy how easy this thing is to clean. Being made of easily washable materials allows you to let your kid be a kid without causing a hassle for you.

Because of its safety features, this trampoline lacks a bit of bounce. Being not as bouncy as most other trampolines ensures safety though and you don’t want to take any risks with your child’s wellness. This isn’t to say it doesn’t bounce at all as it can still provide hours of enjoyment for kids with lots of energy.

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ALEKO BT32BLUE Mini Square Kids Trampoline

With a deep blue and bright green color scheme along with a very cool web-like design supporting the mat, this trampoline is an eye catcher for kids. Your children will be super excited to jump on it! Being designed for both indoor and outdoor use gives this trampoline some versatility. Anything with versatility sounds great when you’re a parent.

Here’s a list of its other key features:

•Steel frame
•Rust resistant
•Elastic band suspension
•Safety handles with soft grip

With a galvanized steel frame, it’s extremely sturdy. Plus you never have to worry about it corroding over time due to its rust resistant finish. With elastic band suspension instead of spring suspension, your child can jump around to their heart’s content without bouncing to dangerous heights. The safety handle is another feature which keeps them from jumping too high, and its soft grip makes it attractive for kids to use.

The mat on this trampoline is rather small which means it could get boring for kids who wish to jump around more freely. This is a sort of additional safety feature though because jumping around in all different directions makes your child more likely to bounce off. So even though it limits maneuverability it does so for good reason.

Being rather inexpensive, this trampoline is an excellent choice if you have a young one who wants to jump around but a budget that really doesn’t. A great addition to any playroom or backyard play area, this trampoline will keep your kids excited about getting exercise.

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GYMENIST Portable & Foldable Trampoline

This durable trampoline is easily transportable and meets all US safety standards. It’s a great way for your kids to be active while giving you the assurance that they’re safe. While helping to develop your child’s motor skills and coordination, it’s also incredibly fun. Being one of the bouncier models out there and having an high safety approval rating are just a few of the things that make this one of the best mini trampolines.

Other features include:

•1-year warranty
•Easy to assemble
•Soft grip handles bar
•Easily foldable and highly portable

Having a 1-year warranty on a product always makes it appealing. Because you know that the manufacturer stands by their product, and that makes you more willing to stand by it too. Being easy to assemble and disassemble is another great feature for those looking for portability.

With folding legs and an easily removable handlebar you can take this trampoline almost anywhere. It even comes with a bag for traveling with it or even storing it. The soft grip handlebar keeps your child securely on the trampoline at all times and makes you feel more confident in allowing them to play on it.

Although it is very easy to assemble, some tools are required. You’ll need a wrench and a screwdriver to put it all together. This helps with its support, however, making it a sturdier frame than one which can be put together entirely by hand.

My favorite part about this trampoline is that it has a considerably high weight capacity. When your child gets a bit bigger you can just remove the handle bar. This is great because being a parent can be expensive and not having to replace a toy every couple years is something your bank account will thank you for.

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My Recommendation

Getting the perfect trampoline for your child is very important as their safety and enjoyment depends on it. But striking a balance between affordability, security and fun can be difficult sometimes. So looking for advice on the best mini trampolines is a great place to start.

While each trampoline is suited to different needs, I highly recommend the Merax 36″ Foldable Exercise Mini Trampoline with Safety Pad as it offers something in every department. It’s easy to assemble, store and transport. It’s safe and more importantly, it’s fun, meaning both you and your child will enjoy it. But most of all that 1-year warranty allows you to be sure that it will at least be fully operational for a year.

It’s not very expensive either, but it’s still nice to know that your small investment is protected under warranty. But in the end, you should select the trampoline which you feel suits your comfort level and child best. Your child can help with this as they’re the one who will be using it most! So having a discussion with them before purchasing anything is a good idea.

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