Best Kids’ Tablets for Playing and Learning

Keeping kids involved is every parent’s hardest task. You need to know that they are engaging in safe play as you perform your chores. Nowadays, kids are becoming technology-conscious. If your child wants to access your phone all the time to play online games, consider buying them a tablet.

Kids’ tablets come in all types, sizes, models and designs. But there are certain key factors you should consider when seeking the device – namely durability, apps present, battery life and the presence of parental controls.

The market is flooded with a number of tablets for kids. The options are amazing and it can be a bit confusing for a parent to find the right tablet. But not to worry – below is a list of best kids’ tablets the market has to offer. Make a choice and give your child a lifetime experience.

Fire HD 6 Kids Edition

The Fire HD 6 Kids Edition is a priceless gift to confer to your little one. Unlike any other kids’ play devices you have come across, this is not a toy. With its generous 6-inch HD display, whole pack of features and unmatched durability, it gives the kids the experience of a normal tablet.

It is also designed with children in mind. The device features beautiful colors and an amazing design. Besides, parents are given an opportunity to regulate the content that gets to their children with a set of controls.


  • The tablet is durable and the design is impressive for kids
  • The 6-inch screen provides enough display for the kid to enjoy videos, games and pictures.
  • It weighs less, which makes it easier for the child to handle.
  • The kid’s tablet comes with a shock-proof case.
  • The 16 gb storage is adequate for the kid to save all their favorite games, videos, TV episodes and the like to.


  • It might take time for your little one to learn about the working of the tablet.
  • Do not expect it to work like an iPad. It is made to act as a playing device for kids.

The Fire HD 6 Kids Edition is a fully-featured tablet for kids. It is has an amazing display and numerous apps which the kids will adore. It is also designed to stand any mishandling by children. However, unlike other kids’ tablets, it can be a bit complex to manage. Furthermore, it does not have the capabilities of an iPad.<p>


Kurio 7S Tablet

If you are looking for an ideal Android tablet for your kids, the Kurio Tab 2 7S will not disappoint you. Actually, it does not bear many differences from the previous Kurio 7.  It comes with an overwhelmingly clear display and extra features. It also boasts Android 4.2, which offers more capabilities.

Even at that, you can still control the content that the child views through the provided parental settings. What’s more is that the tablet can be used by each member of the family.


  • The tablet contains a couple of amazing features all thanks to the upgraded Android operating system.
  • It treats kids to over 60 apps, games, and kids’ content as well as other top-class Disney applications.
  • It offers a highly-performing platform for safe-surfing for the little ones.
  • The tablet has reliable parental controls.
  • The tablet is sturdy and is protected with a rubber bumper.


  • It is best if used by older kids, since it is a bit complicated.
  • The battery has a short life of about 4 to 5 hours

The Kurio 7S tablet for kids could be all you need to keep your child busy and off your smartphone. It comes with pre-installed apps and if you care to add more, you can. The tablet also offers smart parental controls to ensure that their content is regulated. However, the device has a short battery life and it might be too complex for younger children.

LeapFrog Epic 7” Android-based Tablet


The LeapFrog Epic is designed to grow with your child. The tablet is suitable for kids from the age of 3 up to 9 years. The beautiful device offers endless possibilities for kids’ play. It harnesses their imaginative skills and provides a good platform for them to play. What more, the tablet provides a world of exploration for the kids.

But as a parent, you can rest your fears of the safety of your kid. The device allows you to customize its profiles in order to regulate what the child accesses. In addition, there is 16GB storage, Android 4.4 OS and over 20 applications.


  • It performs fast and has endless capabilities due its Android 4.4.
  • 16GB memory is enough for the kids to save their games and additional apps to. The tablet comes with 20 apps.
  • The 7” screen offers ample room for playing games and watching videos.
  • Every app and game is well-tailored for the children. Parents can also regulate what their kids access.
  • The design is sleek and slim to fit in the hands of young children
  • The screen is highly-responsive to touch.


  • As compared to other tablets for kids, the LeapFrog Epic does not have many apps.
  • Having the sound speakers at the back of the tablet was not a good idea.

The LeapFrog Epic 7” Android-based Tablet provides a great experience for kids. It is more of a learning resource than a play store. However, kids can also use it to play on. Its Android 4.4 offers numerous capabilities. The only downsides are the minimal apps and the placement of the speakers at the back of the tablet.



The Fire HD 6 Kids Edition takes the lead in the review above of the best kids’ tablets. It has a generous screen of 6”, 16 GB memory and a couple of features which you will not find in a normal kids’ tablet. However, it is a bit complicated.

The LeapFrog Epic 7” Android-based Tablet prides itself for having a number of educational apps. It also uses Android 4.4. However, the apps are fewer compared with other tablets.

Lastly, we have the Kurio 7S Tablet, which comes with over 60 apps. The only problem is its battery which hardly lasts more than 5 hours.

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