Best Board Games for Family Night

If you have been looking for some fun indoor activities, family board games are the way to go. They are designed to provide fun and happiness to the whole family. They are a great way of bonding with each member.

These games come with all shapes, designs and features. Over the years, they have been developed to include exciting elements. With all the family board games on the market today, you may have a problem finding the most appropriate for your family.

However, not to worry – here are some of the best family board games. Read on!

Codenames Game

The Codenames Game is an exciting family board game which involves words which is quite challenging. Hence, it’s appropriate for teenagers at the age of 14 years. What does it entail? Two spymasters are rivals and are aware of the identities of 25 agents. On the other hand, the teammates know the agents by codenames. The two teams compete to see who unravels most of the agents first.

The spymasters reveal some clues about the names of the agents. The teammates then try to guess the names, while avoiding those held by their opponents. The two teams must also avoid the assassin. You can include four players or more. Furthermore, if one team wants to attain the highest score, they can play against the game itself.


  • The game involves around four or six players. This means that most of the people in the family will be engaged.
  • The game is interesting and it arouses feelings of curiousity as the teammates find the codenames.
  • For teenagers in school, the game helps them to develop critical thinking skills.
  • The game can be introduced to a house party.
  • The family board game is quite flexible.


  • Codename Game is not for younger kids. It is a bit complicated for them.
  • Some of the rules are hard to understand. Initially, one might need a few minutes to understand the game

Codenames Game is an engaging game for teens and adults. It involves 4 to 6 players, which means that almost everyone in the family will be included. The game is a brainteaser and helps players to think critically when they are trying to find the agents.

However, younger kids may feel as if they are left out in the family fun.

Connect 4

When it comes to family board games, Connect 4 will never disappoint you. What is it all about? It involves the dropping of yellow and red discs. The winning player should get 4 discs in a row. As the opponent, you have to ensure that the other player does not achieve the four discs in a row.

When one wins, they should release the discs by pulling out the slider bar. Then, you can start the game all over again. Connect 4 is a creation of Hasbro. So, you can expect nothing but the best.  Let’s looks at its pros and cons.


  • Connect 4 is a board game for all ages. It can engage everyone in the house, from your 4-year-old daughter to your elderly parents.
  • The game does not require one to understand English to play the game. It is simple to understand and fun to play.
  • The multi-colored discs keeps kids glued to the board.


  • The discs do not come with a placeholder. They can be lost if care is not taken.
  • The game involves only two players. Therefore, you might have to take turns to include every member of the family.

Connect 4 is a classic game which is yet to become stale. It can help to keep your family become connected on weekends or on those lazy afternoons when you are at home. It comes in handy when the weather does not allow the little ones to play outside. But the family board game only involves two people.

Hasbro Pie Face! Game

Hasbro Pie Face is not your ordinary family board game. It is fun and full of suspense. How do you go about it? All you need to do is to place small amount of whipped cream on the hand unit of the game. Alternatively, you can use a wet sponge. Then, move the handles. Either of the players will get a splat on their face.

You score each time you move the handles without getting a splat on your face. If you are lucky enough to garner 25 points, you will certainly be the winner. It’s your responsibility to take some risks in order to win as many points as possible.


  • It is an engaging game for the entire family
  • The game is simple to learn. It is all about turning the handles and the cream will splat.
  • The cream cleans with ease.


  • As compared to other games on the market, it is quite expensive.
  • The game kit does not come with a towel. You will have to keep one within your reach.

Hasbro Pie Face! Game is an exciting family board game which never loses its appeal. It is suitable for all family members including children. But you will need a towel nearby to wipe off the cream or the water.


Connect 4 takes the lead in the review above of the best family board games. The game, which involves aligning colored discs in a row, is fun to play for kids as well as adults. However, it only involves two players.

The Hasbro Pie Face! Game is second in this listing. The game is fun and can involve every member of the family. But it is messy since losers get a splat on their face. Codenames Game is the last in this review. It involves lots of thinking as one tries to unravel the names of the agents. But the game is suited for teenagers and adults. Hence, it leaves the younger kids out of the picture.

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