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Balance Bike Reviews

Retail shops don't stock a good selection of balance bikes, so as a parent, it's often a painful experience to select the right balance bike for your child. If your local bike shop has any, it's usually just a small sample of models that are available.

Balance bikes are available in a multitude of colors, sizes, materials and even different types of tires, making the process of choosing the right one, overwhelming!

So where do you start?

Right here of course!​ We've got you covered with our balance bike reviews.  Lets get started!

The primary goal of a balance bike is that rather than learning to pedal, balance and brake all at the same time, they master the most important balancing aspect first and prepare themselves for a pedal bike. Kids conquer the art of balancing by simply sitting on a balance bike and pushing themselves along with their feet.

After a short while of this exciting activity, they begin to whiz around without both feet off the ground and simultaneously learn to steer and balance themselves. The two main things to consider when shopping for a balance bike are size of the frame and seat adjustability.

In addition, you want to buy a balance bike with a seat that’s easy to alter because the last thing you want is to be constantly hunting for that special tool to make the necessary adjustments. This may also be a good time to pay attention to the tires – solid rubber, foam or air filled as each provide a slightly different experience on different surfaces.

Lastly, it is worth checking out the brakes of the balance bike as most riders will lack the dexterity and strength to use them, but may be handy for older riders. Regardless of the balance bike you choose, they all provide hours of fun and a great way to transition to a pedal bike. That said, we aim to ease your buying decision by highlighted the best balance bikes in each age group.

Best balance bikes for 1 year olds

One of the key features of balance bikes that makes them an instant hit among both kids and parents is they are more practical than tricycles. Most 1 year olds are able to kick themselves around in a toy, which is exactly the amount of force needed to ride a balance bike.

If your 1 year old can stay on their feet for a short period of time or better yet has been walking steadily, then there’s no reason to deny him/her a balance bike. There are few things to consider when buying a balance bike for your 1 year old including:

  • They preferably have an inseam of roughly 11 inches
  • They should only ride on extremely flat surfaces
  • They should start out riding indoors
  • Consider investing in a Wishbone 3-in-1, which converts from a tricycle to c full size balance bike
Brand/ModelSeat HeightBrakeTiresTotal WeightPrice RangeWarrantyOther
Wishbone 3 in 1 Original Bike11"-18"No Air8.4lbs$$$$$1 year Can be converted from a tricycle to a balance bike
Boot Scoot Bikes Children's Bopper11"-14"No Foam 8lbs $$$$5 years Adjustable seat
Hape - Little Red Balance BikeSuits kids between 1 - 3 years No Rubber 8lbs$$$$1 year Seat is not adjustable
Boot Scoot Bikes Trainer Bicycle11"-14"No Foam 8lbs $$$6 months Adjustable seat
Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike8.5"-9.5"No Plastic 4lbs$$$1 year Can be converted from tricycle to balance bike
Schylling Tiny Rider Ride-OnSuits ages between 1-3 No Rubber 8lbs$$$1 year Double front wheel for enhanced stability
YBIKE Balance Bike10"No Plastic 7lbs $$$6 months Higher ground clearance and 2 rear wheels for superior stability
Scuttlebug8"No Plastic 5lbs $$$6 months 3 wheel trike to enhance kids motor skills
Radio Flyer 5.5" Scoot-about Balance BikeSuits 30" tall child No Rubber 10.4lbs $$1 year Seat is adjustable
Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training BikeMaximum 15 inches NoFoam8.1lbs$$1 yearAdjustable handle bar and seat

Best bikes for toddlers 18 months and up

This category of balance bikes are designed for kids who are fairly height for their age. It is best to check your child’s inseam to ensure they meet the minimum seat height for this category, and not over the maximum seat height for the bike. Things to note about kids in this category:

  • Their inseam measure is generally between 10” and 12”
  • Their legs are short even though they might be taller for their age
  • They might be late walkers or feet may still be wobbly. Choose a lighter bike if this is the case. Their coordination skills haven’t developed yet, which is quite normal
  • They might be hesitant at first about riding

For children in this category, it is best to choose a balance bike that is lightweight and has a short saddle. At this age, they will hardly use the brakes or footrest so these aspects can be overlooked for now.

Kids that start young on a balance bike will most likely be ready to ride a pedal bike about the same time they are able to use a brake or footrest. As mentioned earlier, lightweight balance bikes are key to this category, for which choose those that have foam tires as they are lightweight and puncture proof.

If your child is a quick learner and you plan on using the same balance bike until they are 4 years or older, balance bikes with air tires are a profound choice. It is highly recommended that you add tire sealant to the tires right from the start to prevent flat tire on air tires.

Brand/model Footrest Brake Seat height Total Weight Limiter Tires Wheel Bearings Warranty Price Range
Wish Bone 3-in-1 Bike Ride OnNo No11"-18"8.4lbsYesAirRegular1 year$$$$
WOOM BIKESNo Hand 10.5"-15.5"6lbsYesAir Sealed 2 years $$$$
FirstBIKE Cross Bike No Hand14"-18"8.4lbsYesAirSealed2 years$$$$
Early Rider Balance BikeNo No11.5-15"7.2lbsYesAirSealed2 Years$$$$
Cruzee OvO UltraLite Balance BikeYes No 11"-19"4.2lbsNoFoam Sealed Lifetime $$$$
YBIKE ExtremeNo No 10.5"7.5lbsYesPlastic Regular 90 days $$$
Strider - 12 Sport Balance BikeYes Option11"-16"6.4lbsNoFoamSealed2 years$$$
Go Glider Yes Hand 11"-16.5"8lbsYesFoam Regular Lifetime $$$
Glide Bikes Ezee GliderYesHand11"-17"10lbsYesAirRegularLifetime$$
ZÜM CX Yes Hand 12"-17"7.5lbsNo Foam Sealed 1 year $$

Best balance bikes for toddlers 2.5 years and over

Kids in this age category are definitely physically and mentally ready to ride a balance bike. The biggest issue parents are faced with when shopping for a balance bike for this age group is getting the right fit, but be rest assured it’s out there.

Take note that kids in this age category generally still have a considerably short inseam. Additionally, their coordination skills are still under development hence it is highly important to measure their inseam before making an investment.

Another point worth considering is some kids over the age of 2.5 will be able to transition to a pedal bike within a year so the bike you currently choose doesn’t have to last another couple years. F

urthermore, children in this age category may not be ready for a handbrake enabled balance bike, but a balance bike with handbrake might be beneficial as your child gets closer to 3 years of age; depending on their coordination skills. Kids over the age of 2.5 will tend to ignore the handbrake even though its present and opt to brake with their feet, which is great in order to ensure they learn to ride a balance bike one step at a time.

Balance bikes fitted with foam tires are great for this age category as they are lightweight and puncture proof. However, it is important to note that foam tires do not provide great traction needed for an older rider and are good for children who are athletic and most likely to transition to a pedal bike early. But if you anticipate your child riding a balance bike until the age of 4 or older, then balance bikes fitted with air tires will be a much better choice.

Brand/model Footrest Brake Seat height Total Weight LimiterTires Wheel Bearings Warranty Price Range
2015 TooTooNo Hand 12"-18"8.25lbsYesAir Sealed Lifetime $$$$$
Tykesbykes Balance BikeNo No 12.5"-18.5"7.5lbs YesAir Regular 2 years $$$$
Ridgeback ScootNo Hand14"-20"7.5lbsNoAirSealed Lifetime $$$$
Early Rider Classic BikeNo No 12"-15"10.5lbsYesAirSealed2 years$$$$
Charger NoHand12.5"-17.5"11lbsYesAir Regular 2 years $$$
Strider - 12 Classic Balance BikeYesOption 11"-16"6.5lbsNo FoamSealed 2 years $$$
YBIKE Extreme 2.0 No No 14"7lbsNo Rubber Regular 90 days $$$
Radio Flyer Glide Go Balance BikeNo No 14.5"-18"8.7lbsNo Foam Regular 1 year $$
Boot Scoot Bikes ZoomeNo No 14"-17"7lbs No Foam Regular 5 year$$
Prince Lionheart Balance BikeNo No14"-16.5"10lbsNo AirRegular 1 year$$

Best balance bikes for 3.5 years and older

Children in this age category are more than likely keen on getting started with a pedal bike, but are still hesitant to make the switch. They might still fear the training wheel of their current bike so there isn’t a perfect time than this to get them a balance bike.

Balance bikes with foam fitted tires work great for this age group as well as the bike like feel offered by air tires. Good news is that most balance bikes will fit kids of this age group so you have a bigger pool of balance bikes to choose from.

But again it’s always a good idea to measure your kid’s inseam to ensure the balance bike you buy is a perfect fit. In addition, most kids of ages 3.5 years and older can handle extra features of balance bikes such as footrests, handbrake and the heavier weight of a balance bike of this size.

Brand/modelFootrest Brake Seat Height Total Weight Limiter Tires Wheel Bearings Warranty Price Range
LIKE-a-BIKE Jumper Pearl WhiteNo No12.5"-18.5"7.5lbs Yes14" air SealedLifetime $$$$$
The Freewheel NoHand12.5"-19"10.5lbsNo 12" Air Sealed Lifetime $$$$
Early Rider EvolutionYesNo 14.3"-18.3"10lbsYesAirSealed 2 year$$$$
Tykesbykes ChargerNo Hand16.5"23"13lbs YesAir Regular 2 year $$$
Kettler RaceYesNo13.5"-17.5"15lbsYesAirSealed3 year$$$
Boot Scoot ZoomerNo No14"-17"7lbsNoFoam Regular 5 year$$
KaZAM ClassicYesNo 14"-17.5"8lbsNo FoamRegular 2 year$$
Schwinn Balance BikeYesNo 14"-16.5"10.5lbs No Air Regular 2 year $$
Trikke BikeeYesNo 14.5"-18.5"6.7lbsNo AirFoam 1 year $$
Kettler SpeedyYes No 13.5"-17.5"15lbs Yes Air Sealed 3 year $$

Best balance bikes for ages 4 and older

This is where things can get a bit tricky because although this is a great age kids stuck on training wheels to transition to a balance bike, there aren’t a ton of options to choose from.

The best advice is to measure your child’s inseam and match it with the appropriate balance bike will make this a successful endeavor. In this balance bike category, you will mostly find balance bikes with larger seat ranges, and it is best to settle for one rather than moving your 4 year old up to a pedal bike.

Children in this age category are generally 45 inches tall, but check out the next category of balance bikes if they are surpass that with shoes on. The two most common sizes of balance bikes in this category are 12 inch and 16 inch balance bikes, and the former is a good fit for kids over 44 inches tall.

Brand/modelFootrest Brake Seat Height Total Weight LimiterTires Wheel Bearings Warranty Price Range
Early Rider Alley RunnerNoNo14.5"-19.5"7.4lbsNoAirSealed N/A$$$$$
Wishbone 2-in-1No No 11"-18"8.5lbsYes12" airRegular 1 year $$$$$
Ridgeback Scoot XLNoHand 16"-22"12.5lbsNo 14" air Sealed Lifetime $$$$
Early Rider Evolution Yes No14"-18"10.5lbsYes14" airSealed 2 year$$$$
Tauki Balance BikeNo No16"-23"12.5lbsYes16" air Regular 2 year $$$

Best balance bikes for kids of age 5 and over

Believe it or not, balance bikes are also available or older kids, teens and adults and are also a perfect fit for kids with special needs or those getting a late start. Up until a few years ago, there were just a couple of balance bikes to choose from in this category, but today there are a handful, and the specs for each are listed in the table below.

Brand/modelFootrest Brake Seat Height Total Weight Limiter Tires Wheel Bearings Warranty Price Range
Glide Bikes Super Glider AdultYesFront and Back 26.5″ – 32.25″21lbs No 20" airRegular 2 Year$$$$
Strider 20 SportYesFront and Back 26.5"-32"21lbsNo 20" air Regular 2 year $$$$
Strider - Youth 16 Sport Yes Front and Back19.5"-25.5"17.5lbsNo 16" air Regular 2 year $$$
Ridgeback Scoot XLNoBack 16"-22"12.5lbsNo 14" airSealed Lifetime $$

Best in class balance bikes



Undoubtedly and unsurprisingly, all models of FirstBike are deemed to be the safest in the balance bike arena for several reasons.

For starters, FirstBike is one of the most esteemed brands in the balance bike market, and produces a wide range of balance bikes designed to suit kids of ages between 18 months and 3 years old. Next, all their balance bikes are crafted of composite material for a smooth finish with absolutely no sharp edges.

Adding to this, their range of balance bikes are put together with recessed bolts meaning there are no sharp points to fall on and truth is that even pro kids do inevitably fall off their balance bike. Being crafted by a composite frame also makes this range of bikes durable and easy to store and clean.

Key Features of FirstBike Balance Bikes

  • No protruding edge or sharp screws
  • Hand controlled rear safety brake
  • Thoughtfully designed seat to ensure your child doesn’t slip off
  • Steering limiter
  • Reflective stickers for better visibility
  • Integrated safety grips

The frame of FirstBike balance bikes provide superior shock absorption and ultimately protect your child’s spine.

Furthermore, all FirstBike balance bikes are appointed with an adjustable seat and complete with soft and gentle adjustable handbrake.

That’s not all – the handle bars of FirstBike balance are also fitted with premium Safety Grip to keep hands from slipping off the ends, and kids have the ability o gradually come to a stop thanks to the onsite rear drum SafetyStop break.

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Value for money

Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike

Brought to you from the people that made the iconic red toy wagon, Radio Flyer – a company that’s been existence for just about 100 years brings you the Glide & Go balance bike.

Weighing less than 10 lbs, the Glide & Go balance bike is a little heavier than other balance bikes such as Vilano and Rally, but this simply makes it more robust and able to handle up to 50 lbs of weight. This makes it a great fit for kid of ages 2 ½ to about five years old.

The cost of the Glide & Go balance bike puts it in a different league than the Strider balance bike in terms of durability, but the features it comes with makes it a best value balance bike in its segment.

The Glide & Go balance bike is not only aesthetically appealing, it also boasts a low ground clearance, making it easy for kids to handle. It is not however appointed with footrests like the Strider, but is crafted of high quality steel, allowing it to withstand a fair bit of wear and tear.

Highlights of the Glide & Go Balance Bike

  • Easy to assemble
  • Decent tire thread
  • Quick release bolt to adjust the seat
  • Rubber tires
  • Comes with a bell

Just like all balance bikes in this category, the Glide & Go balance bike is fitted with rubber tires rather than pneumatic tires.

With these tires, you never have to deal with flats and they do showcase a decent thread for great traction and much better than traditional tires.

If you’re looking for a balance bike that provides great value for money without compromising on essential features, the Glide & Go balance bike is definitely worth a second look.

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Best All-Arounder


Strider is one of the biggest names in balance bikes, and has been a go to brand for balance bikes ever since their inception in South Dakota in 2007. The Strider balance bike is a great fit for toddlers aged 18 months to 2.5 years considering its lightweight frame.

There are three different versions of the Strider balance bike to choose from namely Classic, Sport and Pro, and although they each have their unique features to offers, they are essentially the same. All three models feature a powder coated frame complete with sealed bearings, but the Classic only comes with a mini-saddle and not with a tool free quick release handlebar.

The Sport and Pro have all the same features, but the Pro is appointed with a number plate and is lightweight at just 2.4kgs/5.3lbs owing to its aluminum alloy frame. Strider balance bikes boast a minimum seat height of 11 inches, making them the smallest in the market.

Highlights of Strider Balance Bikes

  • Available in several color choices
  • Excellent customer support
  • No tools assembly
  • Light EVA tires
  • Lightest in the market
  • 2 year warranty

Owing to their lightweight, Strider balance bikes are a great fit for kids as young as 18 months. This might seem small, but the company offers various accessories that allow the bike to grow along with your child.

And considering that children generally only increase in size of roughly 50 percent between 18 months to 5 years of age, the ability to use the same balance bike is definitely worth noting. Strider balance bikes are appointed with foam tires, which are puncture proof and lightweight, making them a great for both younger and older riders.

If you’re wondering which Strider balance bike model is best for your child, the Pro and Sport models are designed for young riders due to their scaled down handlebar, which is an excellent fit for small hands. Although Strider balance bikes come with a mini-saddle, the company does offer a larger saddle and better yet also an extra long handlebar.

If you’re looking for a great balance bike that will grow along with your child, Strider balance bikes are worth exploring.

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Best All-Terrain Balance Bike

Ridgeback Scoot Premium

The Ridgeback Scoot Premium balance bike is a great fit for kids of ages 2.5 and over, and an exceptional choice for ages 3.5 and up.

For starters, the Scoot comes with two seat posts, which allows you to adjust the height to a full six inches, making it great for children with inseams lager than 18 inches. Next, swapping the seat posts on the Scoot couldn’t be easier, where you simply have to remove one screw located below the saddle.

Additionally, the Ridgeback Scoot is also appointed with a quick-release post clamp, and the saddle features thick padding and a handle for easy portability. The saddle can be tilted slightly to allow beginner riders to sit more upright and experienced riders to lean forward.

Available in a choice of eight frame colors, the Ridgeback Premium can be ordered in two different tread of tires three different seat posts seven different color handlebars.

Highlights of the Ridgeback Scoot Premium

  • Seat can be adjusted from 14” – 20”
  • Upholstered saddle with carrying handle
  • Aluminum V-brake
  • Available in several color variants
  • Integrated routed brake cable
  • Comes with 2 seat posts

The Ridgeback Scoot Premium offers unmatched versatility, and the fact that it is fitted with top of the line air tires makes it the best all-terrain balance bikes in the market today. It is definitely not the lightest balance bike in the market, but it’s not too heavy either, making it a great fit for kids of ages 2 – 6 years. The bike is also a great fit for families with two kids in the aforementioned age categories as they can share the bike.

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Best for all Ages

Strider Sport

If you have two or more kids looking to share the share the same balance bike without compromising on features and comfort, the Strider Sport is inarguably takes home the gold.

For starters, the seat of the Strider Sport can be easily adjusted to suit kids between 18 months old and 4 years in a matter of seconds. Adding to this, it is one of the lightest and smallest in the market, but what makes it a great fit for children between 18 months and 4 years is that it can be ordered with a wide range of accessories, which allow it to grow along with your child.

Although highly adaptable, the Sport Strider out of the box is best suited for young riders, and comes with a scaled down handlebar for a tighter and comfortable grip for little hands. Strider ships the small saddle with the standard package, but an extra long seat post is available for older riders.

Highlights of the Strider Sport

  • Perfect fit for kids between ages 18 months to 4 years
  • Larger saddle can be ordered
  • Outfitted with foam tires, which are puncture proof and lightweight
  • Lightweight at 6.7lbs
  • Optional footbrake available

The Strider Sport comes with foam tires, which are lightweight and puncture proof and provide the essential cushion needed for both young and old riders. Weighing in at just 6.7lbs, the Strider offers is easy to put into a car or carry during a walk.

Additionally, the seat posts and handlebars both are appointed with quick-release clamps to make it quick and easy to adjust the balance bike for different sizes. The Strider Sport lacks a handbrake, but the company does offer a unique footbrake at an additional cost.

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Best Pre-BMX Balance Bike

Joovy BicycooBMX

The Joovy BicycooBMX balance bike performs just as well on a pump track as it does in a local state park. Lightweight at just 9.35lbs and offering a minimum seat height of 14” to maximum 16.5 inches, the Joovy BicycooBMX is lighter than most balance bikes in its segment and a great fit for kids in 2T and 3T clothes.

It showcases the same build quality as all other full size BMX bikes including top notch components, paint job and lightweight aluminum frame.

Highlights of the Joovy BicycooBMX

  • Fitted with 12” air tires
  • Perfect for kids of ages between 2.5 to 5 years
  • Smooth steering owing to threadless headset with sealed bearings
  • Front loaded short reach stem for easier handle bar adjustments
  • Appointed with high quality pads
  • Footrest
  • Robust build quality

The Joovy BicycooBMX comes fitted with 12” air tires and the handlebar can be easily adjusted owing to the short reach stem. Additionally, it is appointed with high quality pads to protect against falls when standing over the bike. The Joovy BicycooBMX bike boasts visually appealing graphics, and can also be had in red and blue graphics.

The frame of the Joovy BicycooBMX is fitted with two protruding elements that can be used as a footrest if needed. If you’re looking for a BMX style balance bike that boasts robust build quality and will last for years to come, the Joovy BicycooBMX is worth a second look.

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Best Wooden Balance Bike

Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike

Designed for kids between 2 and 5 years of age, the Skuut wooden balance bike boasts a classic European design and has won numerous awards even since its inception.

Designed and manufactured by U.S. based company Diggin Active, the frame of the Skuut balance bike is crafted entirely of high quality birch wood complete with lacquer veneer finish. Apart from being eco-friendly, the wood use to manufacture the Skuut balance bike also makes it considerably lighter at just roughly 11lbs.

Highlights of the Skuut Balance Bike

  • Pressurized rubber 12” tires
  • Easy assembly
  • Frame crafted of high quality birch wood
  • Leather seat
  • Can accommodate up to 75lb of weight
  • Spoke less tires for safe riding

It is important to note that the wooden frame and lacquer finish do not guarantee resistance against rain, snow or other inclement weather. The leather seat of the Skuut balance bike is adjustable between 13” and 17” and can be easily done by undoing a few bolts.

The Skuut balance bike is outfitted with several safety features including spoke less wheels, a steering limiter and its non-toxic lacquer finish. The Skuut is appointed with 12” rubber pneumatic tires that provide superior shock absorption.

If you’re looking for an award winning wooden balance bike that’s both eco-friendly and safe, the Skuut Diggin Active is a great choice.

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Best Budget Balance Bike

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike

Although wooden and plastic balance bikes are great, the Chicco Red Bullet is as close as you can get to a pedaled bike only without the chain and pedals. This makes it a hit among kids who desire a bike that their older siblings might be using.

The bike is extremely easy to assemble and arrives in four pieces and all you need is a socket wrench (included) to put it together. Weighing in at just 10lbs, the Chicco Red Bullet balance bike is lighter than some more expensive models in its segment and is appointed with an adjustable seat and visually pleasing color scheme.

Highlights of the Chicco Red Bullet

  • Comes with adjustable seat
  • Solid frame
  • Similar to a pedal bike but without chain or pedals
  • Rubber grips on handlebars
  • Eye catching paint job
  • Fitted with foam tires
  • Wider handlebars for better steering control
  • Easy to assemble

The Red Bullet balance bike by Chicco is fitted with foam tires so there’s no risk of flats and the handlebars are appointed with rubber grips for great steering control.

The best part of the Chicco Red Bullet balance bike is its price, which is roughly less than $75. Perfectly suited for both boys and girls, the Chicco is the best budget balance bike available today and is an excellent choice for kids of ages between 18 months and 4 years old.

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