10 Awesome Books for Pre-Schoolers

Do you remember your favorite book from when you were a child? Do you remember flipping through the pages and taking note of every picture and every word? How many times have you read your favorite book? You might even still have it – or a copy of it! There’s something nostalgic about seeing our children read the very same books we did when we were kids…and a few new ones as well! Here is a small collection of books that feeds the old soul as well as the new. These are great books for pre-schoolers because of their timeless charm and simple messaging. Adults love them for their lasting power and children love the adorable characters. There’s just something precious about a book and sharing the love of reading will never get old.

  1. A Bear Called Paddington: this little number recently became even more successful with the release of a major motion picture, but before it was big screen famous, this little bear had travelled the world in a loveable children’s book series. The shy and humble bear is a favorite amongst children for his witty remarks and brave adventures!


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  1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? This children’s book has been pleasing pre-schoolers for over fifty years! This color-association book uses the look of natural items to teach children their colors. There is wonderful artwork throughout this book and children will enjoy looking at the textures of each picture.


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  1. The Cat in the Hat: Who doesn’t love the cat? This little feline has been around forever. Dr. Suess’ amazing animal friend stands the test of time with fun pictures and important lessons. The rhyming captivates children of all ages and every child should have a copy of this famous book on their shelf to cherish for years to come!


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  1. Curious George: this funny little monkey sure does get around! The classic money tales have been delighting children for as long as anyone can remember. George is really active and gets into a lot of trouble, but he always realizes his mistakes and spreads a wonderful message about growing up. He doesn’t have all of the answers, but he does his best to find out how the world around him works and how he can help others. Funny and endearing, George is a fan favorite your children will adore!


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  1. The Giving Tree: this wonderful story has been studied by the world over and translated into numerous languages for everyone to enjoy. What’s more, this little book has even prompted university educators and students to study its literary meaning and dig deeper into the relationship between the little boy and the tree. Is it better to give or receive? Read this lovely book with your child and have a discussion about what they think is best.


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  1. Guess How Much I Love you: this beloved children’s book has prompted parents all over the world to recite the words “I love you right up to the moon – and back!” Children love the little bunnies and parents appreciate the beautiful artwork in the book and the lasting message of love, and the importance of telling others how you feel about them. It teaches young children a wonderful message about sharing their feelings and using the world around them to describe how they are feeling – at an age when vocabulary might evade them.


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  1. Harry The Dirty Dog: This is a playful story of a little dog who gets dirty and is confused for another dog. It’s a fun story about mistaken identity and the trouble that ensues because of it. This is a classic story of paying attention to what’s on the inside. Children will think it is hilarious that Harry gets dirty and will enjoy reading this book over and over again.


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  1. Oliva: this little piggy went to the market, the mall, the salon, the spa, school, the theatre, the police station, the fire station, the ski trip…you name it and this cute little pig has done it. Olivia is a great story for children to learn about self-esteem and how having too much can be construed as conceited and how not having enough can make you sad. Olivia gets into everything and is confident about her decisions…until they get her in trouble. The lesson: ask first, not second.

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  1. The Very hungry Caterpillar: this big book has made a real impact on children’s literature. It’s an amazing book about the journey to becoming a butterfly! Beautiful pictures and a big surprise at the end continues to captivate children all over the world. It’s a great addition to any book shelf and the cut out pages are great for little hands.

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  1. If you Give a Mouse a Cookie: this children’s series explores the series of events that conspire after you give a mouse, well anything! These books teach children about the importance of thinking about their actions before they do something and consider how events will play out, or consequences of their decisions. It’s a cute series for children and the books are easy to read for little ones. Parents will appreciate the variety of stories available and the kids just love the little mouse. Everything is funnier when it’s done by a mouse!


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